Women and the white house

14 09 2008

I want to make absolutely clear that I am a feminist! I am a woman, and I am way more intelligent, more tough, a lot stronger, and a better fighter that most of the male losers I have the misfortune to meet.

Women càn suck. And be really stupid too. I can admit to that. Which is why I have to post this rant on why nobody should vote on a candidate for presidency because their running mate happens to be a female!
To consider Palin a good reason for voting Republican, just because she is a woman (something I seriously doubt anyway) is just too brainless to be true, and if women vote for McCain just because he choose a creepy running mate who happens to be female, I will have to stop being a feminist, but accept Male Chauvinist Piggishness, as my new creed in life.

Please, Americans! Vote for your new leader on the grounds of intellectual considerations, and not as if it’s just another American Idols-show!

You may wonder why, as a Dutch woman, I care or should think it my business to comment on the American election. Frankly I wouldn’t care. It should not be my business. But unfortunately, as America insists on putting their claws into everybody else’s business, and making a big mess of everybody else’s countries, I dó care. It is my business! It is everybodies business!
Not only do I care, but as the choosing of an American president will have repercussions for éverybody else on the planet, I think we should all have a vote!

Anyway, Palin.

Palin is not somebody who’s going to be good for women! So women don’t vote for her! Nor men!
According to Palin America shouldn’t second guess israël’s measures to defend itselve. Just support them without thinking. As America has been doing all along.
And of course with ”new leadership” (a democratic president would mean new leadership. McCain would mean basically the same leadership! ) means America has a legitimate right to defend itself with a ”pre-emptive” strike. As the one in Iraq, which we all know was definitely necessary to keep all these instruments of mass-destruction that were collected and made in Iraq, off our doorsteps.

She is not good for your children either. Amongst many other shortcomings, including the freedom to abort even when raped, she thinks creationism should be taught at schools instead of the theory of evolution.
Now anybody who can’t see that not only is evolution a fact, but also remarkably well described in the bible, but somebody who truly believes God is The Divine Pathetic Practical Joker and placed dinosaur bones ready to be dug up to test our faith, Should néver be given a post of any responsibility.
She shouldn’t even have been allowed to breed in my opinion. And of course she has five kids!
She is a liar: As a Governor she supported the ”bridge to nowhere” at 389 million dollars, but after she got the money, she changed her opinion, as she is so happy to repeat, but she did keep the money, to use on other (some equally brainless) projects.
So you may think it’s no big deal to set up somebody like Palin a heartbeat away from the white house, but I have no great trust in that a seventy-two year old geriatric with a history of heart-disease, wouldn’t snuff it in the first year of office, making Palin President. Does anybody really want that???

I can go on and on about her creepy convictions, there is enough dirt on her to be read on other websites, go and read.

Listen well to this interview; Palin doesn’t get any further than parroting and quoting the wrong excerpts, and is apparently stuck in some sort of cold war anti-Russia hype. You check out her speeches: she has only one!

Luckily not all Alaskan women are as stupid, and have been organising a rally against Palin. A radio host has had the bad manners, and lack of decency, to read out the phone numbers of the organisers, with the incentive to call them and let these women think how ”you feel about them”.
So much for democracy, and being a free society. As Palin likes to point out. read here

Women are naturally less competitive than men: Palin and Clinton address the nation
Update: This video has been banned!

To make sure you will understand not all women are dorks, do check out this video, It has nothing to do with the election, but everything to do about intelligent, strong, and courageous women.
And I would like you to pay attention to her message at the end of the lecture: because that is what we should aim for!
We should try to spread sweetness and light, and to help us in that goal we should not vote for intellectually stunted individuals merely because they happen to be women.


Check out this video with a lot of cool banners made in anchorage




24 responses

14 09 2008

You and Bedu have spared me from having to expound on my own blog regarding this atrocity– the Palin candicacy. Thank you!

However, I may have to supplement your posts with a post of my own on feminism. I’ll start writing it now, while my ire is up.

14 09 2008

Don’t worry Marahm, I think it’s high time I write a post on the meaning of the word ”feminism”, and women’s proper place in the world, as well soon! 🙂

14 09 2008

Found your blog from Mudflats in Alaska and felt compelled to post.

1) Many in our country are as confounded as you. We’ve had 8 years of dismal leadership, an increasingly xenophobic view of the world dictated by extremists, poor economic policies and deterioration of our constitutional rights.

2) Many women clearly see the surprise choice of an inexperienced neophyte thrust on the international stage as pandering by the far right. Ms. Palin’s views are more far right than the current administrations (see #1). We are disgusted by fellow Republican women who have earned the respect of their states and districts who sold their reputations to the Party to curry favor and support the ticket. Impacts to the United States as we know it if this ticket wins are frightful.

3) Americans are being bombarded with smear campaigns and commercials. It is as if America can only engage if it is an American Idol or Survivor “cast-off.” Many Americans no longer read “real news.” When one informally polls them, there are very few who can articulate what our Constitution and Bill of Rights stand for. (Ms. Palin thought the Pledge of Allegiance was written by our Founding Fathers.) They are disconnected from these core documents because conservative media outlets tell them what to think, say and do.

4) Finally, make no mistake that rascism is still alive and well in the USA. When well-known Republican officials can attend a conference that sell “Obama Waffles” with a picture of Obama in a negative light, when a GA Representative can call Senator Obama “uppity” (translate: Know your place, Ni**er) without repercussions by either his district or his party, when the Republican Party can run campaign commercians that play on the undertones of racist unrest and concern but are based on untruths, our country probably does not deserve a leader such as Senator Obama.

Make no mistake. We are fighting for the very essence of our Country this fall, and we are doing everything we can to take it back. Do not generalize that all of us are just dumbly going along with the tactics and games. We realize the stakes are high. We realize the world is watching. We realize we have an obligation not only to women, but to the world community who have supported democracy. God willing, we will prevail.

14 09 2008

P for Palin and P for pathetic. Never liked her. And she has seven kids!

14 09 2008

Sorry, she has five kids, not seven. That’s what I wanted to write.

14 09 2008

I share some of the sentiments on this post: http://salon.glenrose.net/default.asp?view=plink&id=8196

14 09 2008

USAforObama, Thank you for your elaborate comment, and welcome to my blog. The impact of a mcCain presidency probably scares the whole of civilised Earth!
I can only hope and pray for you.

Achelois: you are right: 5 kids, that’s 5 too many from that gene-pool. Although the daughter managed to get pregnant, ah well, children will go their own way! there is always hope.
I mean she is só creepy, I cannot imagine anybody in their right mind voting for the mcCain/Palin team???!!!???

14 09 2008

LOL Achelois

She has 6.

(really though, I’d rather pee myself in public than vote for this failure of a human being)

14 09 2008

Something about the elections that gets me to feeling all warm and fuzzy inside…sigh.

14 09 2008

Maya, thank you for that sensitive comment 😀

Coolred38, may you enjoy living there with the outcome soon, with all your children! 🙂

14 09 2008

I am not a feminist, nor i believe in feminism as a way of salvation for women. I also dont believe that american presidential election is something democratical. And i dont believe any of those idiots -whether McCain or Obama- get elected, there will be a difference actually. Policity in the US of A has been ordered since before and a president is just a puppet to follow those “orders”.

So if there be somebody like this idiot pathenic Palin next to another idiot pervert like Maccain, then i dont get astonished at all.

I read in news that one of a feminist leader in the US, supported McCain, JUST bcs he has chosen a woman as his vice. Or Clinton’s fans vote McCain for the same reason?!!!
How stupid can be this decition really? They chose a person as president of a country for SEVEN years, just bcs he has chosen a woman? Just for this reason?
Subhannallah..Just from this example, You can get how they elect and vote in the States really.

I also invite you to read this wonderful article too:

15 09 2008
susie of arabia

100% behind you on this one, Aafke – let’s just hope the voting American public sees the light too. I think you should have the right to vote in the US. You make more sense than many of the morons I have seen on TV lately.

15 09 2008

Lol. You’re right Aafke, people of all places should vote!

I enjoyed the video of the neuroanatomist. Very touching. Thanks for sharing it!

15 09 2008
Saudi in US


The video by Dr. Jill Taylor was incredible. I have probably read more than my share of papers on how the human brain operates (because of my field), but I have never heard such insightful presentation. It really put a lot of things together for me. She is not just a good scientist, but also insightful and has the gift of expression. Thank you for one of the best clips I have seen in a long time.

Regarding the topic. Obviously Obama/Bidden will get my vote. The McCain campaign is running on too many lies and aggression. Palin’s convention speech tilted heavily on the lying part and McCain on the aggression. Someone should go through McCain’s speech and count how many times he used the word “Fight” in that speech. I started counting mid way when I noticed his emphasis on that word and I counted 12. I cannot stand hearing that speech again so I won’t be conducting the experiment, but you get my point. This man cannot unite the people in the US, he is simply too negative and aggressive. As far as the rest of the world, I think he will continue the aggression in the middle east and make things worse and likely start a new cold war with the Russians. What is bad is these issues are not even discussed so far by the press.

15 09 2008

As an American, and as a woman…….hear, hear! LOVE your well written post!

15 09 2008

I’m with you, clouddragon! As a woman, I’m personally offended by the Republican campaign for presidency.

I was very interested in the Biblical support for evolution. Could you point me to some resources? I was an Anthropology major for my undergrad. I never believed that Islam disagreed with evolution. After all, who can know what God has done or what His exact process of creation was? Anyway, big thoughts, little space.

15 09 2008

Yesa, that video of dr Taylor is amazing, and everybody who didn’t bother to watch the video-links should at least watch that one!!!

Shawna, the way I see it creationalists take the bible literally, word by word, and think Earth is only a few thousand years old. And dinosaurs either didn’t exist, or were bad tempered pets which died out a couple of thousand years ago.
When I first learned about dinosaurs, (at 8 years old) I was amazed at the chronologic accuracy; first light then mass, water, plants, fish, animals, and humans. Fits perfectely. And as the old Testament is a bunch of verbally transmitted stories from a couple of tribes of sheepherders, I think that’s pretty remarcable, and the fact that it was simplified into seven days is an un-important detail in my point of view.

16 09 2008

Actually, Shawna, if you’re interested in the Church’s stance on Darwin, this clip from the BBC is interesting – it’s the Church of England, but the Bishop of Swindon has made clear that he feels the Anglican Church ought to apologise to Darwin, because the Church’s initial reaction to Darwin’s theory of evolution was wrong. http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_7616000/7616044.stm

16 09 2008

Palin professes good ‘family values’. What are they may I ask? Her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. That to a conservative Christian should be horryifying considering that Americans are more religious than Europeans. And she had herself eloped. I am sorry but her family values suck unless we treat being a ‘hockey mom’ as important family value.

16 09 2008

Not only that Achelois: apparently she doesn’t see any conflict in leaving her young children to other people while doing a 26 hour a day job being vp.
And she will still consider herself a devoted mother too?
But then If you can call youself ”pro-life” while also being ”pro-war” anything can be expected.

27 09 2008
Saudi in US

I think many of you saw this, but it is the laugh of the week


Let’s not judge her too quick. She still qualifies for defense minister of Haiti or Liechtenstein. Better yet we get her a pair of binoculars and put her in charge of watching for the Putin plane crossing into American Airspace.

27 09 2008

Saudi in US, well that about wraps it up for Palin I’d say.
No SinUS, she can’t become defense minister of Haiti or Liechtenstein; she won’t be able to see Russia from her window, and so she won’t be able to make up her mind about who to be scared of.

28 09 2008
Saudi in US

Aafke, those were strategic jobs for her. Both Haiti and Liechtenstein do not have any armed forces. The most damage she can do is invade Grenada.

28 09 2008

Oh, oops, yes, ehm, but one can do more damage as president, but the absence of armed forces is a plus 😉

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