25 08 2008

We can all live together and share warmth, friendship and love.

And a basket



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25 08 2008

Yikes, how is this possible!

Sweet, sweet! πŸ˜€

25 08 2008
Saudi in US

Nice picture Aafke.

Our cat and dog are buddies and sleep together also, although the dog plays rough sometimes and makes the cat scream. The other funny thing is the dog which is younger picked up many cat behaviors. He will lay down and lick his fur like a cat…

25 08 2008

I think your message can come true, at least partially. Who knows? Optimism alone can actually influence the outcome of situations.

However, I cannot refrain from noting that the dog– the big dog (Zora, I presume?)— is quite relaxed, asleep perhaps, but the cat– the small cat– is still vigilant, with its eyes open and its foreleg ready for action!

25 08 2008

Specs: Dogs and cats have some body language that is completely opposite, but if cats and dogs grow up together, they understand each others characteristcs, and have no problems understanding each other.

I’ve noticed I’ve become really deep here….. We can all learn each other’s characteristics, and we will….

Saudi in US: Simsalabim will sometimes lick Zora’s ears!

Marahm: Simsalabim had just engaged in some serious fur-cleaning; notice his funny position, but as it was evening this resulted in him being blurry all the time, so I called him to get his attention so he would sit still for a second!

25 08 2008

The cat is just waiting for an opening and biding her time.

25 08 2008

Hee, Rhysz, how about tonight? movie starts at 20.30
Sim is a HE

25 08 2008

I’m with you all the way. We need more optimists in this world. I think one of the reasons why this dog and cat coexisted is because they are just NOT pessimists!
Good shot, Aafke!

25 08 2008

Aww…how adorable!

25 08 2008

This is adorable. The day before my cat disappeared I took a million pictures of her giving my chihuahua a bath. It was beautiful 😦

26 08 2008

Really adorable πŸ™‚ I have seen it happen quite often when two supposed enemies are raised together, they become bosom buddies. A lesson for all of us on being inclusive and never fearing to reach out to strangers out of fear.

Ya Haqq

26 08 2008

Okay, but I draw the line at sharing my peanut butter cups. Or the eggplant appetizer at San Giorgio Lucano in Vista, California. πŸ˜‰

26 08 2008

They’re so sweet, we had a kitten years ago that used to get mothered by our male rottweiller
Coincidently I came across this video yesterday, it’s a must see

26 08 2008
American Bedu

Aafke, you’ve illustrated how a picture can say a thousand words! Magnificent.

26 08 2008
Umm Ibrahim

So true that the photograph just says it all!

Hmmm, someone pointed outhat the furniture matches the animals before, didn’t notice that the cat and dog also co-ordinate well with eachother! πŸ˜†

26 08 2008

Nader; thank you πŸ™‚ (always keep your camera at your side)

Nevis: yes! cuteness-factor 10!

Maya, how horrible it is, to have a pet dissapearing and not knowing what has happened! I lost a cat once, but found his body two weeks later, very awful, but at least I knew he was dead.
Welcome to my blog. πŸ™‚

Irving, yes, all this ”enemy” stuff is mostly imaginary. we should remember that and try to learn from our pets!

James, but you’ll agree that if you had a great many peanut-butter cups, and egg-plant appetisers, you could and should share?

Tony: What a great video! I loved it!!!!

Eveybody who visits: go and look at Tony’s video!!!!!!

Bedu: Thank you πŸ˜€ I really wanted to share this, but when I got up to make the photo they all jumped up with the happy expectance of a walk, and I had to throw them back into the basket, and then Sim started to wash himself and I had to tell him to stop it! See what my pets will do for my blog?

Umm Ibrahim: everything in my house is colour coΓΆrdinated! Actually the Tarq blends in very well too, but he lives too far away!

26 08 2008

very cute! this video is great as well. It get a bit teary eyed when I see the smile on the guys face when the lion recognises him..

27 08 2008

Oh, Mairead, what a lovely video!

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