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15 06 2008

Just returned from the market, with a portion of Fries, and I have decided to share with you why it can be allright to eat fast food, and where to buy the best fries in Europe.
It all depends on Location, Location, Location!

And ingredients. Potatoes in themselves aren’t bad. (if eaten in moderation) They are quite healthy fresh. Same about fat, you need a small amout of fat, but you need the right ones: vegetable fat, not hardened, and nΓ©ver trans-fat. Read your information on the food-labels and never ever buy anything containing trans-fat.

So: you do not get your fastfood at macDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Burgerking, or whatever, you get your fast fix from a small company with dedication to produce good, healthy, tasty food.
I love fries, not French fries, but Belgian Fries! They are larger and taste better. If I need a Fry-fix I go to the market and get them from ”The brothers Waterloo”. The only downside: You can only get them on market days, and they’ve sold out soon after 16.15 most days.
How can they be sold out? Well, once the potatoes are finished: no more fries! All produce is fresh and unfrozen!

Let me introduce you to ”the brothers”
Here they are, on their own land, where their own potatoes are grown!

Sorting the potatoes.

Peeling the potatoes: they are placed in buckets immediately, after which the buckets will be taken to the marketstands.

Arriving early in the morning on the marketplace

The fries are made on the spot. They are fried in 100% vegetable oil, and no other foodstuffs (meat) are fried in the same frying pans. So perfectely halal if anybody ever comes to visit and wants a taste πŸ™‚

The result:




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15 06 2008

Ok, now you’ve made me hungry for fries lol. The Brothers Waterloo area really what we should have here in the US, and do to a small degree when buying from local farmers or small stores who make their own foodstuffs.

Ya Haqq!

15 06 2008

Your fries look delicious, just like the fries I make at home sometimes. I cannot stand fries from any of our restaurants here– too soggy, too mealy, too dry, too cold, too empty, too, too, too… They’re easy to make at home, they simply take a long time, especially if you soak the potatoes in cold water first, which draws out some of the starch.

15 06 2008

Those look good! If you’re ever in California and craving fast food, I recommend heading for the nearest In-N-Out Burger.

15 06 2008
Pari Jaan

one of the top 3 favorites things about my trip to Holland/Belguim last summer were the fries. =)

15 06 2008

I love chips! Can’t help it.

15 06 2008

These look yummy and I am sure taste yummy. I am not a big fan of fries, and only grave them if I see my son eating them , which is every once in a while. Frying is still less healthy than baking, even if done with 100% vegetable oil. I have tasted baked fries and they are good.

15 06 2008

Darvish: yes, many farmers sell produce or even have a small stand at the side of the road, unmanned: you take what you want and put the money in a box or flowerpot.

Marahm: yes, I can make fries myself, but then it wouldn’t fall under ”fast food” πŸ˜€
The potatoes the brothers use are kept in the buckets full of water overnight.

James, Thank you for the tip! Now for that planeticket to California πŸ˜€

Pari Jaan, Achelois: who doesn’t?

~W~: Oh, W doesn’t! Tssss. Oke, okeee, I didn’t call the post ”health food” did I ? πŸ™‚

16 06 2008

Hmp. My first job was making french fries, and I’m not impressed. You can’t get the same puffiness and taste from a fresh fry that you can from potatoes that have been carefully selected, cut, and frozen to modify their starch content. However, it is true that the best results are with 100% vegetable oil and dedicated equipment cleaned regularly.

Can you tell us how your “Belgian fries” are seasoned?

16 06 2008

they say potatoes can be the new rice.. and I love mashed potato, grilled chicken and vegetables!

thanks for the pics.

16 06 2008

Mmm….served with MAYO, right? That’s the best thing!

16 06 2008

I dont like big fries. They have big fries here too and french fries too. I always make fries by own. Shahrzad fries, sheeesh, the BEST! πŸ˜€

16 06 2008

Solomon2, hmpf, First let me taste your fries, and then I’ll take you to the market and let you taste their fries. And then we’ll see… I’ve never had any this good anywhere else.
And welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚
Seasoned? They have salt of course, and if you wish, their own special herb mixture (just learned it’s called ”love-herbs”; that may have something to do with their addictiveness)

Haleem; you’re welcome!

Nevis: That’s right, or a slightly different, lighter style of Mayo, called ”Frietsaus” Friet is Dutch for fries. But you can also have Heinz tomato-sauce, and a very popular choice is ”Frietje Oorlog” or ”Fries-war” That is fries, mayo, ketchup, and fresh finely chopped onions. Very nice normally, but a waste of these superior gourmet fries.

Shahrzad, of course, when talking about the best fries in the world, I didn’t take the possibility into account you may also make french fries.
Amendment: The best after Shahz’s fries!

17 06 2008

First let me taste your fries, and then I’ll take you to the market and let you taste their fries.

It’s odd, but after the first few days of making fries I didn’t really want to taste them any more; I just learned how to make them right. The chain I worked for is out of business now, but if you take McDonalds’ fries – fresh, piping hot, made from approved russet potatoes fried in 100% veggie oil – and add a dash of white pepper you’ll get a fair approximation.

Eat with a little ketchup, but NEVER with mayonnaise. (I admit that may be because we Americans don’t whip up mayo fresh like some do, but purchase it pasteurized in bottles. The taste is not the same.)

Fresh fries are indeed at their best when seasoned with a coarse-grained mixture of special spices. It has something to do with increasing the effective surface area of the food on the tongue, I think. Such fries go better with strongly-flavored foods like pizza than with hamburgers or steak. It’s like asking whether apples or oranges are the superior fruit; you can’t really do it.

18 06 2008

Yummmmm… Sure look good, proper sized chips, not the skinny little french fries that a certain un-named clown sells. πŸ™‚
However in their bright overalls, they just need a red flowerpot hat & they could pass as Devo getting their own back on McDonald’s…..

22 06 2008

I would like 15 orders, please. Send FedEx, and put it on my personal assistant’s tab. Thanks, Aafke!

23 06 2008

Checkers, you know I’m very fond of you, that’s why you will not recieve 15 portions of fries, ever!

23 06 2008

Darn! I wouldn’t eat them all at once-just 8 for lunch and the other 7 for dinner. Of course you are right…us dogs have no sense when it comes to fries!

2 07 2008

You are right, Belgian frites are the BEST. Especially with home made mayonnaise!

2 07 2008

Home grown, home made, home fried!
Yes: making your own mayonnaise isn’t that difficult either! πŸ˜€

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