4 07 2008

Am going trekking with the Tarq in a few hours, no time to really write a good goodbye! see you next week!




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4 07 2008

Trek away! We’ll be here when you get back… all waiting (with varying degrees of patience) for you to tell us a story! 🙂

4 07 2008

Miss you!

4 07 2008

Have fun! Will miss you 🙂

4 07 2008

Have a nice trip with Tarq.. Miss ya..

5 07 2008

Hey, Aafke, I hope you have a good time trekking with the Tarq.
Just to show you I have been paying attention to your blog… I had some fries today from the Waterloo brothers, ate them in the walled garden and then rode my bicycle back on the route past the white mill.

6 07 2008

Happy Horsing.

6 07 2008

wow, a blogger who has a horse…wow…I m sorry i m in awe…

Good goodbye…hope you have fun….

6 07 2008

Don’t blame me I didn’t do it.
I got this email from Lofter this morning;

No… you didn’t… it has to be a mistake!
Did you?
And I had such a great comment I was gonna leave about the new toilet…

What did it all mean? Then I went to wordpress & my blog isn’t there anymore????
I typed in the url to my browser & it said “Author has deleted blog”.
Who is Author & why the Hell has he deleted my Blog….
Where the hell did it go….
I will start another & let you know
Dammit No doubt everyone will blame me 😦

7 07 2008

I’ve come to plead for the life of my friend, Tony. I feel he is the victim of a plot, set in motion by persons unknown to me, that has left him blogless for the moment. I know he was warned, but I beg you… show mercy.

Besides, it costs too much to fly all the way to Tasmania, and the digging would blister your hands. So, what the heck… 😉

7 07 2008

See Lofter is on my side…
Have Mercy I beg of thee… 😦
I tried to re-do it but it wouldn’t let me use the same url again.
New blog wih a completely new theme is at
I’m still blogging. Please come & visit.
Sorry for the URL change 🙂

7 07 2008

OOPs I missed the // in the url

9 07 2008

I want to hear all about your trek!!!

9 07 2008

Hi everybody, I’m back!

MJK: well done, but you are not really allowed to read everything on my blog!

UTP: you hvaen’t been reading a lot here have you? Every second post is about horses!!! 😉

Tony: Don’t worry, all your troubles happened when I was away, so I couldn’t get upset. I won’t dig down and kill you.

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