23 09 2008

I have been thinking about roaches… For one, I am eating alot of dates right now. And I always think that dates, look exactely like roaches!
Not that that is going to stop me in any way from eating and enjoying them 🙂

I once enrolled at a special course at the Natural History museum in London, and one evening they showed us HUGE tropical cockroaches (who eat lettuce) they were as large as your hand and very broad. if you stroked them they started a beautiful purring, singing sound. I thought they were cute.

I have always had a problem with ”Humans” as ”the crown” of God’s creation according to humans. After all, look around you: How nice are humans really?
They suck!
There are some worthwhile exceptions, but they àre exceptions. (easily weeded out by checking who’s visiting my blog: all worthwhile exceptions.)

Roaches outlive us easily in the case of nuclear disaster… gives a whole new perspective on humans as God’s last word doesn’t it?
I mean it is quite possible that God has no interest in us humans at all, but has plans for the cockroaches. And has developed humans as a means to provide congenial living conditions for roaches. And has planned we will all destroy each other in a nuclear war, so the roaches have a clean, empty earth to play, and develop into something amazing which was the plan from the very beginning.
Now that ís a humbling thought…




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23 09 2008

I like your theory. It makes sense. I like your roach picture. It’s better than mine. Yes, they do look like dates, but the date pit looks even more like a roach, especially if you look at it without glasses.

Don’t be surprised when you have many new visitors as a result of this post. People want to read about cockroaches on the net, and they do searches using all kinds of cockroach- related words. I was amazed at how my traffic picked up after I wrote that cockroach story!

23 09 2008

Marahm! Are you back allready? Hope you had a nice time 🙂
My blog is not on the search engines, so I hope nobody will find it! 🙂
I was inspired to write this post by your roach-post !!!

24 09 2008
Saudi in US

I thought “Men in Black” was just a work of fiction 🙂

24 09 2008

I have to agree about the date/roach similarities…I cant get past that thought just to get a date past my lips…ewwwww.

Did u know that a roach cant be nuked in the microwave…I have no idea why but I know its true…from the number of times one comes strolling out after me nuking something…Bahrain is replete with the little (or not so little) buggers…and they consider Roach Spray as deodorant or something…sigh.

24 09 2008

A roach can’t be nuked? I’m not surprised. They can’t be ground up in a garbage disposal, either.

24 09 2008

And let’s not forget the famous tribute song to roaches, called (you guessed it) “Roaches”, by Bobby Jimmy and the Crickets!

24 09 2008
susie of arabia

Oh great – now every time I eat dates, I am going to think of your post!!! But now that you mention it, they really do have lots of similarities, except I would imagine a big cockroach is crunchy. Hopefully I’ll never find out…

24 09 2008

Saudi in US: No, It’s all true!!! Everything!!!!

Coolred38, nothing can kill a roach, and nothing will make me stop eating dates!
Actually, if roaches tasted like dates, and were clean, I’d eat them too!

James: There is also a great song: ”Welcome to the roach-hotel” But I can’t remember who did it.

Susie: you are welcome :mrgreen: Spreading sweetness and light is what this blog is all about :mrgreen:

24 09 2008

I like dates too & I always think of eating legless cockroaches. This reminds me of a roach joke I once heard, I will post it soon. We don’t get them here in Tasmania but when I lived in Queensland in Australia’s north there were lots around.

24 09 2008

Did you ever see the movie “Joe’s Apartment” Cockroaches really ruled in that one….

25 09 2008

Roaches.. ugh.

I just watched Enchanted (very boring btw) and there’s a scene with lots and lots of roaches who serve the Princess.. really ughworthy.

In Bangladesh they even fly.

25 09 2008

Yuck! I have never been fond of dates unless they are covered in chocolate and now I am never touching one!

26 09 2008

Ok so the boyfriend works for Boeing and they get planes back from all over the world and clean em up to resell/reuse. They find all kinds of nasty bugs, but mostly roaches. They try everything to kill them and ran all kinds of scientific tests on them. The ONLY thing that kills roaches are Cheetos, within an hour of consuming them they are DEAD DEAD DEAD…

I no longer eat Cheetos.

26 09 2008

ARGHHHH, I hate Roaches..
Reading your post, Now i am not going to eat dates anymore.. Did you want this? 😦

26 09 2008

Hey, I think you hit on something else with your roach/date comparison. I always kind of looked at Ramadan as a type of survivalist training. Maybe the wisdom behind breaking our fast with roach-looking dates is to acclimate us to the roach as a possible food source when the world starts to come to an end. All the rest of humanity will refuse to eat the roaches (as they will be the only surviving protein source) while all the Muslims will say “pass them over to us, we’ve been eating something that looks just like this for years.”


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