Musing on forbidden pets

10 08 2008

I’ve been musing a bit on the forbidden pets of KSA, for the people who were wondering about cats on a leash: here’s Simsalabim on the leash (he doesn’t like it). Photographed this evening.

And remember Zora, as an arab lady? How more halal can a dog get? How can you ban her?




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10 08 2008
Saudi in US

Ok Aafke, I think you are taking this art think too far. Resorting to getting pets that match the color of the furniture is a little over the line πŸ˜‰

So how did you get them to do this? I would never be able to put a leash on our cat without losing some serious amounts of blood and he is a sweet little guy normally. It just does not look like something a cat will accept laying down…

10 08 2008

That’s not quite fair Saudi in US: my furniture is pet-matching, not the other way around.
Actually I don’t really walk my cats, the little harness was for my rabbit Cosmic Ears. πŸ˜€

I use brute force! I don’t fuss around when putting anti-flea drops on their necks, or give them anti-worm-pills, I jus grab their heads and push a pill down their throats.
They are all insulted but forgive me after five minutes.

10 08 2008

I think I have a dog who is really trapped inside a cat’s body..and that is Tripod, my 3-legged rescue cat from Pakistan. He loves his collar which he protests mewing loudly if I attempt to take it off of him and….yes, he will easily walk on a leash, even better than being in a carrier.

Back in the States when I would take him to the vet’s, I’d clip on his leash, we’d hop in the car, he’d curl up on the seat beside me as Id drove. Then when we got to the vet, he’d saunter in on his leash and sit right down at my fight. The dogs would be barking and sniffing at him and he would just ignore them all, going to sleep!

You can see photos of him via the flickr photo link on my blog. He’s a real hoot.

10 08 2008

Oh, that’s so cute!
Of course I’ve seen the photos! He does sound like a dog! πŸ˜€
All my cats walk with me when I walk the dog, but Simsalabim really was a bit miffed with me putting on the harness.
I bet you get a lot of attention walking Tripod, especially as he behaves so well!
I don’t usually use my cats to get attention from the other sex….

I use my dog :mrgreen:

10 08 2008

Hey, I can see Zora’s feet. Unacceptable! πŸ˜›

10 08 2008

I can’t imagine trying to put a harness on Mac – I lose enough blood trying to groom her πŸ˜‰

As an aside to all the talk of pets in KSA, did you hear of this?'offensive'-puppy-police-advert-after-Muslim-complaints.html

It’s one of those stories that drove me absolutely bats (because it’s just so ridiculous) when it came out – I wondered whether it had made it across the pond to your ears?

10 08 2008

I’m still wondering…how come the cat didn’t struggle out of that? It doesn’t look tight enough! And its a really beautiful cat…like Saudi in US, i was wondering about the furniture pet matching thing too, haha.

Here in Pakistan, I’ve never seen nor heard of a cat leash so i assumed it was like the things they put around poodle’s necks…you know with diamontes and all. :p

Post Script: Just a side note since its not directly related to the post. I found the dog image disturbing. Isn’t it sorta insulting to the people who observe this style of dressing?

11 08 2008

Well, the cat struggled out of it after I made the photos.

My rabbit had a diamantΓ© collar!
Come to think of it, Ishtar , one of my other cats also has a diamante collar, they all have custom tooled leather collars anyway πŸ˜€

I think your poststcript is directly linked to the post, and to the point.
I applaud your kind concern for other peoples feelings.
I am sure anybody with no sense of humour can always find something to be offended. But such people do not visit my blog, and if they did, and were offended: Just too bad, deal with it, go and read other peoples blogs.
This is my home and I will be as funny, rude, evil, shocking and ”danish” as I like.
I find banning pets merely because they are a good thing many times more offending. I find demanding the death-penalty for a teacher whose islamic students called a teddy-bear Mohammed totally offending. I find lashing women for complaining about unfair treatment in court much much more offending. I find being regarded as walking fitnah totally offending. I find marrying off 10 year old girls to old geriatrics a hundred times more offending!!!!
The niqab was put into the washing machine after Zora posed in it.

11 08 2008

Just for the record, I’m not offended!!! I think they’re both too darn cute!!!

11 08 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Wow, what a gorgeous cat! He reminds me of the ginger cat I had as a child. πŸ™‚

As for the dog in niqab causing offence… can’t see how it could cause offence to any normal person.

11 08 2008

Whew, i’m glad i have a sense of humor then, haha. πŸ˜€

11 08 2008

Yeah, specs and everybody, I have a firewall against the non-humorous!!!
You won’t find them here πŸ™‚

11 08 2008

Zora is so adorable. You can’t ban cuteness, can you?!

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