Trouble with Tarq yesterday

21 07 2008

A short intermezzo: Yesterday evening, while we were on a nice ride, and had just started for a trot, which the Tarq interpreted as an invitation to canter, mr. Fobic Anxiety, spotted a white water container, and lost his mental equilibrium.

he jumped in the sky, took off, decided to do the ”magic-stop”, followed immediately by the ”nano-second-turn”, and by that time I was hanging around his neck, so when he went for the next nano-second-turn, it was my downfall.
I hurt my leg, wrist and my chin is swollen and I have an abrasion and no Idea why, because I landed on my back, hurting my back (only muscles) and hit my head pretty hard. Luckily I was wearing my helmet.
I’m sΓ³ responsible these days.

Tarq is definitely not what the Americans call: ”Husband-proof”

Jan made this photo, but not when I was suffering; we re-enacted it later, when I had recovered a bit.

Oh, and notice how Tarq stopped the moment I left his back, and started eating! I’m not sure whether to be pleased that he stops the moment ‘Aafke has left the saddle’, or be insulted because he immediately starts eating while I am down and suffering!
You can see the saddle is a bit out of kilter, because I hung on the side trying to safe my life.

We had a pretty nice ride, I was suffering in silence, we saw many roe-deer, and had a weird experience. By the way, it is cold again: 15” Celcius and raining half the time. Actually pretty normal for the Netherlands. Anyway, we heard a strange sound as we were riding: and we looked to the left and we actually saw and heard the rain coming towards us! Usually it just starts raining.

Me and Tarq, and M. and Billy




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22 07 2008

Oh my! What gets into him? I am so sorry he was a bad boy! Hope you are recovering. You must be careful after that bad ankle.

22 07 2008

Thank goodness you were wearing your helmet! And naughty Tarq….I guess he was showing his “arab male side”….

22 07 2008

You are alright, thank God.

One reason I tended to run away from horseriding is because of Superman – he was seriously hurt horseriding, wasn’t he? I am afraid of such an awkward fall.

22 07 2008

Amazing how horses get spooked at the oddest things. I had an incident once with a small white grocery bag and another because the electric fence popped 50 yards away. Fun!

22 07 2008

Achelois, yes, it is scary, but luckily my other side and my back got mangled: the ankle is ok! πŸ™‚

Delhi: yes, I feel very good about weareing my helmet! I’m now going to have to buy a new one, apparently if you’ve had a bad faal they have to be replaced.
I don’t dare to mention the ”Bloody Arab males” again! I got a shocked mail from an Arab male ladt time!

Haleem, Thanks for being happy that I’m allright! πŸ˜€ Christopher Reeves is a nightmare story for riders, but riding is a high-risque sport. As far as I know, he had his reins wrapped around his hands as he fell: a vry dangerous thing to do.

AbuSinan: Tarq is a bit nuts at the moment; I think he hasn’t got enough excitement and challenge in his life. I should really ride longer and mopre often.

22 07 2008

awww hope u recover soon!

22 07 2008

Aww, look at that! Billy and I are getting famous!

Anyway, glad to see that you recovered well and I guess you will be riding with us again tomorrow evening. Let’s try for an uneventful ride this time….

23 07 2008

Ahh, the magic stop.. how well I know it – Honey was the mistress of such things as that and the “quarter horse twirl” (360 degree spin, on the spot πŸ˜€ The number of times I landed on my bum… Actually, I remember one show when I was a kid when one of them threw a wobbler during a bareback riding class – I went flying, landed on my feet, scrambled back on and picked up third place. I’m pretty sure it was for the entertainment value I provided!

Glad you’re okay πŸ˜€

23 07 2008

Is he getting too much grain? Too much grain and not enough exercise is a BAD situation.

24 07 2008

I’ve recovered well, and had a very boring ride last evening! πŸ™‚

Colloquielle: I’m glad, sometimes it seems I’m the only rider who bites the dust on a regular basis!

AbuSinan: Tarq hardly gets any extra food: he is fat enough! A few times a week he gats a hand of muesli, to which I add some extra oils, minerals, and supplements. The muesli is especially put together for low sugar and proteins.
So it’s not the food. Tarq needs more excitement in his life…

26 07 2008

Oh how I know that spin-and-stop so very well. And you know a horse will never bolt off and leave when you land in a grassy spot. Well, some anyway. There are goblins out there, I tell you–even the white plastic ones. Glad you are okay.

28 07 2008

One day, you will be telling your grandchildren about this part of the trip and you will LAUGH! The boring days are the days you don’t remember!

28 07 2008

Wildstorm, One thing is sure; Tarq will make sure no sabletoothed-tiger will ever be able to get at us!!!!

intlxpatr: I already am using the incident for communal enjoyment: it’s on my blog! πŸ˜€

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