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22 09 2008

To share some sweetness and light, so necessary when your life is not running so smoothly, I wanted to share with you a Video of the Thai singer Jolin Tsai, but the embedding of the video has been disabled, so you’ll have to go to you-tube and search for Jolin Tsai, Love love love.
Popular right now on Dutch radio.
I have, next to my love for Heavy Metal, a strange penchant for far-eastern pop-music. You might want to check out the song Myth too. I like that one even better, but that’s not on the radio. πŸ™‚

There is also the very interesting Azam Ali, I heard this song on my favorite radio program, and could not rest before I had ordered the CD!!!


My favorite radio program ”the Sandwich” has introduced me to many more favorite CD’s This is NO Blues, a band trying to combine American blues with Arab folk music.
100% Arabicana!
The band consists of Ad v Meurs, (guitar vocals) Haytham Safia, (Ud, Arabian flute, vocals) and Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen, (double bass, vocals), Osama Maleegi (percussion), Ankie Keultjes (vocals & FOH mixing), And Eric van de Lest (drums)

My favorite song is ”Farewell Shalabiye” but I can’t find it on YouTube, to hear it go to their ”MySpace” page and hit play! The song on this video is Columbus Stockade

NO blues & Galili Dance Company (Farewell Shalabiye, but without lyrics)

Another beautiful CD I discovered through The Sandwich is ”Memoirs du Future” By RenΓ© Aubry. Defenitely not offered anywhere on Dutch radio, only by The Sandwich. The radio-program is an eclectic mix of of very old music, and the latest, pop, jazz, world-music; anything! Poems, and a bit of cabaret! I try to plan my Sunday around it, but nowadays I can catch up on anything I missed by listening via the internet later! πŸ˜€ This video is from another album: Plaisirs D’Amour.
(I need to get that one too)




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22 09 2008

Interesting stuff!

22 09 2008

Listening & watching Azam’s video is definitely something I should avoid. Reminds me violently of when I was serving with “les medecins sans frontiere” in Sub-Saharian a city called: Zagora, in Morocco. Damn now I want to visit Morocco again. And yes and sure. I find Azam: exotic, brilliant, and extraoridnary. In short: c’est une autre rose de desert. Thank you for sharing her video.

23 09 2008

Interesting stuff you’re listening to πŸ™‚ Azam is really enchanting, I’ll try to get her CD. NO Blue are fine, but for me I grew up with this kind of “francoarab” as it was called so to me they do not sound exotic enough πŸ™‚
Nice post!

21 07 2010

i just found this beatyfull video by luck. i was searching a pic with a brain (like the homers above).
the movie shows the places i have been when i was a kid; i remember places like otranto and gallipoli in the south of puglia/italy.
the best thing is that i will be down there in august spending the summer holidays with my family. my aunt still lives near gallipoli!
great video! thanks a lot for nice memories and great expectations!

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