Riding in the Heavenly Woods

13 05 2008

Me and the Tarq, and Tarq’s half sister!

Every morning we went out to ride in the forest. I have already described how sweet they smelled, how fascinating this magical light green, such as you can only see in the first two weeks after the trees wake from their winter-slumber.
Another typical NVVR-photo: two ears and a landscape

The dogs were having a lovely time too: Zora, Stripe (the one with the spots) and Jacky

On the Saturday we went on a long ride, with a break half-way. i also had to be back in time to help cooking the Arab dinner we planned for Tarq’s birthday party. As my condition wasn’t too good, and neither was the Tarq’s I was a bit worried if we should do it, but we had a great ride! Temperature was not too hot, and of course glorious weather again! I got burned in the face a bit.

We had our break at the information centre, there is a tiny paddock where you can put your horse. This was a great opportunity for Tarq and Primavera to finally get to meet. Primavera is a young Lipizzaner stallion, and they had been trying to check each other out the day before.

Now Primavera has a great friend who was very aggressive to the Tarq and stuck into this small space, pressured by two horses, the Tarq got a bit uptight. And as the Tarq is after all a real hooligan, after a while I decided to take him out, because he wasn’t getting any rest in there, and I didn’t want to wait until he got irritated and decide he needed to start something.

Primavera and Buddy cornering the Tarq

The meeting

If it were just these two, they would have gotten on quite well

Tarq: ”get me out of here!”

so I decided to safe my darling from his ordeal. He rewarded me with leaving me biting the dust 10 minutes later, and scored another 10 points over me.

Of course he let himself be caught after teasing me for 15 minutes.
The Tarq enjoying the admiration of three girlfriends who thought I was pretty stupid.

As we returned we passed a very shallow lake, and had to go in of course!

We were back in perfect time, the horses were put into the meadow, and were clearly utterly exhausted!

A lot of the humans then started to prepare for Tareq’s birthday-party.
But that is a subject worthy of it’s own post!




8 responses

13 05 2008


Great pics, as always! Tarqs sister is beautiful. Do they have the same mother or father? Thanks for sharing! : )

14 05 2008

Waw, its wonderful. You look so classy riding Tarq, Mashallah. 😛

14 05 2008


This series of posts on Tarq’s birthday excursion and adventures are wonderful. In reading this most recent post, I just wanted to insert myself into the pictures!

The Lipazaner is exquisite as well (don’t tell Tarq though; I don’t want him jealous!)

14 05 2008

Your fabulous pictures make me want to be a horse! Tarq sure is a beauty. And I think he knows it too!

14 05 2008

Tarq is so beautiful! I love the photo of him and Primavera “necking”.

I’m surprised to learn how popular is the Western saddle. I thought in Europe, only the English saddle would be used. Here in the States, we’ve got several different saddle styles commonly used, each representing a separate theory and culture of horesmanship, as you surely know. Whole stables are based upon these divisions. How did you become interested in Western saddles and saddlemaking?

14 05 2008

Tina: tarq and his sister share the same mother: Tarq is bred by K. who has become my friend after I brought The Tarq of her, and she has also joined our ridingclub, she wanted a paint, but Arabs are never paints, so she found a paint stallion to become the father of Tarq’s sister.

Thank you Shaz!

Delhi4cats: no need to worry! Tarq thinks so much of himself, the possibility that somebody thinks he is nót the greatest horse on the planet, would never enter his head.

Checkers: you would be a lovely horse, but probaly more of a pony. Tarq is never in doubt about his superiority.

Marahm; Especially amongst our riding association you will see many different types of saddle. I want to be able to ride long hours in the saddle, and an english saddle is just not a good choice for that: an english saddle is a ”sports-saddle” to be used for 1/2 hours. A western type saddle (basically a classical saddle) is much more comfortable for long rides, as the weight of the rider is distributed over a much larger aerea.
Mine is an endurance saddle, and I don’t have a horn.

14 05 2008

This is heaven indeed. You are very lucky to experience what many of us will probably never experience. And this Tarq boy is one cool horse!

15 05 2008

They are so beautiful!!

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