Trekking with Tarq

13 07 2008

Ok, getting there was fraught with difficulties I´m not going to bother ya´all with, let it suffice that I got to the departure point just in time. Just in time to say hello, saddle The Tarq, and attach our luggage, and off we were! Hurray! let the adventure begin!

We were a very large group for a trek, 16 people! we split up into four groups during the day, meeting at our night quarters. A small wagon carried our tents. Tarq did not like the wagon; He considered it very suspicious!

Tarq and Knowie getting to know each other. Tarq wasn’t too fond of Knowie in the beginning, but later on he came to the conclusion that Knowie is a very nice and dependable horse to have around!
Knowie’s personal assistent is S, who did a great job reading the map and led us over the most beautiful bridle paths to our first sleeping accommodation.

The weather was warm and sunny, but because we rode through woods all day I didn’t get burned. Trough the four days of the trek we were treated on the full possibilities of the Dutch weather. Which is a bit of a bugger, as it means that, although you’re travelling for only four days, you still have be prepared for anything and pack your stuff accordingly.
I had missed out on one thing as I found our at night…

Tarq after getting a nice long drink from a puddle in the woods. Tarq loves the water from puddles.

We were the one but last group to arrive at the campingsite.
Tarq in full marching-kit!

Relaxing in the paddock.
Tarq btw is not tired. Tarq is never tired.
There was no meadow, the horses spend the night in the paddock. Quite something, as most had not ever met each other before. Luckely almost all of our horses are used to this kind of thing and manage very well on these occasions

Next to the ridingschool was a little dell where we could put up our tents. I thought it wa great: there were two picknick tables, and even a tap! Nice for making tea in the morning and the brushing of teeth! 🙂
We could use the excellent lavatory and shower blocks of the campingsite which was very large, but from our spot next to the ridingschool you would never notice.
If you look closely you can see my hammock hanging above the slope in the trees.

Close-up of my hammock. It’s a Hennesy-Hammock, it’s great, you sleep but your back is not bend as in a normal hammock, it is like a coccoon, with an extra roof, the top of the coccoon is made of mesh.

Tarq having a little snack late at dusk.



9 responses

14 07 2008

This just all looks so idyllic! I’m actually looking to buy a tent at the moment for some trips in August but your hammock is putting all sorts of ideas in my head 😀

14 07 2008

Yeah, this was super cool: stay tuned for the next part!
I have added a bit about the hammock plus the link to hennesy hammocks. Defenitely a super addition!

14 07 2008

I agree, that hammock is fascinating!

14 07 2008

Glad you had a good time.

14 07 2008
Viking Daughter

Beautiful pics. I have to admit, although I’ve been camping a few times, I am a lousy camper. I like my outlets for blow dryers, etc.

Such lovely horses, I envy you, I havne’t been on a horse in years.


14 07 2008

I have always been fascinated by horses but never rode one… ridden a camel though and boy is it an adventure when it gets up (I heard elephant’s worse).

Camping is always fun – and now you combine the two! A question though – do you tie up the horses at night or are they let loose?

14 07 2008

Welcome back, Aafke, and thanks for the lovely pictures– I’m looking forward to seeing more.

14 07 2008

All: yes, I had a magical time! and the hammock is super, sleeps like a dream. 🙂

Mezba: Welcome to my blog 🙂 Riding the Tarq can also be quite an adventure!
We never tie up horses if we’re not there to keep an eye on them. They were loose in the paddock.

15 07 2008

Welcome back. This tarq seems so naughty. Dont you want to find a wife for him? 😀

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