5 10 2008

Ha, haaa!!!! I have been tagged again! This time by Susie of Arabia. Susie is the loveliest person, direct, artistic, intelligent, and very warm and open. Her blog is about her move to live in Jeddah with her lovely husband and son Adam.
I am to name and describe five fantastic blogs I love to visit. The great problem is of course keeping it to only five! And the fear of the reaction of those whose blog I do not feature… Please forgive me lovely fellow-bloggers! You know, My blog-roll is my also my roll of honour. All the blogs on my blogroll are blogs I admire, written by very special, wise, intelligent, people.
This meme is also a celebration of the friendships we seem to be able to develop over the internet. And although I have been hurt by people I met on-line, it’s still an amazing experience to share friendship and love over the internet.

OK, important blogs, what shall I use as my ”leit-motiv”??? I feel so sentimental, it’s going to be the people with whom I have had personal mail and chat with, the ones who have been listening to my ranting and have spend time and effort consoling me, the ones who have send prayers and whishes my way, and who have been keeping me up far too late so many times, either chatting or mailing, or looking up nice e-cards for…

Ok, my blog-sphere-friends, and the banes of my beauty-sleep are:

American Bedu




Susie of Arabia




9 responses

5 10 2008
American Bedu

Thank you dear Aafke! And I LOVE the image you selected for Susie’s blog! It looks like a scene right out of Arabian Nights!

And you are so right…there’s something about this here internet and our blogs that have opened up new worlds to all of us. Ironically many many of the friends whom I now have in Saudi Arabia are thanks to online newsgroups or to my blog.

And in closing, I am confident that one of these days we’ll meet Aafke and until then continue our emails, chats and blogging!

5 10 2008

Oh, that’s great! 80% of these blogs are my favorites too!

5 10 2008

Achelois loves you, baby!

You are so intelligent and so artistic. I once saw you in my dream painting – me! Haha!

Love ya!


5 10 2008

BTW, I LOVE that picture you put up under Achelois *blushing*

5 10 2008

Bedu: it’s Rudolph Valentino! i can’t imagine life without nternet anymore 🙂

Miss Specs, oooh, so I can’t add to your excellent taste?

Achelois: subtile…. I will, one of these days!
It seemed a fitting illustration for you! 🙂

5 10 2008

Awwww, Thank you, it’s so nice of you that you chose my broken lazy blog as your fav. Ahem! It encourages me to blog more.. 😛

You’re so sweet and kind.. Hugs..

6 10 2008

😀 Get to it Shaz! Looking forward to reading more!

8 10 2008

My Dear Aafke – You are precious and priceless!!! The Valentino photo swept me off my feet – I LOVE IT!!!! I love all the other photos you selected for the others too, of course. It’s hard narrowing it down to just a few because there are so many great blogs out there. LUV U!

8 10 2008

Susie; you wrote such a lovely post on meeting your Adnan, it was inevitable! 😉

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