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13 08 2008

Dumb Blonde???

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Sorry dear visitors: another quiz! This one was inspired by American Bedu. I’m keeping at it until I have made a quiz at which Bedu will get a top-score!!!
This one is a bit different, you can get the topscore of 100, or there maybe two answers that score 100, or the answer may be soso but not really wrong and you can get , say, 50 points.
and, if you´re really wrong you can get minus points!

At the end of the quiz you´ll get to see what you are: Blonde Bimbo, Normal Nerd, or Super-Blonde.
What isn´t shown is what you are if you have managed to get a negative score:

So here goes: If you have a negative score, you are a blonde male!!!!!


The quiz didn’t play well, and I have remade it! Pffff… Anyway, try again, it’s even better now! I’ve added comment and explanations on the answer you choose! 🙂



16 responses

14 08 2008

um. i am a normal nerd. thats not too bad eh? !

14 08 2008
Saudi in US

Ok this is a miracle. I am a super blonde Saudi 1100 LOL

14 08 2008
American Bedu

egads…I’m a normal nerd….do you think my score got confused with Saudi in the US??????

14 08 2008
Umm Ibrahim

LOL @ our super blonde Saudi in US! 😆 I also got super blonde. 😕

14 08 2008

Mairead, I had expected nothing else.

Saudi in US: dumb blondes are also those who dye their hair! The thought of what you may look like scares me!

America bedu! NO!!!! You hàve to seriously work at this quiz!!!!!
Do it again: I’ve made it better! It really will show your blondeness off better!!!

Umm Ibrahim: Try the new qiuz, it’s better. I made some mistakes in composing the first quiz.

14 08 2008

The first quiz scored me as a normal nerd– the second as a super-blonde. I am pleased with both results!

14 08 2008

950 … hmm … well, I was blonde when I was a little kid, but now I’m not.

14 08 2008
American Bedu

Wow…I’m up to 930!!!! But still jealous that Saudi in US is a super-blonde.

14 08 2008

I did worse at the blond quiz (700 out of 1200 ) than the nerd quiz…so that solidifies it. I’m more of a nerd than a dumb blond.


14 08 2008

I scored 700 out of 1200. What does that mean?! ; ) Do I really want to know?!

14 08 2008

Bedu: good score. One of these days I’ll try again. It is clear you are between blonde, and nerd. Interesting…
Saudi in US is just… Super!

Nevis; Trust me, you don’t want top-score in the blonde quiz! The blonde quiz is not about highest score, but what the score means to you!
Yes! I made a quiz on dumb blondes and it turned out to be Zen!!!

Tina: you should get the meaning of your score at the end of the quiz! It means you are a nerd, but probably a blonde one. :mrgreen:

14 08 2008

Marahm: ah, so you have been deluding us with the photo of your black hair!!!

James: yes, you àre blonde!!!

15 08 2008

i’ve been never a blonde. I’ve had dark brown hair with light brown lines. So i am not involved in your test. 😀
And then i dont think i need a visa now. You need. 😀

15 08 2008

Shahz, you’d get the nerd-score I am sure. And for being a dumb blonde, you only need the right IQ-level, and some hair dye!!! 😀

26 08 2008

It told me;
Congratulations! Your final score is: 780 out of 1200
You are a Super Blonde!!!

The little bit of hair I have left is going grey, is that close enough
Similar score to the space quiz

26 08 2008

Tony, don’t keep concentrating on the hair (or the absence thereof), it’s your intelligence quotient that has been measured here….
Enjoy your blondeness! :mrgreen:

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