Trekking with Tarq 2

14 07 2008

The second day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Or let’s begin with the night. And the packing mistake I made. I found out right after I went to sleep in my super hammock. While it was like 30” Celcius in the day-time, at night the temperature dropped to something close to zero, and I (and many of my friends) had packed our summer-sleepingbags, because it had been so hot during the week, even at night.
Big mistake.
we all had a shivering cold night, I only slept a few hours, even with all my clothes on, and an extra fleece-blanket, I was very cold! I woke up before sunrise, the hammock was very comfortable. It’s just the noise! All those noisy birds tweeting and squeeking about! And then you look down and there are rabbits all hopping around the tents… Pfff, no rest!

Sun coming up: view from inside the hammock.

I got out at 06.00 went for a quick shower, and started making tea for those getting out of their equally cold sleepingbags. It was so cold our breath came out in clouds! I have a nifty little Esbit burner and an aluminium pan. just right for tea. An Esbit burner is a very old German military design using solid fuel tablets. Ideal for trekking on horseback. You can keep one packet of fuel blocks inside the burner when closed. You can boil one pint of water in 8 minutes. I brought mine at the Army-surplus store for โ‚ฌ2,50

Breakfast in front of the stables, we went early to the camping store and brought the food.
Tarq is leaning over to eat my cheese sandwich.

Again S. led us over the most beautiful paths, this is S. from the back ๐Ÿ™‚
It was allready very hot!

Tarq and Knowie having another go at the forest-lemonade supplies.

Me and Tarq.
Or Tarq and me…

Sanddunes in Holland!

Look at the roots! This tree can walk off any minute!

I galloped up this slope four times! And still they didn’t manage one reasonable photo!
Ah, well, here’s my friends S. And R. with their horses.

Soon after the heavy sands we decided to have a lunchbreak.
Tarq having a nice long piss and really enjoying it!!!
And yes: This area felt sort of closed, with shrubs at the back, and logs in front, but basically the horses are walking free.


S. trying to explain the map to the Tarq who couldn’t be less interested.

The horses had another drink here, except Tarq who didn’t trust the scary moving water.

At last we arrived at our second night-quarters. We were the last ones, we got lost a bit at the end. My ankle hurt so much i wasn’t enjoying myself anymore: I felt sick. It was starting to rain.

………….Triple……………………….The Tarq ……………..Knowie…………………

Accommodations were basic. There was a veranda, with two rooms with each three beds. Which they had not aired before we arrived.
I burned a tealight with a few drops of teatree oil to freshen the atmosphere. This was a large riding school, we were at the back of the complex. The people were a bit uninterested when the first group arrived, but had become much more friendly when we arrived. To the left and right of the veranda there were one loo and a primitive shower.
Which turned out to be the most super excellent shower we had during the trip! After showering I felt much better, my ankle hurt less, and we had pizza’s for dinner on another veranda in front of the closed bar. It was raining and I slept in one of the rooms. They were so much like the ponycamps we remembered from our childhood, we felt very nostalgic and totally back to early childhood!
We agreed we’d brought the wrong sleepingbags; many of us had the same ones, as we were so cold the night before.
At 03.30 I woke up because I was sรณ hot, sweat was pouring down my spine. I wispered: ”Are you awake?” Six of the nine were, and we decided to open the door to the fresh cold night-air!



9 responses

15 07 2008

Oh this is really taking me back ๐Ÿ˜€ I did the pony camps as a kid, too – did you sit around telling each other ghost stories til 3 in the morning, then lying there the rest of the night too scared to move?! Because we… never did that. No, never…


We did, however, play tag on our ponies, jump stupidly big fences, bounce when we fell off, and generally have the best time EVER.

I’m loving your photos!

15 07 2008

You rock, cowgirl! You look so happy with your Tarq, Mashallah!
I’m also glad it was cool. I wish I could have been with you.

15 07 2008

Looks like you had fun in spite of the cold night in the tent. Looks like the Tarq had fun, too. Me, too, wish I could have been there.

I never went on very long rides, or overnight treks. I did attend a summer camp once. We rode two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon. That was great.

15 07 2008

Waw, Those sands is what you find in the beach. Why is that there? Is this something artifical or natural? :O

You seem so beautifu, Aafke.. Like a real fairy with red hair.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Lots of LoVe

16 07 2008

Yep… you’d fit right in here in Texas! Great stuff, and wonderful photos, too!

16 07 2008

Colloquielle: Yeah, telling ghoiststories is one of my greatest talents!
I only told a couple of jokes on this occasion though!

Achelois, I was very happy! You would have been welcome to join too ๐Ÿ™‚

Marahm, we rode a bit longer, but you could easily have joined us!

Sharazad, We were in the middle of the Netherlands, the sands are natural there: it is very poor farming ground; that’s why there are so many forests: farming was hardly an option. This was only a tiny bit of sand, there are much larger areas with faitly large sand dunes! Very heavy on the horses, but I let Tarq gallop as much as he liked there and he loved it!

Lofter: one day… I’ll be in Texas! ๐Ÿ˜€

17 07 2008

I love seeing how Tarq is so natural, friendly and curious. The photo of him sniffing at the table and enjoying a cheese sandwich is priceless. This looks like an incredible trip. I do not recall, did you say how many days it covered? And I’m getting views of the Netherlands I never expected to see.

17 07 2008

Tee hee – yeah, that shot of Tarq snarfling your sandwich made me laugh – Zac used to steal my food, too. He’d even steal it from my mouth. If there was part of a chip, or even half a jelly baby, sticking out of my mouth, he’d nick it. (Gently, never used teeth or anything, but he would most definitely steal it.)

He was a hoot on picnics. One time I got fed up with him nicking my chips so I fed him the piece of lemon that came with my fish. He stopped doing it for all of ten minutes ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ But he would even eat hot dogs and meat pies – so much for horses being vegetarian!

19 07 2008

Delhi: only four days! The Netherlands is very diverse for such a very small country.
I’ll write and show a few picturse of the area where my horse is stabled soon.

Colloquielle:Yep, Tarq eats everything! He likes very acidic unripe fruit too.

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