Seroxat, Prozac and Depression

3 07 2008

Heeey, interesting news! All these bloody anti-depression-pills don’t really work! Check this out.

The treatments that do work

* Exercise: Helps some people with depression. Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, said running helped him cope with depression.
Reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy helped me with depression

* Friends: Talking through your feelings can help in mild depression with a friend or relative or in a self-help group.
Aka: blogging?

* Cognitive behavioural therapy: Teaches you to challenge negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness.
Riding the recumbent

* Interpersonal therapy: Focuses on relationships and problems such as difficulties with communication.
Uuuhh, huh?

* Counselling: Helps you think about the problems in your life and find new ways of dealing with them.

* Antidepressants: Increasingly seen as a second-line treatment, if exercise or talking treatments do not work.
The Tarq, and medicinal Chocolate

Just to make this clear, my version of the best anti-depressant is: The Tarq! Hence his nickname ”Super-Prozac”

Very addictive, serious side-effects, dangerous accidents waiting to happen…
But no Anti-depressant can be improved upon by my Super Tarq!




14 responses

3 07 2008

I remember reading of Douglas Adams’ death on the tube – I saw the back of someone’s paper, and gasped out loud, and had to spend the rest of the ride trying not to cry. I stopped reading other people’s papers after that. Suffice to say, the world is a much sorrier place without him, but I remain eternally grateful for all of the HHGTG books, not to mention Dirk Gently et al.

I totally agree that the pills don’t work, btw – I caved in after a rough time last year and went to the GP. I really had to screw up the courage to do that, and ask for help, and I was so worked up by the time I got there that I wound up crying all over her office three times in the ten minutes I was with her. In that ten minutes, I asked her for a referral for counselling – and was given a scrip for Prozac and told to come back in a month when my moods were chemically balanced. I had a reaction to the first pill that carried on with subsequent doses – anxiety, panic attacks, nausea, erratic heart beat, etc. It totally messed me up. I was sick for most of that month. But I stuck at it, like she said, and went back, and told her I wasn’t getting along with it and could I please have a referral for some counselling now? She said she’d change the prescription to a different one (can’t even remember the name of it, now, but it was another big name one), and see me again in another month. I took them for a week, and instead of the symptoms I had with the Prozac I was just dead. I had no emotions whatsoever. I was having horrible, terrible thoughts, and no reaction to them.

In the end I gave up on the pills and decided to try and look after myself a bit better instead, and so far, so good. And so far, no reoccurrences of the hallucinogenic sleep paralysis which has haunted me since my early 20s and which was the final straw which made me go see the doctor in the first place. So I guess I’m doing something right. But I don’t think that the meds were the saving grace. They actually made me feel much, much worse.

You know.. you’re not far off, when you say the Tarq is a great anti-depressant. I suspect part of my depression was triggered by no longer having my horses around as an outlet. They’re so good for your soul!

3 07 2008

Rather than make a blanket statement denouncing the efficacy of anti-depressants, wouldn’t you rather state that they did not work for you? Actually, they are very effective for many people.

All of your listed measures to cope with depresssion are extremely effective, and often prescribed by doctors. However, some people are so severely depressed they cannot even muster the energy to do any of them. This is time medicinal intervention has its place.

Prozac was the first of the SSRI class of drugs, and it was revolutionary in the medicinal treatment of depression. During the next thirty years, dozons of others with similar properties were developed.

People can respond differently to the drugs. Occasionally, some people, like Colloquielle, have one or more of the adverse responses that are well documented. I think you are correct in supporting the idea of anti-depressants as a second-line treatment, because they do work, and work well, for people whose brain chemistry has tied itself into a knot that can’t be loosened by any other means.

3 07 2008

Even if sometimes confusing, but Falling in LoVe is helpful too. 😛
I’ve never experienced depression. But when there is somebody who really cares whom you can focus on him/her as your mirror, it’s really helpful to gain everything.
Love lets one know him/herself and win over challenges of hoplessness, negative thoughts, communication and life.. 🙂

3 07 2008

Colloquielle, That’s amazing! That’s exactely how I found out about Douglas Adams’s death! It left me shocked too. By now I have a suspicion towards really old people, I’ve come to the conclusion that the better and more valuable you are, the sooner you will die!
can’t imagine why I am still alive…

Marahm, I’m merely giving my own bigotted, stubborn, pig-headed opinion, for the five readers to my blog. 🙂 And I do not believe in anti-depressants too much, at te very least I think doctors are far too easy and quick giving out prescriptions for them.
They should be the very last resort, and not the big moneymakers they are now. And the (few) people who then do take it should be much more carefully monitored than they are now. Anti-depressants should be the exception, not the rule.

Well, I didn’t want to put it in the post itself, but for those who take the trouble to read the comments: I was offered Seroxat, and as I don’t believe in these drugs, and considering the tenet of my live so far (Everything that can go wrong wíll go wrong) I decided that I had a big chance to be one of the few people whom Prozac or some such stuff drives to suicide at last. I have thought about suicide anyway, and it’s not that easy: you don’t want anymore pain, so something that is fast and painless. (yeah, like what?) You don’t want to leave a horrible messy disgusting corpse for the poor soul who’s going to find you, You don’t want to be found after two months, half eaten by cats and alsatian. And you certainly don’t want to be found before you’ve really snuffed it.

No, it’s not that easy.
And when the doctor opted for Anti-depressants, I left, never came back and brought The Tarq.

And, I’m starting a homeopathic treatment next week.

And yes, love…. Amor omnia vincit!
Love changes your life, no, not your life: the very world you live in!
Love is the very best remedy for depression!!!!!

3 07 2008

Can’t say enough about exercise beating depression, can’t say enough! Especially martial arts based excercise. That has really worked wonders for me.

Blogging is a good way to connect with the outside world and bounce ideas around, but it shouldn’t be a substitute for real human friendships and contact, just my opinion.

Also I found that fish oil (Omega 3’s) does wonders for beating those mood swings. It is a supplement that I cannot live without.

3 07 2008

Love is fine, as far as it goes, but taken to its logical conslusion can wreck havoc with brain chemistry when one of the lovers gives the other the Heave-Ho.

Even if that doesn’t happen, one of them will die sooner or later. After watching my mom lose her husband of sixty years (my father) I’ve decided that I’d rather not give Love another try.

3 07 2008

That is my experience , too. Back in 1997, after just one Prozac pill gave me a major anxiety attack, I decided to do it myself. I got much better with exercise, talking about it, reading self help books, and watching comedy shows.
Love (for a man) is such a splendid thing, but is difficult to find and often doesn’t last , so you can’t count on it as a substitute for “happiness pills”. That is why pets are a better option!

3 07 2008

Well thanks for that….people can stop relying on pills and medicine to have a happy life…eat healthy, excercise and stay happy….3 easy ways to have a good life…

3 07 2008


I found your blog from Carol’s blog. I enjoy reading your comments there so I thought I’d check out what you have to say here. So far so good. I do have a bone to pick with you about this topic though. Everyone is different. Everyones mental needs are unique. Depression is used to much nowadays as a catchall for any mental problem. Also too many laypersons have no idea what they are talking about when the say that anti-depressants are evil. Just because you and a few others had bad reactions to ONE medication does not negate it for the millions of others who use it and experience stabile moods. People wrongly think that the pills are “happy” drugs. What the often do is stablize a persons mood swings. They stabalize the chemical difeciencties in the brain chemistry. They do not make you yahoo jumping for joy. I have dealt with depression all my life. I have refused to take the evil evil drugs that pharmecutical companies push on us to make money. I refused to even consider therapy. Until the day I lost almost everything due to depression, including my life. The day after that my doctor said, “I want you to go to therapy AND start taking prozac.” I replied, “PROZAC! Hell no!” So I got Lexapro instead. You know what, it works. It works the way it’s supposed to work. Combine with therapy and ativan (for panic attacks that leave me gasping on the ground) they work well for me AT THIS TIME. Hopefully, I will eventual be able to get off of it but unti that time those little white pills are my friend. If it didn’t work for you then cool. Just don’t vilify anti-depressant when you really don’t know who may be reading your blog. You, of course, are welcome to say whatever is on your mind. Keep in mind though the internets (dumb Bush) allow ANYONE to read your words. I would hate for someone with depression who needs medication to read this and say no to the drugs that literally save their lives.

This is a touchy subject for me obviously. I hope that I was not too rude. Good luck with dealing with your health. It’s the most important thing.

3 07 2008

Sabiwabi, Welcome to my blog! I agree with the excercise, and the martial arts! But It is only recently that I can walk again, and martial arts is not on the boards yet… In my former theme I had a chinese liyue-dai as header! 🙂
As far as real human contact goes: I off this weekend with Super Prozac, and my real-life friends! 😀
Agree on the fish oil too!

Marahm, My parents loved each other very much, and that’s why I’m looking for a soulmate too. It is possible. And a small part of me was glad they died together in the planecrash, because I don’t know how either of them would have gone on without the other.

~W~ Well that’s my point; it works for people, but not for everybody, doctors shouldn’t be so quick handing out the prescriptions, and all patients who take them should be carefully monitored and informed.

UTP: welcome to my blog! 🙂 Not really so easy, considering the sh*t the universe might throw at you, but I’m not an advocate for mindlessly swallowing mind-interfering drugs, and I am certainly against the propaganda that they are always completely harmless.

4 07 2008

OnigiriFb welcome to my blog, I have to go to sleep so can’t say everyything I want to say, but more people read the ”independent” than my blog. Although i must admit more people read my blog than I had supposed…

Anyway: anybody who takes my blog as a template for their own life is a total nutter and lost anyway! 😀

6 07 2008
Abu Sinan

As a fellow horse fanatic I can attest that there is nothing better for depression than leather, hay and horse sh*t. LOL! }:>)

9 07 2008

OnigiriFB: You are right, everybody reacts to these drugs differently, that’s why I’m so irritated that they are prescribed as a failsafe option for ”all your problems”, who-ever ”you” might be.
But I am glad you have found something that really helps you at this time. And you yourself aren’t just taking it blindly either: you have been thinking it over too! 🙂
(Well done)

Don’t take my rants too serious, as I am not a world leader (yet)
And nobody’s really listening to me either (yet)
And I’m not in a position to force my views down anybody’s throat (yet)

17 07 2008

I can’t believe I didn’t come back here and read your responses.. how weird we both found out the same way about Douglas Adams!

My parents, like yours were, are completely hopeless about each other. They don’t like being apart. They’re so dependent on each other I shudder to think what would happen if one of them died – the other would just be lost. They’re each other’s favourite person. And I agree – not only do crushes help lift the spirits but they make me, for one, work harder at being the kind of person I think I really should be, rather than the person I think I am. They bring out the best in me, I guess.

I wish that weren’t so rare these days. And I wish it weren’t so hard to find.

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