Trekking with Tarq 3

18 07 2008

On the third day, due to the pain in my ankle, I travelled with the wagon. My dear friend J’s lippizaner mare was crippled, and so she travelled on the wagon, and helped out opening gates, and helping with the young Gypsy vanner for whom this was the first big trip. I had offered her to ride the Tarq for a while.

Tarq was still scared of the wagon. The wagon ready for departure!
J. holding the gypsy vanner: she actually had a tougher workout every day than anybody else on this trip!

Weird fungus growing on a tree

Lunchtime; with the wagon we had to take slightly less picturesque roads every now and then.

After lunch we rode through a couple of villages. A lot of people looked very disparaging at us. We were in the dutch ”Bible-belt”! All in black, women with a small white collar: It was sunday, The Day of the Lord, and we were riding!
Having fun!
Shame on us!!!!!
One man looked at us with a twinkle when his wife turned away. I’m never quite sure what you are supposed to do, besides going to church twice. It looked as if some people were taking a walk, perhaps that is allowed.

After crossing the Royal Forest, by a very boring road (that’s why it didn’t occur to me photographing it) we arrived at this night’s night quarters. A quite posh ”Equestrian Centre”.
Shall I tell you my new theory? The grottier the riding school, the nicer, more warmhearted, more friendly the people”
So we arrived, we were the first strangely enough, the owner showed us the meadow for the horses, and the small field where we were to put our tents and left!
Now this ”Equestrian Centre” had, of course, a very nice canteen, with good loos and showers, but it was Sunday and it was closed. What do they expect? We are a group of 16 people: We booked accommodations!!! We pay good money for accommodation!!!!!! And that’s it? a field, no showers? no loos? and no cover? (it was starting to rain)
Incredible! We complained, and they opened the canteen for us, but only until seven o’clock!
Just pathetic!
Not that I mind squatting behind a tree very much, but I think it’s rather rich accepting a booking of sixteen people and just leave them with nothing but a field. Needless to say we’re never going to stay there again!

The tents. The very small light-green one on the right is mine. A member of our association lived nearby and had made an enormous quantity of pasta, the parents of another traveler came to bring us drinks, chips and cookies, and we had a window of about two hours to sit on the terrace and eat before it started raining again.

In the evening we sat chatting on some bales of straw drinking soft drinks and nibbling cookies and chips, and we had a very good time.
At night a real storm blew over! My tent kept being shaken from left to right! But I was so tired I fell asleep anyway.
Until I woke up on the hard ground because my sleeping mat had sprung a leak!



16 responses

18 07 2008

Now THAT’s adventure! πŸ˜€

18 07 2008

Praise be to the Lord! Your sleeping bag leaked because you were treking on a Sunday instead of going to church! That was divine justice. And this is a very bad joke πŸ™‚

Lovely fo-toes!

18 07 2008

Those tents look so cute! So inviting! I’d almost like to sleep in one, just for the novelty.

18 07 2008

that weird fungus is a work of art….amazing Nature…

18 07 2008

nice fungus photo! you guys would have been mistaken for the Amish here!

was Tarq pulling the wagon?

18 07 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Wow – I love the pics; looks like a really great time!

19 07 2008

Lofter; I am not complaining: I enjoyed these cold uncivil and bad manners as much as everything else on the trip! πŸ˜€

Achelois: You hit it! Mea maxima culpa 😦

Marahm: Almost? They are great! And yes, I also think it looks like a cute little village!

UTP: and very unusual I thought for the time of year!

Haleem: There are amish living where you live? We all carried cellphones for emergencies.
Tarq did not pull the wagon; he was ridden by me! the wagon was pulled by a very niece tinker pony.

Umm Ibrahim: It was a lovely trip πŸ™‚

19 07 2008

You ARE having a great adventure, and your photos are fabulous. I loved the fungus, and I laughed out loud learning that Tarq thinks of running water as scary! I am enjoying your blog very much.

19 07 2008

intlxpatr: It is so nice to read that you like my blog. I was just thinking how I don’t really have anything ”significant” to share. πŸ™‚
Tarq is also freaked by: blue flowers, birds flying, and forest trolls.

19 07 2008

I like that Wagon. Gives the feeling that one is in a century ago. That fungus is so beautiful.

Your tent is so small. Could you stand in it? I have a tent that if i were with you, it would be the biggest one, for 14 people. We could have a party in it with you, achelois and rest of fellows. πŸ˜€

19 07 2008

Sure am enjoying your story and experience.

20 07 2008

That fungis is so big – :-O

20 07 2008

I do love the little camping suite you guys have there – quite the little group! I love the wagon, too – how handy!

I’m so very envious – your photos of Tarq are making me miss Zac so much!

21 07 2008

BTW – this is Zac:

And this was Honey, my first pony:

I don’t have many photos of them online, because their presence in my life predated my digital cameras, and I don’t have a scanner 😦

21 07 2008

oh we have lots of Amish here – big community nearby in Waterloo.

22 07 2008

Shahrazad: No, you can hardly sit in my tent. It is a special low-weight trekking tent.
But, in case we are going to camp together, I have a super big tent: It is a big dome tent, with three little domes attached to it. So we have our own bedroom, and a large communal space! πŸ˜€

I love the photos, and Zac is cool! Btw, I have heard of walers, and seen pics, and I think they are great!

Haleem: interesting, I didn’t know!

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