The Palin Conspiracy

15 09 2008

I have treated you on a great Saturdy night clip of governor Palin, and senator Clinton adressing the nation, and guess what?
”This video is unavailable”
Ooooh, yes, a really good spoof showing which women not to vote for, and mysteriously it gets banned!

To watch it check this link,
While you you still can!:

Governor Palin and senator Clinton address the nation

I can say one thing: Governor Palin, who’s hobbies include banning books from libraries, is apparently not averse to banning video-clips on you-tube as well.

The future of America takes shape: Big Brother’s watching you, while you will indulge in state-approved occupations, after your indoctrination into state-approved non-cultural, non-intellectual, brainlessness.
Any attempt to use your mind will be labelled ”thought-crime”.

Get out while you still can!
I’m posting this cute photo, because Governor Palin is dedicated to opposing any attempt to have these animals on the endangered species list. Shooting animals is another of her hobbies, protecting them is not!

And a couple more of those obnoxious animals that threaten to stop drilling for oil because it would destroy their habitats. So much better to kill them instead: that way everybody’s happy, the hunters who will be having a good time killing them, and the entrepeneurs who like to take nature and turning it into a smelly wasteland so they can fill their pockets with money.



6 responses

16 09 2008

That moose looks like he’s taking a yearly school picture! The forced smile LOL

I found that clip to be very funny. I’m crossing my fingers that this election turns out well.

16 09 2008

The clip was hilarious!

The drilling issue goes far beyond the disgusting practice of killing wild animals for sport or access to oil. Even if the area were barren of everything except oil, and we sucked out every drop, we’d only repeat history, postpone the inevitable.

Fossil fuel is non-renewable. It’s as simply as that. We need to develop alternative, renewable sources now. We should have done it yesterday.

16 09 2008

Maya: LOL you are right about the moose!

Marahm: I agree completely.

16 09 2008

This was hilarious! I loved it!

16 09 2008

What books did she ban from libraries? I’m definatly not dissagreeing, just curious. I hadn’t heard this before…

16 09 2008

This is hearsay: when Palin was mayor of the small town willlll-something, “She asked the library how she could go about banning books,” because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. “The librarian was aghast.” That woman, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn’t be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving “full support” to the mayor.

As one of her goals is to ban the teaching of evolution theorie, to be replaced with ”creationalism” I’d say there would be a number of books she would consider ”inappropriate”
Not to mention books on sexual education, a subject she is also dead against.
Perhaps she’s right on that one, America has an astronomical number of teen-pregnancies, and not enlightening kids on sex will ensure they don’t have sex, or get molested, and will undoubtably make that number fall to zero overnight.

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