Iron Maiden in Assen

19 08 2008

The concert was at the TT-circuit in Assen. This is the first time ever a big concert has been held there, and the organisation was great! It’s also a good place to hold a concert; it’s paved, very comfortable, and all 25.000 tickets were sold out, but it didn’t seem like we were in such a huge crowd! Another very good thing about the concert being in Assen is that it is only 20 minutes drive! What luxury! A great concert in our backyard!
Iron Maiden had a great stage, Eddie in different guises, and a good light-show, and lots of pyrotechnics.
the special guests each had their own backdrops.

We were a bit late (my fault entirely) but as it turned out that got us a great parkingspace, and the first band was already playing as we arrived at the actual concert area. The whole thing started at 16.30,there were three guest-bands, more like a miniature festival!

About the photos: As the tickets said, camera’s strictly forbidden. Ridiculous of course, given that you can’t even buy a mobile phone nowadays without a camera. Anyway, I was paranoia enough to be scared of having my trusty digital camera impounded, so I brought some discardable camera’s. Hence the sixties look of the photo’s. And guess what? Of course everybody else was carrying their digital camera’s !

Big ones too.

.And not just the camera’s, I mean, look at this guy, two metres if he is an inch! (and the one in front, and the one behind!!!)

Now I am a close on six foot (1 meter 78), and you people from the rest of the world might think that’s enough height to get a fairly reasonably good view of the stage? Well, duuhhh, forget it! Γ‰verybody in the Netherlands is six foot or taller! Bugger!!!
This is my view without standing on my toes!


I liked Kamelot better as Within Temptation, I had never heard them before, a pleasant surprise.

After listening to Kamelot, we went to have some dinner at one of the many foodstalls, in the end we opted for a simple bag of french fries and a drink. We then tried to get a nice place for Within Temptation.

We had to wait for nearly an hour until Maiden came on, but decided to stick at our spot because it was getting really crowded. At ten to nine they started! πŸ˜€

As it happened we were quite in front, but right next to a mosh-pit, luckily with one row of people in front of us as a buffer. Now I noticed in the last daylight how it may look quite violent, but I could see all the guys smiling and looking happy. And you can forgive them. But why did this dude have to drop his leg on my head????

I have been screaming singing along most of the songs, but my vocal-cords didn’t suffer the next day πŸ™‚ Oh, and yes, I do wear earplugs at concerts.
Eh, to the hardrock concerts, not to the opera.

It is a great relief to get these great quality screens, you go for the music, but it is always good to be seeing a bit of the performance as well πŸ˜€

The backdrops changed to the different albums they played. The title of the tour is ”Somewhere back in time”, this tour they only played old songs from their first albums, next year they will tour with their new album. Hopefully at Assen too! Everybody was very pleased with the venue and the organisation!

Eddie himself showed up!

The weather, sΓ³ reliable to be unreliable in the Netherlands, was perfect! Not too cold, clear skies, and most important: not raining!!! To top a perfect concert off, during the last songs a partial eclipse of the moon took place!
It was behind us, and the singer, Bruce Dickinson, had a good look at the eclipse in progress he was impressed by it, commented on it a few times, and assured us they hadn’t planned it!
At a quarter to eleven the concert was over and we walked back to our parking spot, with a near total eclipse in front of us, and we were so lucky to be parked at a spot from which we were able to get off the grounds very quickly! I heard today that some acquaintance of my friend had been stuck for over two hours! Everybody was mega polite giving each other space, and although we had been prepared spending a long time waiting in line to leave, we were off in under fifteen minutes! I dropped off my friend, and was at home myself at twelve o’clock!

A couple of clips from youtube, really bad quality of course, only for the die-hards!
Mostly for myself really…

”Aces high”: The very beginning of the concert, gives a nice feeling how it was to be part of it! We were standing to the front and left of the person who recorded this

”Powerslave”, reasonable sound, one of my favorite maiden-songs. It still sounds very different from the real thing though, or was that because of the earplugs? πŸ™‚

”Fear of the Dark”: the whole audience sings the chorus of this one! Bruce Dickinson points at the eclipse!

”We must love all things that God made”
A bit from ”the Ancient Mariner”

”Hallowed be thy name” the very last song!



22 responses

19 08 2008

Never heard of the band but concerts are always fun! The last BIG one I attended was the Stones concert in Toronto – the lead was ACDC.

Here also we have the “no pictures” rule but everyone breaks it. I think they are mostly worried about bootleg videos popping up on the web.

19 08 2008

Iron Maiden is very old band, therefor the public ranges from old geezers in their forties to really young people. But heavy metal is always a sub-movement in pop-music. Worldwide though; last year they played in Dubai, rock in the sand, and in Bangalore in India, amongst other venues πŸ™‚

19 08 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Someone who HASN’T heard of Iron Maiden?! Even I have heard of Iron Maiden and I live under a rock! πŸ˜† Maybe that’s just showing my age…

Well ain’t that just typical that you abide by said rules, avoid taking your real camera anyway and everyone else has taken cameras, telephoto lenses, tripods etc?! Grrr! πŸ˜†

19 08 2008

Maiden is good stuff! Glad that you had a great time! Concerts are always so much fun.

19 08 2008

Umm Ibrahim, ah, yeah, I didn’t want to be too hard at Haleem, but it is weird…

I know! Why do i have to be sΓ³ law-abiding?????????

Nevis, yeah, I had a really super-great-time!

20 08 2008

Sounds like an awesome time was had by all! Even Eddie! And the eclipse… wow… what a way to cap off the show!

20 08 2008

People took in a tripod! lol what were the security guards doing?

Yea I have very peculiar taste in music – it can range from Britney Spears to classic ghazal (desi), but ya, skipped Iron Madein there!

20 08 2008

Lofter, I think everybody, all 25.000, πŸ™‚ had an awsome time! And the eclips was magical! πŸ˜€

Haleem: I like all sorts of different music too. That doesn’t excuse you from telling us you never heard of Iron Maiden!!!! Or mentioning you like Britney Spears! brrr
I have seen no tripods, Umm Ibrahim was exaggarating a bit there. But I saw no end of digital camera’s! Grrr. Anyway, I’m just a mega-perfectionist, and I thought about how much better photos I could have made!
But the vintage-style photo’s I got are quite nice too, and all you need as a souvenir is one or two photo’s of yourself and of the concert, and I did get those!

20 08 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Erm… yeah… that’s just my exaggeration there Haleem 😳 Sorry ’bout that but have to drive the point home eh? πŸ˜‰

20 08 2008

Firstly, that first pic you have here, of the guy taking a photo, is awesome in that vintage, saturated, 70s kind of way – I love it. Reminds me of lomography, which is one of my favourite things.

Secondly, I’m a camera geek, but i never would try and smuggle my digital SLR into a gig – I have a Fuji Finepix s5000 which I use for that. It has an awesome zoom lens on it (about 300mm) for a compact, and I can fit it in a jacket pocket, so it’s easy to get past security guards πŸ˜€

Thirdly – Iron Maiden!! How cool πŸ˜€ Glad you had fun!!

20 08 2008

Umm Ibrahim, well yes, against somebody who doesn’t mind claimingthat he’s never heard of Iron Maiden….

Colloquielle; I could have known! I also was very pleased with the ”lomo”-like effect! It was shot ”from the hip” anyway!
I have a SuperSampler, and an eye on the Holga fisheye-camera. With my birthday coming up, perhaps I should arrange an on-line subsription….. πŸ˜€

21 08 2008

Oh my God, lol! I don’t have any Holgas, but I DO have a “Holga-like” lens for my SLR. I don’t use it as it doesn’t actually click into the camera like a proper lens does so I don’t feel secure with it – plus I have found several awesome ways of “lomofying” my shots with Photoshop. I know, I know, digital is cheating, but there’s no way I could afford the printing costs associated with a film camera and I love photography so much.. I work full time and will soon (once again) be studying full time as well, so photography is sort of my way of reminding myself to take a look around myself once in a while and not tunnel vision in on my law books πŸ˜€

21 08 2008

Colloquielle, I have the Lomo SuperSampler, it uses normal 35mm film. The disposable camera-film I didn’t even have printed: just developed and put on disc. Cost me €5,- per film. You get a contactsheet too, so you can have a vague idea what you have photographed.
Succes on starting a new study!
Thinking about it, as those really cheap disposables (€2,99) give you Lomo-photos, without having to get a Holga or Diana, I’m going to get some more….

21 08 2008

Aye, it’s the constant development of film that winds up getting expensive for me – I infinitely prefer digital because a: I LOVE instant gratification πŸ˜‰ and b: I can “fix” things πŸ˜‰ I know it’s against the spirit of lomo but I want to have pretty images to look at as well as genuine ones. I have tens of thousands of photos on my external hard drives, lol – that’d cost me a fortune in developing costs!

Heh I’m starting my Masters in Human Rights Law – while working f/t as an analyst. I need my head read!

21 08 2008

Human Rights Law is for pacifists and hippies in my University. Get into International Trade Law, that’s where all the cool kids are! ^^

21 08 2008

I agree on the advantages of digital: that’s why I was sorry I didn’t bring my small digi-camera ( I have one good one, and one small one to take on rides) I could have made 950 photo’s with that one! And I looove just clicking away, and see which ones you like later! And I could have made my own youtube- clips!!!! And I hate checking how many photo’s you have left on your film. and then waiting because this might not be the best moment for the shot, and then missing it!
Hey: I’m planning a visit to London, I have a friend who can get me a place to stay, wanna meet up?

Rhysz, talking about cool, when are you going to take me to the cinema????

21 08 2008

EEP! Hands of Aafke! I saw Colloquielle first! Nobody gets to see my little evil Warlock before me^^

Call me, well settle on a date for the date Aafke.

21 08 2008

I am glad you were so happy!

7 09 2008

Oh my gosh, I totally missed your last comment here – and Rhysz’s, lol – I’d absolutely love to meet up if you haven’t already made your trip! And if Rhysz behaves you can always bring him along πŸ˜‰

7 09 2008

PS – International trade law is for fascists!

1 12 2008
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