On Adam and Eve and apples

20 10 2008

According to the Bible and the Torah, God created Adam, and then a bit later, Eve. Eve took an apple from a tree she shouldn’t have taken an apple from, and thereby condemned humanity.
Bad Eve!
Jewish and Christian men like to use this story, to point out that all women are bad! They also like to point out that Adam was created before Eve, and therefore men are better than women.
Some Muslim men use it too. But this one is not in the Quraan. So, sorry muslim dudes: can’t use it: bidah!

That’s one religion taken care off.
For the other two:

The story of Adam and Eve , and the apple-misdemeanour, according to clouddragon:

God created Adam.

Now all Dutch people know that when you start making ”pannekoeken” (Dutch pancakes) the first one is always a mess! For some unfathomable reason the first pannekoek is always: a fail, a flop, a total loss.
I think you get where I’m going to.

So, Adam is the prototype. The only species God wanted to get só right He (or She) thought a prototype was the way to go. After letting Adam run around for some time God had detected the design flaws and was ready for the improved endproduct: Eve.
That’s us: women.
We rock.

So there goes the myth men are better than women because men were created first.

The Apple

The story in a nut-shell: Adam and Eve were placed in ”Paradise” they could eat all the fruit.
Except the fruit from a little tree called ”The Tree of Knowledge”. Satan, a fallen angel, convinced Eve to eat one anyway: Eve ate one, gave one to Adam, and both were expelled from Paradise.
So it’s all Eve’s fault, and therefore we women are: stupid, evil, irresponsible, brainless, childish, immoral, dense, dumb, impractical, foolish, mad, trifling and useless.

Or are we?

So, what do you do if you want people to do something they might otherwise not do?
You forbid it!
For some reason we are made in such a way that the forbidden things are the most enticing to us.
We humans are just made that way.
And who made us?
Yes, that would be: God.
So God put a desire in us to do especially those things that are forbidden. One wonders why.
And then puts a notice on a tree: ”Don’t eat”

Don’t eat!

Unfortunately, those first two, Adam and Eve, were só obedient that they really didn’t eat the fruit. Bummer! What to do? Working on the inbuilt desire to do the forbidden didn’t work.

In comes the talking snake.

God tickled a disobedient angel a bit and let him enter Paradise. Satan, for that was the name of the angel, had a plan: to work on the imagination, a sense of adventure, a desire for knowledge, and logic thinking. He therefore choose Eve, because Adam had less of these qualities.

So he told Eve a really good story about why she should eat from the tree, and as she had no idea what evil was, she took an apple and had a bite. Oh, dear, now she did know what evil was. And because it was something she didn’t want to do as she was naturally good, she was very sad.
She feared to be alone, and to have to share the burden of knowledge alone, so she took another apple and gave it to Adam. It was not nessecary to tell Adam a long story and give many logic reasons and the promise of knowledge… She only needed to smile at him and shake her hips a bit (That hasn’t changed to this day) And Adam ate the apple.
And God threw them out of Paradise.
As must have been the plan from the very beginning.
God knows best…

So you see; I can’t find this ground to consider women less than men.
Or to claim women cannot be priests or lead prayer, see Sharzad and Achelois .
Neither do I want feminist to use this to claim men are less than women: Men are very nice and very cute.
If they behave.
And we women should take care of them. love them and look after them.
And train them better, so we don’t get any of this nonsensical ”Men are better than women”-stuff.

And the world will become a better, happier place!



35 responses

20 10 2008

Never thought Adam and Eve story could be this fun to read.I had a great time laughing my head off esp. at the hip swaying part.We girls just rock!

20 10 2008

Hi Aafki,

You reminded me with a class I took in feminism last year. I wasn’t aware till last year that men blame women for eating from the apple. I’ve been grown up to the fact that both Adam and Eve ate from the tree, and it was the Satan who tempted them. In the Qur’an the word used in this story is “Fa akala menha” (akal is a past verp (ate) and “a” is to denote that the eating happend by two people. Also concerning the “apple” there is no mention in the Qur’an or in the saying of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and upon all the prophets, that the tree is apple, There is no mention what the fruit is. We know that it’s a tree and that’s it. However it’s not uncommon to hear some Muslims saying that it’s apple or to say the Christian version of the story. Even you find in some Egyption songs the mention of “Adams Apple”. Sometimes we are influenced from what we hear and from what we watch specially if we are unaware of the basics of our religion. I remember that once I was teaching a class to sophomore students in KSA (19 -23 years old students) and I asked them “what is the tree that Adam and Eve ate from” the entire class said apple. I asked them what is the prove, is there a verse in the Qur’an mentioning this ?.. Silence… I said there isn’t and they said true. then I asked from where have you all come up with apple ; they said they saw it in some cartoon movies as kids. I remember watching this cartoon too 🙂 but dad used to correct some of the incorrect information in such cartoon movies.

When I knew that men blame women about what million of years back Eve did 🙂 I smiled and I told my prof I guess there is no need for this course if we adopt the Quran version of the story. She smiled, and told me then what I shall do with my PhD dissertation 🙂

I’ll go to grab an appl — I’m hungry 🙂 I’ll get a green one 🙂 Shall I bring you one with me 🙂

20 10 2008

….and Eve took a big ole chomping bite which resulted in a big brain capable of multi tasking on many assorted areas….and Adam being the timid wuss that he was…took a bit of a nibble…which resulted in a “little brain” that can only focus on one task at a time.

btw…the actual fruit that was forbidden is never mentioned in the Quran either…so it could have been a watermelon for all we know…all though watermelons dont grow on trees…but you get the picture.

And…I find it interesting that men use that analogy to prove men are better than women….and yet apparently Adam didnt have the cojones to stand up to Eve and say…”hey….um….the Big Guy said we shouldnt eat that…soooo….Im thinking…we shouldnt eat that.” he just followed along like a little lap dog…and every since that bite was taken…he follows along like a little horny lap dog…nuff said.

20 10 2008

“Neither do I want feminist to use this to claim men are less than women”

But this story makes it so so so so easy 🙂
Eve was misled by the big Satan himself. The Lord of all evil and deception with probably huge amounts of superpowers to be used only for wickedness.
Who was Adam misled by? A mere woman who possessed absolutely no superpowers (unless you count boobs and a butt which I personally do not). The male clearly looks like the weaker sex. Which makes it even stranger that this story is used as some sort of referendum on the inherent weakness of woman. But than again, its mainly men coming up with these bizarre interpretations which basically explains it all

20 10 2008
always in the kitchen

Apples are low carb,no fat,I toatally don’t see the problem.on the other hand Adam passing the buck and saying “she made me eat the apple”typical male behaviour LOL!

20 10 2008

Hahaaaa, you rock Aafke! 😀

20 10 2008

LOL! This is one post to which I cannot add a thing! It’s delightful, though some would say irreverent, probably because of its plausible scenario.

20 10 2008

Lat, it is amazing how some things, (like the effect of hipshaking) haven’t changed since the dawn of time 🙂

Khalid:welcome to my blog 🙂 It probably shouldm’t be an apple anyway, apples seem to me to be from northern Europe, so how can it be an apple? But the Bible has been editted substancially. If muslims call it an apple I’d say that is Christian influence… interesting… It would more likely be a Fig, or Pomegranate…
I love green apples, yes, please.
(I’ll smile and give a small shake)
Thanks for your excellent comment.

Coolred38, Yeah! I só agree: what a sissy Adam was! Eve only took the apple after Satan had given a really good and logical discourse. You know, it does seem to reflect on reality today…. :mrgreen:

tulip: but we shouldnt strike someone who’s allready down :mrgreen:
A mere woman? we are superwomen! we have boobs and butts! (and brains, but we don’t even need to use them most of the time)
I wanted to make clear that it is a really BIG mistake to use both stories as ground for male supremacy ! 🙂 they really need to come up with something better to prove their point! :mrgreen:

Shaz: we all rock!

20 10 2008

Marahm! I take that as a big compliment, because you usually have something even better to say than me!

20 10 2008
Who says Dutch don’t have a sense of humour? « Achelois: a retired goddess

[…] October 20, 2008 · No Comments Read this […]

20 10 2008

I love it so much I just linked to it, you evil woman!

20 10 2008

Ha, ha! 😀

I’m quite sure the Bible’s version is also “fruit of the tree” and not an apple.

Thankfully I have never dealt with Christian men who by either their words or actions have made all women out to be bad or blamed us for condemning humanity. Good thing or I’d have to show them this cute post so you could set ’em straight! 🙂

Btw, I found your post from Achelois’ blog. Quite cute.

20 10 2008

Achelois, excuse me? who is evil here?

Susanne430, welcome to my blog. You may have a point, I didn’t check my facts, I admit. I just run this off from out of my head last night. As you’re new here I want to make clear that nobody should ever take anything too serious on this blog. 😀
Who’s cute? Me, Achelois, my blog, Achelois’ blog???

20 10 2008

What? Who wrote this story? is it you? A woman? How dare you…

*goes off to fetch the black marker*

And no, Aafke, don’t you dare spray me with deodorant!

😀 Achelois is right. You are evil, ha ha.

20 10 2008

That it was an apple is a common misconception which came about by artists from centuries ago who pictured it as such, as Susanne said the Bible refers to it as simply the “Fruit of the tree”.
The account doesn’t elevate women above men or vice versa & if religions do that with it they are wrong & do not understand what the account in the Bible is really all about.
There was nothing magical about the tree it simply represented God’s right as their Creator to set the standard of what was right & wrong. It was simply a test of their obedience to Him.
Eve told Satan what God had commanded regarding the tree so she had full knowledge of God’s command. Adam also knew & he wilfully disobeyed. It isn’t about men vs women, it’s about mankinds disobedience to there Creator & that is why they were expelled. They rejected the Sovereignty of God & his rightful rulership.
Just sayin’

20 10 2008

Who’s Cute???
Me the bald bloke
Just setting things straight 🙂

20 10 2008

MissSpecs: Yeah, I’m evil! }:)

Tony: how serious you suddenly get!
No, it’s not your who are cute, it’s the little poodle!

21 10 2008

lol…..funny way of looking at the ‘women are inherently evil’ debate espoused in the Christian faith. Very good.

We’ll never know the truth of it though! Untill we die!

21 10 2008

Hi Abdul! My great solace: once I am dead I’m going to find out for sure what God thinks of it all! 😀

21 10 2008
Susie of Arabia

You make entirely so much sense. It’s simple and rational when you explain things. Thank you for clearing all of this up once and for all!!!

21 10 2008

You need to get the Pope & other religious leaders to read your post. You make a lot more sense than they ever do 🙂
The Poodle is cute? But I thought I was, especially in brown underpants 🙂

21 10 2008

P.S. Suddenly serious???? I have great respect for the Bible & great contempt for Religious Leaders & churches who, just like in Jesus day, distort Bible truths thus misleading people to suit their own purposes.

Male dominance over women is a big area where the male priest powered churches have manipulated the Bible’s words & thus doing so manipulated people’s thinking to suit their power hungry own ends. Jesus treated women with dignity & so should all those who claim to be his followers.

Jesus often called the Religious Leaders of his day hypocrites & his words of condemnation apply to them just as much today.
Oops , got serious again 🙂

21 10 2008

What a hilarious version of the story of Adam and Eve! I really enjoyed reading it

21 10 2008

Aafke, I thought your post was cute. 🙂 Thanks for the “warning” to not take things too seriously on your blog. I had kind of picked that up from reading comments you leave on other blogs. I like your sense of humor. Wish I had your quick wit.

Tony, I peeked at your blog and now understand why Aafke seemed to wonder about these “serious” comments you made. Ha, ha. Ummm, cute little Tony on your page. 😀

I totally agree with you about the religious leaders of Jesus’ day and today. It might surprise some folks to know that Jesus’ harshest words were not to prostitutes and those WE consider the really bad sinners, but to those people who thought they were good, those who looked down their noses at those, ahem, “terrible sinners.” I love it when Jesus tells them in Matthew 23:

27″Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. 28In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

That whole chapter is great!


Only I have to watch out lest I become like that myself!

Anyway, thanks for bringing up that point about religious leaders. My pastor always points that out to us and it’s why we strive to remember WE are sinners. WE are people in need of Jesus. We need HIM to clean us from within … the place where it matters to the God who sees the heart.

And, yes, Jesus treated women with respect and compassion. Thankfully, most of the Christ-following men that I know do the same.

21 10 2008

lol!I like this summary 😀

21 10 2008

Actually, you also pointed out the part of the story that does not make sense. On the one hand Adam and Eve are supposed to know it is bad to eat the apple. One the other hand they are originally made without the knowledge of good and evil. How can the understand at this point is is not right to disobey? Before eating the apple they have no clue about what is good and bad.

Now something else about women and apples:

Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree.
Most men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re amazing. They just have to wait
for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men…. Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s up to women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

21 10 2008

“Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s up to women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with”

Love it HA HA 🙂

22 10 2008

LOOOL. That was brilliant. Pure brilliance, as always Aafke! Thanks for including us in the witty, cynical workings of your brian 😉

To the men are like wine comment – What can we say? It’s a hard job being a woman. But somebody’s gotta do it =P

22 10 2008

MJK: ROFL! You are a worthy contributor to this blog! 🙂
Souvenirs and scars: Thanks , yeah but it’s not really a choice is it? It us! we ahve to do it!

btw, I am hanging in the top of the tree

Susanne and Tony, I think that one of the reasons there is so much hypocrisy in Christianity is because christianity as we now know it, is not christianity as it should have been. The original form of christianity was highjacked and altered by Paul and the roman catholic sect who have changed it into a vehicle for control: stopping people rather than encouraging them to attain personal enlightenment and communication to God.
That’s also why there came to be so many spin-offs: I think people realised at different times across the ages, there is something wrong and a loss of the true way…
But that would be a whole different post…

18 01 2009

Only the brave can bite into the apple. ;>

Had my own take on the Adam and Eve story – Lilith included.

It’s said God created a mate for Adam, equal in creation to him. Man wanted to subordinate her to which she responded “I am made of the same components of as you. God has created us as equal.

Man continue to argue with his most suitable and equal mate … thereby Lilith walked away and uttered the eneffable name of God and off she went, returning to the Almighty.

The Almighty, recognizing what man could love, fashioned instead of his equal, something from man himself. He took a rib and molded “Eve” … to which she subordinated herself and all was well.

And yet, the irony is that this man, Adam, could only love something from himself and not an equal match from God. In turn, it may show that Adam is in this case a bit narcissistic, loving only what is from himself alone.

Biting the apple, sometimes aligned with Lilith — Adam is thereby deceived by himself since it was Eve (having been created from the body of Adam) that gave him the apple.

He wakes and recognizes the betrayal of himself to himself and spends much much time seeking his restoration to paradise with his equal match.

Bite the apple … ; >

18 01 2009

Susan, nice version! Thanks for adding it! 🙂

11 01 2011

read the article nice but as a guy i dnt aagree with da way u see it..:P but u have a point but diz z nt hw u should prove it.go to the creation of woman itself y was she made from a “RIB” nt a bone in da head or da foot Y RIB?? its coz god wnted to show dat woman z nt below or above man! both are equal.
ps:satan chose eve coz he knw he could fool hey by lying 😛

19 01 2011

Please write proper English.
Not Satan choose Eve but the MAN who made it up choose Eve because he liked to put women in a bad light.

But if you read the story carefully you see that Adam actually was a bigger idiot. Eve could be persuaded by a very good explanation, while Adam just ate it.

11 06 2012
Tim Sheperd

What a joke this is. Woman are obviously less in this world, almost every benchmark in the world is set at a lower standard for them and with good reason. Not being anti-woman by any means they are imaginative, beautiful, inquisitive, gosh-darn cute, and make great companions. I just don’t buy into these convoluted interpretations of myth suggesting they are anything otherwise. They certainly have their place in the world as do men. It just seems as though many among them are forgetting where exactly that place is. Women are easily manipulated, intimidated, and overwhelmed with emotion making it difficult for them to stand their ground and make measured decisions. If Eve would have never strayed from Adam’s side Satan would have never been able to convince her. She was chosen for her INNATE weakness in the absence of Adam. Not hate speech here, simply fact. It is an unfortunate thing that some will find this offensive. Better that though than someone actually taking this little blog seriously. Two Thumbs Up for entertainment value though! Certainly imaginative, and I’ll admit a bit on the cute side!

12 06 2012

Woehahahaaaaaa! So what, are you trolling? Having a bit of fun? Or do you actually believe this claptrap?
Because it’s hard to believe there are still men who actually are on that level and believe the nonsense you just typed here!

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