Can you make a boat from a clog?

28 05 2008

Yes, you can.
Actually, you hardly see any normal boats on the water here…




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28 05 2008

Now those are cool! I’d be a hit on the lake here with one of those! 😀

Uh… do they come in a ‘fat’ size?

28 05 2008

That looks like real fun ! I’ve been to Amsterdam once when I was fresh out of college (some 24 years ago) for three days (on my way to spend the summer in Spain) . I remember the canals , the bikes and the flowers but my memories for the most part are muddled. My son visited twice when he was in high school ( 5 years ago) and he was raving about it , but I don’t think it was because he got in one of these 😉

28 05 2008
Susie of Arabia

Love it, love it, love it! Great photos, Aafke!

28 05 2008

!!! Those ARE very similar in build to an Aussie “sabot”! How sweet!

28 05 2008

I guess that answers my question.
I want one, looks like a fun way to float.
Maybe if I just chuck my work boots into the river then….
Nah, bad idea…..

28 05 2008

How cute! They look like giant mangos!

28 05 2008

cool so thats where the clogs come from eh ?

28 05 2008

Haha, It’s soooo marvelous. It’s like shoes of troll in the Ali Baba story! 😀
Waw, is soo much fun riding kind of boat. 😛

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