Finished! (for now)

18 05 2008

Yes: I finished the gruelling workload, and they’ve just picked it up, and they loved it! So: all’s well that ends well. I finished 20 minutes before they arrived!
I should now publish something on loo’s or so, because my stats have fallen to a dramatic low!

But first I’ll show you what has been keeping me from blogging.
And making awful comments on your blogs πŸ˜€
I have been painting about 70 illustrations, (gaarghh) to be used on three show-boxes (made by me), containing a booklet (also made by me) an educational cardgame (made by me) and a game with words (made by me), and coloured glasses (not made by me).
The boxes open when the lid is taken off.
The three colours and illustrations correspond with the personality dynamics of ”Human dynamics” .

The boxes open, to show the booklets and games, and the drawings inside the boxes belong to the word game. The words for that game are in little envelopes left and right.

Ok people: I’m relatively free again for comments and chat!
(relatively because I now have to clear up the mess left after 2 weeks of doing no house work)

Update: And I have just been to visit the Tarq!



13 responses

18 05 2008

Waw, this stuff is really beautifulllllll. How much one has to pay to have them?

18 05 2008

Aafke, You are brilliant. Do you have a copyright on this work? Is it available to the general public?

18 05 2008

Ha, ha, This is only the demonstration pack, they will take this to schools and then try to convince them to participate in the program.
I will post on my illustration stuff one of these days, and give a list of books I have illustrated. πŸ™‚

19 05 2008


I encourage you to share more of your work with us and perhaps even have a separate page with samples of your work – it is exquisite! It is easy to see how time consuming it can be with the painstaking detail you add to your creations!

You deserve a nice time out with the Tarq!

19 05 2008

Yes, Bedu, will do!

19 05 2008

I really hope the schools approve. I LOVE this stuff and would pay to but it for my children if I was Dutch and my children went to school there!

No wonder you were so busy – that is an awful lot of work.

19 05 2008

OK, now leave me awful comments πŸ˜€

19 05 2008

Just did, sister Suroor, check out your blog! πŸ˜€

19 05 2008

A job well done! It shows that you enjoy your work, because it came out beautifully. Can you tell us more about this “game”?

19 05 2008
Susie of Arabia

Wow, Aafke, what a huge undertaking! It turned out beautifully. I’d love to see more of your work too, please! Glad you are back with us again – I missed you.

19 05 2008

Very impressive! No wonder you were busy! BTW, last Saturday I came by for a belly rub as you instructed me, barked at the door, but you must have been so busy you didn’t hear me, so I went home. Sorry I missed you. I’ll try to come by again sometime.

20 05 2008

Awesome! I like the yellow one.

21 05 2008

~W~ Eeeh, no! I don’t understand the rules yet. πŸ˜• I am just a performing monkey, making the drawings πŸ˜€

Susie, Don’t touch that dial! Will do!

Checkers: But I was sitting, working in front of the window! well, next time perhaps!

Nevis, you like yellow? πŸ™‚

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