Abaya update

17 10 2008

Carol has posted on the abaya 🙂
It is such a relief to me that it fits! It’s really scary to make something for somebody else without being able to fit inbetween stages. I always put my projects on and off while sewing. I do a lot of sowing in my underwear! (with the curtains closed)

I have a mannequin which I use, it has my size in bust and hips, but a nicer waist…
It’s an antique, from 1880. I have covered it new a few years ago. I’m very fond of it!
And I know what will fit me, but brrr… somebody else is very different!

Here you see the abaya modelled by carol herself.
Or that is what she tell us.
It’s doing such a good modesty job, it could equally well be Nader.
Carol; the hood should be a bit further back on your head,
it’s not meant as the ”Dementor”-look! :mrgreen:
anyway: I’m greatly relieved that the hem stops where it should stop, and it
seems to fit!




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18 10 2008
always in the kitchen

Aafke you did a beautiful job! Goodness,do all the women sport the “Darth Vader look in saudi? I was hoping there’d be more ladies like Dania on Anthony Boudains No Reservations episode on KSA. Irregardless,one day I’m gonna go visit.It’ll probably be the gray hair,sensible shoes tour though,LOL!

18 10 2008
American Bedu

Actually Aafke, I was having a bad hair day so purposely put the hood all the way up over the head!

18 10 2008

Wow Carol…is that a room in your house…the Red Room!…love it. Red rooms are full of passion and energy. All houses should have at least one red room…makes life interesting.

I hate to be nitpicky aafke…but “sowing” means to work in the garden..field etc…so if your doing that in your underwear…you must have some pretty big curtains…lol. (Im trying not to picture that…I swear)

18 10 2008

I used to sew, too, and I tried using a mannequin, but in the end gave up on it because different fabrics fit differently on the actual body, so there’s nothing like a real fitting on a real body. You and Carol did a good job of communicating, not to mention your superior sewing skills!

18 10 2008


18 10 2008

LOL @ Carol

Your hair is soft!!

Aafke, you’re really a gifted artist 😉

18 10 2008

Awesome! Feels good, too, doesn’t it! 😀

19 10 2008

Oh my gosh you sew as well !! thats it I am putting some of my projects up ! At the moment I am making an abaya , I get help from my neighbour as well we design and sew together , I go to dressmaking classes as well , i find it very relaxing ! .I do furnishings as well , I just managed to learn to sew curtains inshallah wil be moving on to pillow covers and so on … do you sew furnishings as well ?

19 10 2008

dementor.. lol.

Not to mention, I have seen some abayas with the Nazgul look!

19 10 2008

AitK: The ”Darth vader look” is compulsory in KSA :mrgreen:

Bedu: if you had shown your face (and hair!!!) I couldn’t have shown the photo here! 🙂

Coolred38! Abandoned woman! Luckily my garden is very private… I amended my typo so now your comment looks silly :mrgreen: hè hè hè…

Marahm! You are so right! I have notes on myself, which size I am for which kind of fabrics! That’s why I always try stuff on while sewing!
I don’t use the mannequin for fitting, but to put stuff together, or fit the lining to a coat, or a hemline… etc.

Achelois, 🙂

hsh: thank you 🙂

Lofter: giving out is even better as recieving 🙂

mot, I like making up my own fashions, but I hate sewing. How nice you have a friend to share it with! yes, I do make my own furnishings, and I also covered chairs and my chaise longue!

Haleem! LOL!!!

19 10 2008

“now your comment looks silly :mrgreen: hè hè hè…”…I get that alot…sigh.

19 10 2008

Sorry, coolred….

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