The entry to my house

29 06 2008

Is a very small hall. Everything is fairly small.
As the only thing you do here is walk through it, I thought it an excellent opportunity to paint the ceiling. Neither would it matter very much if I painted the walls orange…
You can also see my 1930 hall-lamp, which is a genuine ”Amsterdam School” design. You can also see a few of my black coats on the coat rack. And a bit of my lovely nineteenth century mirror. With a garland of flowers and lights because I have such a kitschy taste.




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29 06 2008

I’d feel excited and happy walking in your house to all this orange and mystical figures on the bright blue ceiling. Unique πŸ™‚

29 06 2008

You know, now, you’ll have to show the rest of it!

I want to know especially what kind of floor is worthy of such walls and ceiling?

29 06 2008

That’s a gorgeous ceiling! And orange is my favorite color, too!

29 06 2008

What else can I say but “INCREDIBLE!!!!!

30 06 2008

Ohhh my God, I love it! I wish you’d come paint my place – my landlord would love it, too!

30 06 2008

Aafke, you are so multi-talented. You are an artist, you make the childrens books, you sew, you paint your ceilings…you have so many choices and options. Have you considered interior design?

I love entering homes that are so unique where one cannot predict that “oh yea, it’s the traditional foyer, furniture placed in the traditional symmetrical way…”

30 06 2008

Well, i would love to do interior design. I’m looking for a job, so i am documenting stuff I’ve done, and I will defenitely be looking into something like interior design too.

The floor is tiled with black and white tiles. All utility spaces have the same tiles: hall, bathroom, kitchen. It’s clean, neat and appropriate stylisically for a 30’s house. The sides of the hall have original creamy tiles with a black border. They were covered wit 5 layers of paint; a lot of work to get that off, but well worth the trouble. And very handy when you have a big, hairy, dirty, dog! πŸ˜€

I’ll be giving the tour of the house in the weeks to come.
My house is a bit stuffed; I’m a collector.
Sometimes I’m embarrassed and contemplate throwing everything out, and go minimal.
Some people I know have neat clean houses, three books on the bookshelves, and a two tasteful plants in the windowsill….

30 06 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Wow, you are very talented! So we have seen the loo and now the hall… what’s next?! :mrgreen:

30 06 2008

What a wonderful place for a romantic meeting! πŸ˜€

30 06 2008

UmmIbrahim: depends on which room is next in my ”Spring-cleaning-spree” πŸ˜€

Shahrzad: Hmmm, it’s sΓ³ small, any meeting is bound to be romantic!!!!!!
sigh…. if only some-one romantic would turn up….. 😦

30 06 2008

You are a perfect woman. I have said that so many times. This is so beautiful. OK, Inshallah next year I am visting you whether or not you invite me πŸ™‚

Please invite me…

1 07 2008

If you’re looking for work, I’ve got an entire house that use some of your inspiration! Unfortunately, I’m also broke… LOL! You truly are amazing, my friend! It’s beautiful!

1 07 2008

Love the orange with the blue….great color scheme!!! Beautiful painting, just beautiful!

2 07 2008

Achelois: but you Γ‘re invited! Always, anytime!

Lofter: all my friends are broke. I also work for food. (no mcDonalds)

Fairuza, Thank you. I was a bit doubtfull. the walls used to be a decent yellowy-creamy-colour. A bit boring I thought πŸ˜€ But I wondered if I wasn’t going too far here1

2 07 2008


Great colors and wonderful art as always! Can hardly wait for you to show us more!

2 07 2008

Tina: thank you! All in good time…

3 07 2008

OK… if you’ll work for food, it’s a deal. And, since I don’t cook, that means I’d take you to the restaurant of your choice! So, as soon as Tony deletes his blog again, and you start digging for Tasmania, just hang a right and dig into Texas. You can give my house some personality, I can give you some (by that time) much needed nourishment, and we’ll both be happier people!

Well, except for Tony… (IF he deletes his blog again!) LOL!

3 07 2008

Deal, Lofter!
And what a very good idea: Instead of killing Tony, I’ll go to Texas, and do something constructive!

16 07 2008

This is such an inspiration! I can’t paint to save my life but I could show this to a friend for an idea. She’s using my place an experiment.

16 07 2008

Azlin: welcome to my blog πŸ™‚
COPYRIGHT! I’ll send you my bankaccount number πŸ˜€

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