The secret garden I

23 06 2008

This post is dedicated to American Bedu: hope you’ll enjoy it!

One of my favorite places in my city is a hidden eighteenth century garden. It is open to the public, but it is walled, and not many people seem to know about it. When I was at art-college it was virtually secret: if it was raining I had the whole garden to myself. But now the council has made a very nice new entrance which looks more inviting; it used to be just a normal door in a nondescript wall, and if you opened it you suddenly stepped into a little bit of enchanted world.
To be honest, I liked that even better. 🙂

The entrance

Once inside you walk through the trees,

And around the corner: you get your first glimpse of the garden

It is a very structured garden. There are four different parts; the herb garden, the topiary garden, the rose garden, and the berceaux. A berceaux is a covered walk, so ladies could take their excercise protected by shade, so they would not get tanned. A real berceaux is quite rare nowadays. So it is very special to be able to walk through this small but well-established example.
Also typical for the eighteenth century Dutch garden are the wooden gazebos and structures. They are beautifully made after examples from contemporary books.

A gazebo

Looking up inside

The seventeenth century building at the back of the garden

To the left you see an entrance to the berceaux, and if you’d walk to the right you’d enter the topiary garden. It consists of two enourmous letters topped with crowns, very difficult to photograph, and a wonderful, very large and ancient chestnut tree.
They had increadible foresight, just imagine: planting a huge A topped with a crown, many years before I even learned about the garden’s existance!

Here you get an incling of what I have been going through, just so I can make a nice photo for you. 😀



3 responses

23 06 2008

A beautiful place. Thanks for taking the trouble to snap the pictures 😉

23 06 2008

Your posts always refresh my spirit. You are not trying to convince or convert. You live up to your intention for “spreading sweetness and light.”

Gardens serve that purpose perfectly.

24 06 2008

But ~W~, it is a great pleasure to me to share what I think is beautiful, and to anticipate in the hope that this may please and amuse my friends!
Thank you for enjoying it. 🙂

Marahm: But I have nothing to convince or convert 🙂
The only wish I have is to spread sweetness and light.
And to occasionally bash at something or somebody who does not spread sweetness and light, but darkness and shadows. 😀

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