Sex in the City

14 08 2008

Just returned from a movie date. As you will have guessed we went to: Sex in the City. We had planned to go to the X-files. But just looking at the trailer, and reading the introduction, made me feel this movie was even more awful as the evil plan we had devised would stand.
Which was: we were going early and planned to: ร nd watch a movie, ร nd have dinner.

So, I made up a dinner-feast composed of all sorts of fingerfoods, starter, drinks, desert, and handwipes and paper towels, all cleverly packed and smuggled into the cinema. :mrgreen:

I’m wearing earrings to match the movie.

So, sex and the city was quite fun, it’s an old movie so it is in the top of the cinema in a very small theatre. It was still surprisingly one quarter filled.
There even was one bloke!
We had lots of fun and were very stuffed around half time. (no break) The movie was amusing. I usually go to ”blood and violence” movies, so in the pre-views I saw a lot of movie-titels of the chick-flick-kind I never see. Interesting! And I’m defenitely not going to see any of those.
You know, what I like best about the whole Sex in the City-thing is not the sex, or the clothes, or the jokes (they are quite good), what I like best is the friendship.
This indestructable friendship between four women who always show up and comfort, and stand by their friend (whichever it is thรญs time ) who is going through a hard time. For me the series means ”Friendship in the City”. This unique friendship is much more impressive then anything else that happens.

What happened is that mr. Big weaseled out of commitment… of course… again…..
I find him mega irritating; always going back on his commitment, always popping up again, and then getting doubts again…. aaaargghhhh! What a loser!!! I never understood she let go of Aidan who was really cool.
So apart from the friendship thing, and the occasional good joke, I always found it very irritating. But the movie was very amusing.
Not mindboggling, but just the right movie to go to while smuggling in a three-course dinner and eating while watching. ๐Ÿ™‚



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15 08 2008

She was a BITCH to Aidan! Oh my God, he was SO much nicer than Big, the commitmentphobe. But that said, she and Big sort of deserve each other – she screws over nice people (like Aidan) so it’s fitting she winds up with an emotional cripple like Big.

15 08 2008

Hadn’t looked at it like that… I thought they were all increadibly shallow!
I wanted Aidan for myself!
You are sรณ right!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

15 08 2008

I want/ed Aiden, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sweet guy, funny, goofy, gorgeous, tall, loves animals (and nature – how lovely was that cabin he had?!), successful, good with his hands? How do you screw up a relationship with a guy that perfect?!?! Stupid woman!

So yeah, she deserves to get stuck with Big. I still haven’t seen the movie, though – it’s on my list!! I do still love the show – tbh I think my favourite of the guys (after Aiden) is Steve. Such a sweetie ๐Ÿ˜€

15 08 2008

Is this post part of that evil porn plan to increase the hits??? ๐Ÿ˜€

Haraaam Aafke, you’re sooooo white and you have veryyyyyyyy beautiful hair. ๐Ÿ˜€

Waw, what a big long earring. I wished i could be able to use something other than gold or silver. I am alergic to all other metals.

P.S: I use this ๐Ÿ˜€ so much nowadays.

15 08 2008

You are beautiful!

Never went for that movie … I might go for the spoof movie Disaster Movie – it looks good!

15 08 2008

Heh, when we went to see Schindler’s List list years ago my wife was hungry so she smuggled in an entire calzone under her winter coat (we were still in New York at the time).

15 08 2008

Colloquielle, yes I remember that cabin! Aidan was close to being my dream-rabbit! But of course, stupid Carry wouldn’t see that! I like Smith, he stood with Samantha through everything; he is cool! But yeah, Steve is cute!

Shahz: it hasn’t worked: stats are really down today!
What hair an earring? it could be somebody else! Yeah, I like really large earrings!
It’s good you use so many ๐Ÿ˜€

Haleem, That isn’t really me!
This really is a movieg you can just as wel see on dvd.

James;I think that smuggling in dinner for a silly movie like S in the C is quite different from smuggling in calzones ate Schindler’s list!
But well done! I mean my food was comparatively odorless, but a calzone is on quite a different scale of smellyness!!!

15 08 2008

Sounds like a good time! And I’ll definately catch the flick when it comes on my cable systems “On Demand” network!

16 08 2008

We smuggled toasted paninis from Cafe Nero into Wall-E (the new Pixar film) at Clapham Picturehouse last weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

16 08 2008

When I go out with a girl I smuggle in a bottle of whine and some whineglasses…

17 08 2008

LOL – be still my heart, Rhysz.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

17 08 2008

When love goes yonder…..

17 08 2008

Yeah, Nevis, quite good enough!

Colloquielle: excellent! great to see we are all smuggling serious dinners into cinema’s!

Rhysz: Are you going to do that when you take me out? Btw, give me a date for the black knight!!!!

And stop flirting with Colloquielle! First you have to take me out!

28 08 2008

Hmmm, Looks like I will have to report you food smugglers here to the vice squad …once they finish inking over all the magazines! : )
Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be awhile.

28 08 2008

Hรจ, hรจ, hรจ, A bit too long a trip for their old GMC’s!!! I’m not scared!!!!

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