I’ll be very busy for a while

9 09 2008

I’ll will be doing a bit less blogging, I have some stuff to arrange here. It’s the saddle stuff again. I really have to work now at finishing some stuff.

People here in the Netherlands are starting a kind of hate campaign against our saddlery and saying I tell lies, and I am very upset.

I have kept away from everybody for a few months, you wouldn’t know I did amuse myself with my blog, and I have been silent also to some friends who are now angry with me.

So I hope you all will not be angry with me if I’m away a while doing stuff in the real world.



16 responses

9 09 2008

Where exactly? You didnt tell me.. 😕

9 09 2008

Away from blogging. I have some unhappy stuff coming up which need my time and attention. I need to clear up stuff.

9 09 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Hope it’s all dealt with quickly and you can get back to the happy stuff. We’ll miss you. xxx

9 09 2008
Saudi in US

I wish you success and hope to see you back soon.

9 09 2008

Hope everything goes well for you. I find that regular blogging does take me away from the real world, that’s why I go on blog breaks every now and then.
Good luck,

9 09 2008

Blogging breaks can be useful. I need one myself, but not because blogging takes me away from real world. Quite the opposite! I read and write as though you all were real people. I do hope I have not fallen under the spell of some jinn! 🙂

We will miss you, so hurry back. I hope all goes well for you.

9 09 2008
susie of arabia

Hi Aafke –
You go do what you need to do. But don’t let them get you down.
We will be missing you and thinking of you while you’re gone.
Hey, maybe this break will give me a chance to do my catch up reading on your blog that I missed while I was taking MY break!
Good luck and best wishes!!!

9 09 2008
American Bedu

Will be thinking of you and missing your postings but you certainly left us with some that will continue to give us a lot of fun. I can’t resist to keep coming back and checking the comments from the muttawa and camels quizzes!

All the best!!!!


9 09 2008

Hope to see you back soon, with everything sorted 😦

9 09 2008

Thanks everybody, nice to know you all care. I will get over this of course, as usual, I’m just not in the mindset right now to write funny stuff for my blog.
Or write lots of comments.
And I need time to work it all out.

9 09 2008


Hope whatever it is gets sorted out soon. If there’s some one’s ass that needs kicking, tell me! 🙂 (yeah, i’m into this kinda bravado)

Hang on in there.

Angry? with you? Can we be? Never!

9 09 2008

How comes I didn’t know?? I AM ANGRY NOW!
OK, I won’t be as long as you don’t ignore me again. Just send me an email from time to time saying you are ok. OK?

9 09 2008

A hate campaign against saddlery? Don’t they have anything better to do?

9 09 2008

All the best to you Aafke, I hope everything will get resolved smoothly. Take care of yourself!

12 09 2008

Sounds like you have been truly deceived by the conspiracy, there is no ‘Real World’.
Life as we know it cannot exist outside the Blogosphere….

12 09 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Cool avatar Aafke… not you is it? Or is it?!

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