A Cormorant in the City

24 09 2008

Cormorants are rare, but there it was; a cormorant sitting next to the pond in front of my house. Basking in the sun. It took off, flew a few rounds , and then disappeared over the rooftops.
Today the Autumn has begun. The weather is cool, the wind has turned cold, and suddenly the leaves have started turning yellow and falling down…
But most of all; this indefinably different atmosphere, the unique sweet smell of Autumn, like nothing else.
I love Autumn.
It also means another year is close to ending.
Anther year of pain, hopes dashed, love lost, and more pain.

I wish I didn’t have to stay here…
I have lost my wings a long time ago.
I wish could fly to another world,
like that cormorant.




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25 09 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Sending love ‘n’ hugs to you all the way from Saudi Arabia Aafke!

The photo of the cormorant is great, did you manage to capture the photo yourself? If so, well done!

25 09 2008

“Anther year of pain, hopes dashed, love lost, and more pain.

I wish I didn’t have to stay here…
I have lost my wings a long time ago.
I wish could fly to another world,
like that cormorant.”

I know how you feel 😦

25 09 2008


I’m here when you need to rant again ❤

25 09 2008

PS I saw this and it made me think of your cat feeding post – figured you’d like it 😉

25 09 2008

Autumn was my father’s favorite season, and now it is mine. I don’t know why, because in its beauty it marks our losses of the year, and in its brevity, reminds us of the eternal winter to come. Perhaps autumn appeals to the artistic soul- for that very reason.

25 09 2008

We see the leaves turning red here too… so sad summer of 2008 is over (we hardly knew ye).

25 09 2008

I love you!

25 09 2008

We don’t have a real autumn here. Summer suddenly turns to winter and spring is very short if it happens. First time I saw autumn was two years ago in Chicago. I loved its colors.
I long for change like you. I so much want to fly to another world, like that cormorant.
But life goes on…

25 09 2008

I love Autumn, too!!!

25 09 2008

Human feelings change with the changes in the weather.

25 09 2008
Susie of Arabia

My favorite season is autumn too. I like the way things seem to slow down and I tend to notice nature more. I love the colors of autumn, and yes, the smells. Aafke, you have a beautiful life. I thought this post was very poignant and touching. Here is a big cyber-hug from me to you. And from Adam too – he says to tell you, “AAFKE ROCKS!”

26 09 2008

I love Autumn too! For me, instead of a season of loss, it always feels like a season of new beginnings – maybe because school always started in Autumn, and it is like you have a clean slate in front of you, full of possibilities.

I love the scent of burning leaves, I love watching the leaves crisp into oranges and reds and yellows, I loved watching the farmers getting ready for winter (in Germany) and the harvest festivals.

And, for me, it all deepens into the season of Anticipation and hope, as we await the birth of the babe who would change the world in the mid-winter lights of Christmas. 🙂

26 09 2008
always in the kitchen

Come have some cyber coffee and conversation in my kitchen aafke.Thats what friends are for!

26 09 2008

Thanks everyone.

26 09 2008

You feel better soon.. I am sure..

28 09 2008

Always in the kitchen: I’m trying to pop by for a cup of cyber coffee, but I can never open your page!

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