A day of sun and water

11 06 2008

And another post about what I’ve been doing. I’m sorry but it seems I’m getting more and more a boring diary-blogger.
here goes:

We have been having most unusual sunny weather here, and last Sunday, most unusually, Groningen was the hottest place to be in the Netherlands, so when a friend called me to spend the day by the lake I was all for it!
We went early in the morning, but were very lucky to find the last spot I considered reasonable next to the water. Thinking it over I have come to the conclusion it is the best spot to be found. It was secluded, with sun for M. and shade for me. There was a tiny opening down to the water, and we were at a little inlet from which we swam out into the lake.

A look towards the lake,

I had provided the picknick: Bread, lemonade and water, humus, pesto, feta, grapes, and more!

While lounging about by the lake-side it is very important to have a bodyguard with you. I mean Zora of course πŸ™‚ Zora was very upset when we swam out into the lake, after many anxious attempts, she jumped in and swam towards us, looking very unhappy and trying to herd us back to the side.
She was very happy when we decided to get back onto dry land. So much for our possessions being protected by my killer-attack-dog!

No, Zora, you are not allowed to share my blanket!

No, really, NO!

Zora doesn’t really get wet; only the outside of her fur-coat gets wet, but a serious grooming is necessary after a bath.

Zora utterly exhausted!

But when she hears somebody coming she’s immediately ready for attack!!!
No sneaking up on us!

Notice how she has managed to partially get onto the blanket!
Zora always gets what she wants.

It was a very lovely day, and I can’t believe I have been so stupid not to have done this for years!!!



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11 06 2008

All this talk of heat wave is worrying me that it might be very hot in Scotland when we go, Inshallah and I don’t want it to be hot 😦

I love your Zora. I could bite that cute thing πŸ™‚ oops!

11 06 2008

I’d love to go on a picnic like this one.

11 06 2008

I’m ready to move to the Netherlands…

11 06 2008
Tony Mc

Dogs always wangle around getting their own way. Looks like a lovely spot for a picnic

11 06 2008

lol, nice stuff and yummy foods. But hey, you missed to post one of fotos. πŸ˜€

11 06 2008
Umm Ibrahim

It looks so beautiful and a delicious picnic too!

11 06 2008
susie of arabia

Gee, Aafke, you’re killin’ me! With 115 degree heat here in Arabia and having to wear the abaya and cover my hair and neck, I am so ready to jump in the lake with you!!! Your picnic looks delightful, and Adam and I both especially love that last photo of Zora (the profile) – what a great pic! And the post wasn’t boring at all!!! But it did make me jealous! Lucky you.

11 06 2008

You are NOT a boring diary blogger! In fact, your posts about your activities, country and lifestyle are most interesting, far more so than single focus blogs that say nothing substantial about the writers.

I’ve never had a friend from the Netherlands, nor visited there, so I really appreciate your blog.

11 06 2008


You always seem to find the greatest places to go!! Do you find them or do they find you?! ; ) I always enjoy your pics. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

11 06 2008

I love your photos! And what a lovely “gormet” picnic!

12 06 2008

Achelois: don’t worry: it’s cold, overcast, and raining just now. I’m home from Tarq and my hands are stiff from the cold. (17” Celcius) πŸ™‚

~W~, Delhi, Shaz, UmmIbrahim, Susie, Marahm, everybody: you are all welcome to come for a picknick! I can’t vouch for the weather though!

Shaz, No, I haven’t, it’s photo 2. It’s just that I cropped the cuddly waternymph out of it!!!! 😳

Tony: and Zora is very good at it in a non-obtrusive, surrepticious way!

Delhi: yes! move over here! Ex-pat in Holland!

Susie: it was 30”Celcius! I consider that very hot!!! I’m very sorry for you. Especially having to wear these completely unsuitable extras!
Isn’t Zora gorgious when all on alert? She is a real guard dog, after all!
Sorry to make you jealous.

Marahm, you have a Dutch friend now! Two actually; my lil’ brother Rhysz is much taken with you! Thank you for the nice comment.

Tina: just lucky! After you move about in the hope to get lucky.

Nevis: wouldn’t you like to put your pugsy nose right into it? πŸ™‚

12 06 2008

Looks like a very relaxing day! It reminds me of the picnic hikes we used to take in the Adirondacks before we moved away. Zora is a beautiful dog!!

13 06 2008

Great stuff, my friend… and it sounds like a good time was had by all, which makes it even greater still! There’s nothing quite like a nice dip in the lake on a warm summer day. Usually makes me feel like a kid again… which unfortunately usually ends up with me pulling a muscle somewhere!
But, seriously… a picnic without fried chicken? You can tell you’re not from Texas! πŸ˜€

13 06 2008

Zora is so awesome. German Shepherds are some of my fave dogs. That last photo is such an “on the job” pose!

I did a post for Rabhar today.

14 06 2008

James: welcome to my blog! I think the Netherlands is very full of people; we were lucky to find a spot where you felt alone.

Lofter: Chicken is compulsory? I’ll see if we can take it next time!

Checkers: Zora is always ”on the job”!!! Even if it doesn’t seem so!
Thank you for the post on Rabhar: it was very beautiful.

15 06 2008

pretty dog!

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