Ramadan Mubarak

1 09 2008

To all my muslim friends and visitors.

To let you know: I am suffering fasting too in solidarity to all my muslim blogging buddies.
And especially in support, or instead, of Carol who can’t due to her recovery and is unhappy about it. So I hope all my misery will be put on her account. Got up too late, so no breakfast…. This is going to be hΓ rd. I’ve prepared myself with buying a box of dates for tonight. πŸ™‚ For the first time I’m happy the days have become shorter again. With wishful thinking I imagine Ramadan in December, with sun coming up after 09.00 and down at 17.00…

However, could be worse… Like June: sun coming up at 03.00 and down at 23.30 πŸ˜€
Or much worse… you could be in Sweden when it’s midsummer night… when the sun coily wanders down towards the horizon before cheerfully moving up again πŸ˜€

To finish off, and let everybody suffer a bit more:

My Birthday High Tea, for which I have been doing so much baking and cooking. The sweets, and some of the presents I’ve been given.

ColourcoΓΆrdinated cat doing gymnastics on birthday party.

Zora is keeping an eye on things.



37 responses

1 09 2008

Birthday high tea?! What a cool idea! Fill yourself up before starting to fast – genius πŸ˜‰ Did you cover your dining chairs yourself? The black and white patterned fabric is lovely πŸ™‚

Hope you had a smashing birthday party!

1 09 2008

Coolquielle: I didn’t even eat that much! \yes covering chairs is easy, and it is a lovely fabric: I did my office-chair in that fabric too. πŸ™‚

It was very nice and my friends were lovely, I got some very good presents, and even my brother behaved!

1 09 2008

Ramadan Kareem dear Aafke. What a wonderful job you gonna do for fasting. It has very strong message, πŸ™‚

That cat is so cute. lol is she dancing?!!!!!!!

WAW, so many haraaaaaaam delicious foods while i am hugryyyyyyyyyyy. 😦
What’s those dark brown food? Chocolate cakeeeeeeee? I want. πŸ˜₯

1 09 2008

Shahz: Chocolate brownies! They were the fist to go! And luckily they are all gone! Otherwise I would have a difficult first day!
I knew it was an evil thing to do, to show these photo’s! :mrgreen:

Simsalabim is grooming!

1 09 2008

Hah, I believed you right up to the point where you said Rhysz behaved πŸ˜‰

1 09 2008

Oh, thank you for the Ramadan Wishes.. i mean, yeah, you got me truly impressed now!

Birthday Hi Tea… so divine. Everything looks awesome. Hope you had a happy birthday!

1 09 2008

Ramadan Kareem πŸ™‚

1 09 2008

Just remember, fasting means NO McDonald’s!!!!!

1 09 2008

Lovely photos– your house appears so comfortable, so refreshing! Fasting is easier in a pleasing environment, no? I, too, wonder about the areas in the world where daylight lasts twenty hours. Maybe Muslims don’t even live in those quarters. I wouldn’t, at least not in Ramadan!

1 09 2008

Ramadan kareem, Aafke. You are a ‘real’ human being. I love you for your sensitivity. Thank you for letting me know you.

1 09 2008
American Bedu

Ramadan Kareem Aafke. I do not have sufficient words to express what you are doing by fasting for me. It really does bother me not being able to do the traditional fast this year due to meds and all. )-: All I can say is that you are not only a true friend but a very very special one of a kind friend!

Love & Hugs – Carol

1 09 2008
Umm Ibrahim

What a lovely post – so nice to hear that you are trying out the fasting! What are the fasting hours in Holland now? I am relieved to be in Saudi Arabia now that it is summer as the hours don’t change as drastically throughout the year as they do in the UK. Fasting until 4pm in the winter is good but Ramadan is practically in summer now… I can’t imagine fasting until 10pm or however late it gets in high summer (forgot how late now).

Love your photos… looks like you had a good birthday… and your brother behaved?! Wow! πŸ˜†

1 09 2008

Ramadan kareem !

1 09 2008

Colloquielle: No, really! Rhysz really behaved very well, and everybody liked him! He talked about you and ”World of Worcraft” and managed to explain it!

Specs, thank you, yes it was lovely, and everything was finished in time, this was only half of the food, and I also made a fantastic heartshaped quiche!

Sumera: thank you!

Tony: no? but eating at mc donalds will really make you suffer!!!

Marahm, Thank you, I am glad it’s not so hot anymore, and that my throat-ache is over! I’ll show my sittingroom next!
What about cramming your five prayers into four hours!
What about midwinternight? when the sun doesn’t come up?

Achelois: It’s me who is so happy to have gotten to know you!

Bedu, thank you, so ”no pressure”???? Hmmm…

UmmIbrahim, well Isha is at 22.27 which is stupid as the sun is definitely down by 20.50 which I have ascertained personally today by anxiously watching it going down!
We were riding, and at one time I was stretching my hand out to get some brambles, but just as I almost touched them I realised I wasn’t supposed to eat! Ooops!!!
But fifteen minutes later we passed an appletree, and I grabbed an apple (so handy sitting on a horse) and the sun was almost down, so I put it in my pocket, and I saw the sun dipping behind the horizon and took my bite! Yay!

Anyway, I am now stuffed (not too stuffed!!!) with dates, bread, milk and lasagna (all the leftovers in my fridge) and I have survived the first day, Γ nd have been in a good mood too!!!!

Yasmeen: welcome to my blog, and thank you! The same to you!

1 09 2008
Saudi in US

Happy Ramdhan all

Aafke, that is a beautiful sentiment of you fasting. You are done with your first day, should get easier now πŸ™‚

2 09 2008

Does “high” tea mean u ate while standing up…or what? lol!

My first day went off well right up until I broke my fast with iftar…within moments I was terribly ill and in the bed for the rest of the night…thats the thing about Ramadan and breaking the fast…if you choose the wrong food…your gonna pay for it…ouch!

Can ur cat come over and play with mine…his name is Godzilla…and he is named that for a reason…so keep that in mind…ha ha.

2 09 2008

Saudi in US, hmm actually I’m hungrier today!

Coolred38: LOL! I was sitting on a higher chair!
My cat can handle any cat! Even Γ¬f they’re called Godzilla! LOL
I’m off now trying to get some dates!
As in dates to eat, not dating.
As in to eat after sunset! Not now!!!

2 09 2008

Thank you, Aafke, for your nice wishes. And thank you for your wonderful initiative of fasting.

Albert Heijn has some dates, although not too fresh! I suggest you go to any local Muslim store and you should find some nice dates.

That reminded me.. I was in the dates market here in Riyadh, and they had this date that they call “Galaxy” (as in Galaxy Chocolate Bar). I tried it.. and it was so good! do you want me to send you some?

P.S:I didn’t see any B&G in the photos!?! Too bad! no fun without B&G!

2 09 2008

Don’t worry afca knows all shops down here. Though I recommend the Muslim shop in the Folgingestraat, excellent products IMhO.

2 09 2008

Sorry, aboout my typing, I busted up my hand pretty bad yesterday.

2 09 2008

Ramadan kareem to all!!! What a lovely post…. you are doing a wonderfull job by fasting.. I hope it is not to hard for you.. i was suprised with the way you broke you’re fasting.. riding and eating an apple.. beautiful.. seems like a fairytale… i hope you will write how did your second day fasting go..

2 09 2008

Ramadan Kareem πŸ™‚

2 09 2008

Nader! What do you know about Dutch supermarkets? They are ok, but other shops have slightly better ones πŸ™‚
I found the fasting hard today, but the prospect of being able to nag about it on my own blog cheered me up!
I am now comparing dates from different shops :P.
Yes! excellent idea! Send me dates!!!
I had chocolate at my high tea! And chocolate brownies!
And I have brought a G&B’s this afternoon!

Rhysz! What have you done to yourself? I think you are right and the dates from ”le Souk” are the best ones. Their Baklava is good too.

Selma: Welcome to my blog, and Ramadan kareem πŸ™‚
My second day was more difficult bat at last it’s dark.
I’m going to keep yapping every day about how hungry I am.

~W~ Ramadan Kareem!

2 09 2008

I know all about them! I lived there for sometime! I was even there during Ramadan, and towards the end of the month I had to look for some dates because I ran out! I used to have many people over to have breakfast with me! It was a wonderful time!

2 09 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Birthday!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday then and Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!

3 09 2008


Ramadan Mubarak! I can’t believe you’re fasting! That’s awesome!! You have a lovely home and lovely pets, and I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday!

All the best, all the time!


3 09 2008

Have a happy fasting, and don’t forget to celebrate Eid later too!

Remember, no chocolates!

3 09 2008

Hi Aafke –
You are a true Ambassador of the World! I love that you are fasting with us. And I wish we could have been there to celebrate your birthday with you (and to eat those yummy looking brownies!)
I never thougt about Muslims up where you live, fasting during the summer months! That must be very difficult, with the days lasting so long. Wow!

3 09 2008

Nader, you were in the Netherlands? How interesting! where were you based? What did you do?

Amina: And the same to you!

Tee, thank you πŸ™‚

Hallem, but I cΓ n have chocolates? Only not in the day!

Susie: I thought it would be lonely, but we are all in it together which made it really easy for me the first days!

Bad news everybody, I have to stop for a few days, I will need a lot of painkillers and water now.
I’m not happy, I was just getting into it.
Trust me, I’m still suffering ten times worse than fasting.

3 09 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Sorry to hear that Aafke… get better soon. πŸ™‚

4 09 2008

Okay, I give in – what has your brother done to himself?! I’ve not seen him on MSN for days and I’m starting to actually worry!

4 09 2008

Umm Ibrahim, and everybody, it was short! I’m better, and back in the saddle!
Back to fasting!

Colloquielle: my brother has tried to murder a spider in his room, but God punishes immediately. and he has sprained his index-finger!!!!
So you see, he is really incapacatated, and can’t go on msm.

5 09 2008

I was in Limburg.. and I was studying.

5 09 2008

Hehe I’m starting to believe in karma again πŸ˜‰

5 09 2008
His Sweetheart

So sweet of you to fast for a friend of yours honey πŸ™‚

May Allah accepts your and her deeds

Happy Birthday again πŸ™‚

5 09 2008

Nader, Limburg? Home of the catholic dutch? Home of the severe scary catholics? You’re lucky you didn’t end up burning at the stake! You infidel! πŸ™‚
What did you study?

Colloquielle: πŸ™‚
Do you know what that evil scoundrel has given me for my birthday? The day before Ramadan???? All episodes of ”The Chef”!!!!! Hours of excellent exhilarating humour, interlaced with gorgious food!!!!!!!!!FOOD!!!!! FOOD!!!!!

His Sweetheart: welcome to my blog, and thank you for all your sweet wishes πŸ™‚

26 12 2008
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