More anti-pet misogynists

20 08 2008

Was walking Zora this afternoon, and a council-car stopped next to me.

”You have to keep your dog on a leash!!!”
”Huh? Why???”
”There is a rule in this city: Dogs have to be kept on the leash! If you don’t follow the rules you will be fined 60 € !!!”
”Never heard of it, never see anybody with a dog on a leash around here. Seems a bit unfair to the dogs I think”
”You choose to own a dog!”
”No I don’t! Both my parents have died, and I am caring for their pets!”
‘Uhh… Well you have to keep them on the leash anyways!”

Bloody civil servants!

Screw them


Get lost

Am going to find out if such blokes have the authority to fine me anyway.

Zora, the killer-attack-dog




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21 08 2008

In Mississuaga (my city) the council has now put a new rule about licensing cats and dogs – my cousin is pissed coz apparently someone ratted to the council that she owns a cat, now the city has sent her a letter to pay a 20$ registration fee or face a fine of 250$ – bloody tax grabbers.

Here in Canada dogs have to be on a leash unless they are in a leash-free zone of a park.

21 08 2008

WoW, but doesn’t it make sense to keep dogs on a leash?

I’m really biased about this (yes, i know it!) because i have allergic reactions to animal hair; house hold pets in particular. And when people are out walking their pets and the pet thinks i’m something interesting to sniff, i’m waving my arms like crazy saying no no and all they say is: *smile* ‘He doesn’t bite.’ It has to be until i start sputtering “I *cough* allergic *turn blue* animal hair *gasp*” that people understand what i’m trying to say… and by then, its already too late. 😦 Inhaler, in my bag, quick!

Plus, you gotta understand, even though its unfair to Zora b/c Zora’s well trained, some, nay, most people are totally irresponsible about their pets and rules & regulations have to be put in place.

But I’m a bit sorry its your refined ‘Arab lady’ who’s being made to stroll on a leash. Sometimes, she gotta put up rules because of the behavior of commoners! 🙂

21 08 2008
Saudi in US


Although I sympathize, I agree with leash laws. Unfortunately, there are too many people that raise aggressive dogs that attack people or other animals. It is hard to know which dog will have such issues in public, so in my opinion leashes have to be enforced. I admit that we do not keep our dog on a leash all the time, but we get away with it because he is small and looks less threading although not always well behaved 🙂

Haleem, in the US they have also adapted leash free zones in parks. I used to see many of them when I was in California. They are not as common in every state though.

21 08 2008

Bureaucrats! They can be exasperating!

But dogs are safer on leashes, and other people feel safer when the dogs are on leashes.

21 08 2008

Ugh, poor Zora, but I’m afraid I, too, am a supporter of dogs being on leashes in public places – for their own safety as much as that of other people 😦 It’s mostly because, as has been said above, such a (sadly) large proportion of pet owners are irresponsible about how they look after their animals and, consequently, how those animals behave with other people 😦

21 08 2008

I agree with you all, I think what really pissed me off is the supercillious manner of adress, I don’t know, but most civil servants/tirants, really manage to freak me out.
I myself have once almost been eaten by two alsatians while their pathetic, ineffectual owner/follower kept asking in a weak voice: ” Please don’t do that, please come here”
Yeah, that’s the way you order an alsatian about.

Ms Specs: LOL!
And I can’t deny that Zora, who sheds about one pillow-case of hairs every day, isn’t the worlds worst nightmare for an allergy victim!
And I also put little trust in people who clain:”They won’t bite you”
And then, after they did: ”Oh, they never do that! (must be something wrong with you)”

22 08 2008

Tell Zora to pee on their foot next time they stop by for a chat… =)

22 08 2008

Haha we used to deliver telephone books as a fundraising exercise for our pony club, and as club captain I was never able to weasel out of it. Thing is, you had to put the telephone book right by the front door, not by the front gate – and in Brisbane, everyone had big gardens, and most people had dogs. So when they got to a house with a “Beware of dog” sign, they’d send me in, because I never got attacked, and usually had a rottweiler or blue heeler eating out of my hand by the time I left. But one of the guys, Mick, wasn’t that tall, and walked into a garden with a really high fence, that he couldn’t see behind. He had a pack of six phone books in one hand, the gate in the other, and in two seconds flat had an Alsation hanging off his ankle. His wife was as short as he was, so she was bouncing up trying to see over the fence. All we could hear (besides Mick shouting at the dog to let him go) was the owner saying, “Oh, no, he’d never bite you, he’s harmless..”

Totally different scenario because Mick was in the dog’s territory, but had to laugh at the idiot owner. I can’t imagine any of our dogs (not that we ever had dogs where that was a likelihood) getting away with that!

23 08 2008

In our neighborhood leash law enforcement seems to be nonexistent, so we have random (unattended) dogs wandering the neighborhood all the time. Unfortunately some of them are dog-aggressive. Our guys pretty much only go off-lead at the authorized parks.

23 08 2008

James, I don’t mind the rule, I mind the bureaucrat’s adress. And I didn’t knw about it.
And my neighbourhood is very quiet and everybody let’s their well behaved polite dogs run loose. Most dogs here know each other and have a great time running after each other.
So I also felt a bit miffed when feeling singled out!

23 08 2008

Sounds (hopefully!) like a miserable guy having a bad day and taking it out on the first person he came across. I hope you hear nothing more about it and Zora can keep enjoying herself in safe places!

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