Formation flying

24 10 2008
Kolganzen in vlucht © Patrick Keirsebilck

Kolganzen in vlucht © Patrick Keirsebilck

Today I saw the first gathering of wild geese, they were practising their ”formation flying”. You know, the V-shape formation they use for reducing air-resistance in flight. They need the streamlined V-shape to enhance their strength on the long flight to Africa. It makes flying a bit more easy for every bird in the V-formation. The geese take turns at flying point.

They were rubbish! It is as if they have to re-learn formation-flight every year! Over the next weeks they will perfect the V-shape, but for now they went all anyhow! They made circles, zig-zag’s, something that looked like a DNA-strain… And sometimes, sometimes, there was the faint resemblance to a V.

I’ll keep you up to date on their progress, and try to make a photo of my own to illustrate!




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25 10 2008

This is very interesting. Looking forward to your updates and photos.

25 10 2008

haha! Maybe they’re still practicing.

25 10 2008

~W~ Yes? I thought nobody would be interested? Must be because we are all nerds…

mamamona, It amazes me that they seem to have to practise it every year! And they make the trip twice a year! Perhaps its the young geese whose forst time it is, and they mess it up! 🙂

25 10 2008

So lucky you can see that. In the desert life is quite lifeless!

25 10 2008

By the time they fly over my house, they’ve perfected the V. We see them every year, and every year they make a perfect V.

25 10 2008

Achelois, I would only want to visit the desert to see you, or Carol, for the rest it seems a nightmare to me; I remember your post on the bath-water!
Give me wind and water, green land, grey sky and lots of animals!

Marahm, I think I live in an area where they congregate, stay over for a while, fatten up, practise and then move on.

25 10 2008

lol maybe they need to go back to flying school :p

hope the poor buggers dont get into any mid air collisions with other birds!

25 10 2008

Abdul! They fly to Africa, and in spring they come back again!

26 10 2008
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26 10 2008
Saudi in US

All that work and the prize is Africa? I think a beach in Spain makes more sense. I guess that is why we have the expression “Bird Brain” 🙂

I loved the picture. Reminded me of the Canadian geese, which spent the spring and summer in our lake when I lived in Michigan.

26 10 2008
always in the kitchen

We usually have a pair or two flying over the pond in early spring.I saw them leave about a month ago.Now I know where they went,flight school!

26 10 2008

Saudi in us, What’s wrong with Africa? Theyt spend the winter in the sun, munching exotic foods, being comfortable, and next spring they fly back!

I saw canadian geese yesterday, a whole field, while riding. 🙂

Always; Flightschool! lol! I’m using that for theupdate on their progress! 😀

26 10 2008

hahahahaahahahhah.. interesting and funny post Aafke!
but… what does a DNA-strain look like?

26 10 2008

pretty interesting – i thought it was something ingrained in their psyche, and not something they have to practice!

26 10 2008

Nader! Don’t you know? A double helix! That was actually quite a nice bit of formation flying, it’s just that we know that was not the goal! :mrgreen:

Haleem, I also thought it was like instinct, but where my horse is stabled I have seen them at it before: apparently perfection does take some practise!

14 11 2008
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