Meeting up trough blogging

8 10 2008

Today, for the first time, I met up with somebody I knew only through blogging and the internet!

I met up with Nader, who also brought me the ”Saudi Care Packet” from American Bedu, and will be taking my offering back to American Bedu!
Like a sort of ”postillion d’blog-amour”
I didn’t get a blackened magazine 😦 , but Nader has promised to send me one! 🙂
Mindful of the many dangers, and shocking indecencies involved in shaking hands, I did not extend my hand (rude!!!) thereby depriving Nader of his planned practical joke of him acting all shocked and repugnant! Hè, hè, hè!!!
I had a lovely afternoon, we had some very interesting conversations, and it was over all to soon!
Isn’t blogging brilliant!

So check out the mega-box of Mecca-sweets!!!!

And the greedy hands of my colleagues at the Graphic Workshop, ( I made it just in time, jumping of the train, getting my bike, and racing to the Graphic Workshop)
They were only allowed two each, I have promised more people a ”taste of Arabia”!!! Luckily it’s a very large, very well-stuffed box!!! And it’s all lovely!!!!

And, last but not least, a beautiful embroidered Caftan!!!

Thanks American Bedu, and thanks Nader!




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8 10 2008

Wow, Aafke – tres kool!!! I’m so glad your meeting went so well and you got such a nice care package from American Bedu. I hope you post a photo of you wearing thast beautiful caftan. It’s lovely. I bet Nader was hoping more for at least a hug!!! Poor Nader.

8 10 2008

Haha that is awesom, and that caftan is gorgeous! Have fun with your new toys, and don’t eat too quickly 😛

8 10 2008

You lucky girl! I hope to meet other bloggers sooner or later, too. It will be like meeting a favorite author, or a famous person, no?

8 10 2008

Oh, this is so cool! And both of them are your friends too… were you excited? 🙂

Presents were so great!

8 10 2008
American Bedu

the internet and then the creation of the blogs has brought so many people together who never thought they’d ever interact or meet. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Saudi care package and only wish time would have allowed me to prepare more for you!

I sure wish I could have been there to seen your (and Nader’s face) when meeting. Now Nader is the lucky one for who has met both of us although you and I have yet to meet face-to-face.

Lotsa hugs,

8 10 2008

You should have sent me your address when I asked you, you know. Your package is still sitting in my closet 😦

I love the caftan. And its your fav. colour!

8 10 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Oh wow, how wonderful and what a lovely gift from Carol! Sounds like you and Nader had a nice meeting!

8 10 2008

Susie, ah, well, I don’t follow the Dutch fashion of kissing everybody I meet, but I did at least deign to shake hands with him! 😉

Maya! i am certainly enjoying my mecca-sweets, but as I have so much, I also enjoy sharing them with my friends! 😀

Marahm: it was very exciting, as Bedu had allready met and approved of him I was sure to be meeting someone very nice!!!

miss Specs: yes, yes, and yes! 🙂

Bedu: We had agreed to meet in front of the Amsterdam station, but they are doing major refurbishments to the station, and we were waiting at different sides, after some texting, and Nader calling me it turned out we were walking towards each other and seeing each other talking into the phone!
BIG smiles!
(No handshaking at first, but then Nader, did offer his hand, so in politeness, I had to shake hands…. Tssss 😉 )
I hope he’ll have time soon to bring you your package!!!! 😀

Achelois! Check your mailbox!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
And give me the size of your childrens feet!!!!! Yalla! How difficult can it be? You’re their mother! Just tie them up to a chair and get out your tape-measure!!!

Umm Ibrahim: yes, it was brilliant, it was so interesting, time flew!

9 10 2008

So… uh… when are you coming to Texas?

9 10 2008

Whoa! That’s so exciting! I once also met someone I only knew online and boyyy was it exciting 🙂 🙂 I just read your interview with Carol, it’s great! You’re a cool gal! And now that I know Aafke’s your real name it sounds even cooler! 🙂

9 10 2008

You should come to Toronto. There’s lots of great bloggers here, we have all met and everyone is fabulous.

One girl’s expression: “Everyone is just like their blog!”

Next time any one heads out from Toronto let me know. I will send you some Tim Horton’s coffee!

9 10 2008
American Bedu

Oh Haleem….I LOVE Tim Horton’s coffee!

And Aafke – Nader has texted me that he is back so I’ve no doubt we’ll meet up soon!

9 10 2008

Im in Bahrain if anyone wants to send me a care package….lol.

I prefer books and local chocolates….hint hint.

9 10 2008
always in the kitchen


9 10 2008

Well well well…. Now that I have returned from my very interesting, yet very short, trip to the Netherlands, I think that I have a few things to say here…..
when I met Aafke, I felt like I knew her for a long time. I didn’t go through the formalities one would go through when meeting someone for the first time. We had very interesting conversations.
She was sick the night before and didn’t sleep well at night, and despite that she still made it, and I’m glad she did!
Yes, Carol, I am the luckiest of you all. I had the pleasure and the honor of meeting two wonderful ladies. I feel sooooo special! 😉
Psst, Carol.. the package I have for you is soo…….. sooo………. sooooooo………… hmmhh.. now that I think of it, there’s no word to describe it. I’ll just deliver it to you soon.
Or better yet (evil thought) what do you say, Aafke, if I hold on to that package.. just to play with Carol a bit. The suspense must be killing her by now! 😉

9 10 2008

” a happy ending” is very much part of the course ( at least where I live). If you haven’t tried to get her into BED in five (5) minutes after meeting her. Then you’re regarded (by Her!) as potentially abnormal.

9 10 2008

Very cool! 🙂

9 10 2008

I’ve made some of my best friends through the internet (some of whom I’ve known for around 13 years now, ‘cuz I was a geek WAY back before it was mainstream!), so I’m glad to see you’re having fun this way! Hope you make it to London soon!

9 10 2008

Lofter: I want to go to Texas too! It’s just that Amsterdam is a bit more realistic for me at the moment!

Tee: thank you; I always thought Aafke is very boring!

Haleem, I don’t like coffee, but I would love to visit Canada, if I do you’d certainly hear about it!!! I’d love to meet canadian bloggers!!!

coolred38: You only need to mail me your address!!!

Nader: You have an evil sense of humour!!! Give Carol that package ASAP!!!!!
Or else!!!!!
Yes, I had no idea what or who to expect, but I felt very much at my ease immediately! I could not believe how quickly time passed, and I was sorry because there were so many things I still wanted to ask you about! We discussed many interesting things. Next time I’ll go to Maastricht!

Dragon, I don’t know who you are or where you’re from, but you haven’t been reading much of my blog: I don’t do superficial coupling, I go for serious commitment.
And anybody trying to get me into the sack within 5 minutes of meeting will end up not in mine, but in a hospital bed!!!!!!!

Colloquielle: London is managable and on the boards: You will be the first to know about it!!!!

10 10 2008

That was lovely, u need to take foto of kinda meeting in the future. I met with bloggy friends several times and it was always so exciting and lovely. All of them were Iranians and one of them was an American journalist who i met her in Tehran. I’ve yet not met any of guys through Shahrzad blog.. I am sure i’ll enjoy so much..

10 10 2008
The Ruler

The sweets look wonderful. it’s been a while since i started blogging but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting anyone from the blogosphere so far 😦

11 10 2008

Shaz, yes! So stupid! I had my camera with me on purpose, but forgot to ask; there were so many interesting topics we discussed, and the suddenly we had to head back to the train-station, and I forgot all about it!
With any luck we’ll be meeting soon too! 😀

The ruler: welcome to my blog! I never really expected too either! Everybody I know through blogging lives so far away! The only one really within reach is Colloquielle!

17 10 2008

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