Stupidity and honesty

26 07 2008

I have been buying some materials at the market to make new clothes. At my favorite market stall, I brought four lovely pieces of stuff, and as I could use my debit-card with pin, I did just that. Now, really, I always check the amount before I push ”yes”.
Except this time.
And I was wondering why I had so little money on my account…
So I checked my balance, and discovered that instead of €29,50, I had payed €295,00!!!!!!!!!!

And that was two weeks ago!!!!!

So I printed my bank statement as proof, prepared myself to tell a good story, and to be assertive, and went to the stall in question, and guess what?
They had been on the look-out for me all this time! They all ready started waving as I approached, and had the surplus money I payed ready for me to take back!
They had found out just after I left two weeks ago there had been a slight discrepancy in numbers πŸ˜€

Hence the title: I was stupid; they were honest.




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26 07 2008

You were not stupid. You were distracted, perhaps by the enthusiasm of your purchase. Alhumdulillah that the merchant was honest!

I did a similar thing when I first lived in the Kingdom. I bought a book for what I thought was sixteen riyals (sitta’asher) but the price was really sixty (sitteen)!

That mistake caused me to learn my numbers very well.

26 07 2008

Stuff like that happens. Good to to know the market people were so honest and even on the look-out for you. I have started to embrace marketplaces myself, better products for better prices.

Hey! I’m Dutch what can I say.

26 07 2008

hello aafke its dennis the vizsla dog wow 295 instead of 29.5 that is like five dollers more rite??? hay yore simbol for munny luks funny is that how they spell the doller sine in europe??? ok bye

26 07 2008

So glad to hear that there still are honest people in the world and it all worked out well for you!

26 07 2008

Wow… what a refreshing story! Sort of revives a bit of faith in humans, especially since it involved giving back money (which seems to be the focal point of the human religion these days)! I don’t think you were stupid at all… I think they were honest, and you were blessed by it! πŸ˜€

27 07 2008

What lovely fabric! OK, so that’s where I got lost πŸ™‚

You were honest too!

27 07 2008

When I come to the Netherlands that store will certainly get my business – for their honesty and for the lovely fabrics you were kind enough to share!!!

27 07 2008

lol, Congrats.. Lovely outfits. πŸ™‚

I just claim to the net. I’ll answer your email soon..

27 07 2008

Ouch I bet that hurt the budget πŸ™‚

28 07 2008

OT: Those fabrics are GORGEOUS!

Lucky lucky you, you were dealing with people with integrity and character.

Now, back to the fabrics πŸ™‚ What are you going to make? Are those old fabrics or new that look handmade? They are wonderful!

28 07 2008

Good it all worked out in the end πŸ˜€

28 07 2008

Marahm, I can see where your mistake came from: quite logic actually. Thank you for the re-assurance πŸ™‚

Rhysz: at laaaast you’ve seen the light! Shall we go together one day? πŸ˜‰

Dennis the Vizla: don’t bother about these insignificant dΓ©tails, let your personal assistant James bother with those!

Tina: yes! Thanks!

Lofter: thank you, and keep tuned for my post about shopping in the country-side!

Achelois: yes the fabrics were lovely!

Delhi, it’s the same marketstall where I brought that really nice black linnen-cotton-mix πŸ˜‰

Shaz: Hi! glad you’re back! they’re not outfits yet: the outfits still have to be made

Tony, yes but it came out allright!

intlxpatr: Yes very lucky. I am also a regular customer there. the top two are going to be pants, and the lower right is going to be a top, and the lower left I don’t really know yet, but it was so lovely (and very cheap) (still dutch here) that I got a piece in hope I can think of something.

31 07 2008
Umm Ibrahim

LOL that’s funny actually – getting all psyched up to be assertive and stand your ground and they were waiting for you all along! πŸ˜†

Nice fabrics – especially top left.

31 07 2008

UmmIbrahim, yes! That was an anti-climax! But very happy about it!
Top left is my favorite too! πŸ™‚

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