Accommodations in Heaven

10 05 2008

Accommodations in heaven are simple but adequate.
The bedroom I shared with my friends.

Upstairs there are also two showers, and one loo.
For 25 people!
Timing is essential.

Outside the rooms is a very small corridor, with windows through which you can look down to the stables.

Tarq’s stable was all right too, he doesn’t like a closed box, but I don’t always let him sleep in it. If the weather’s good enough I too prefer to have him outside. we keep our stuff in boxes outside the stables. When I’m busy near him, I just put a rope on the door, so Tarq can look outside. he really appreciates that.

Tarq checking if his neighbour has anything interesting to eat.
And if he can get at it!

Tarq is inspecting a food-container.
Leave it to the Tarq to sniff out the food!!!

From friday onwards the weather has been quite un-dutch in perfection. We even breakfasted outside!




19 responses

10 05 2008

Simple, but adequate… you really can’t ask for more than that! I love the photographs, too! It looks like quite a lovely place, and I can sense the happiness in your words… which makes me smile! πŸ˜€

10 05 2008

How wonderful!

10 05 2008

Heaven looks good. How often can you go? Do you drive your own horse trailer? Is it far from your home? Can I come with you, next time? In spirit, of course, unfortunately not in person.

10 05 2008

Looks like you had a wonderfully simple time. Great for the spirit. Heaven indeed.

10 05 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Very simple but adequate as Lofter said; looks perfect.

Nice new theme and I love your new banner across the top. πŸ™‚

Umm Ibrahim

10 05 2008

Yes friends, these are the best places to go to.
And let’s not forget: the real. the most important luxury on the planet is love and friendship! And those were abundant!
So really: these are the most luxurious accommodations on the planet for me!

Marahm: we go to different places, sometimes we have lessons too. I didn’t go at all last year: I just worked. SΓ³ stupid!
I try to go three or four times a year if I’m not being stupid.
Why don’t you pop over next year? we’d rent a horse for you! πŸ˜€

Umm Ibrahim, It seems it was a good decision to change the theme! πŸ™‚

10 05 2008

I love the pick of Zora and Tarq, are they friends now?

10 05 2008

I would love to come, but first I have to lose some weight and get my riding skills back. I’m not sure I can do all that, but we’ll see!

10 05 2008

That room seems like a nice dormitory. I generally have some problems with dormitories. Tarq’s room seems more comfortable. πŸ˜€

10 05 2008

Nice pictures πŸ™‚ Long time, no talk!

I tagged you by the way.

10 05 2008

Rhysz: I wouldn’t call it friendship, rather: they co-exist

Marahm: no excuses!

Shahrzad, with dormitories it is all about whom you’re sharing with! I prefer my own suite offcourse, ah, no, not really, not on these weekends! We have giggled the nights away like schoolgirls telling jokes and crazy stories! And do you know? I’m very good at telling very scary or funny Ghost-stories!

Broken Mystic: Welcome back! I’m glad you are doing well, and I really liked your post on women in comics! very remiss of me not to have commented on it yet! Tag? which tag?
I’ll visit your blog

11 05 2008
Susie of Arabia

I love that you can look down on the stables from up above. That’s kool! What a fun time – and I bet you are a GREAT story teller!!! Sort of like the slumber parties I remember when I was young.

11 05 2008

Tarq sure lives the life, as he should! As do you!!!

11 05 2008

Susie: It is sΓ³ important to nΓ©ver grow up! grown-ups are boring!

checkers: And you could live it too! Come to me! I will love you!

12 05 2008

Ah, the smell of horse-s**t, leather and hay! I love it. In England I used to live about 1 mile from a major stable for the race track nearby. On warm summer days I could smell this scent coming through the bedroom window on my top floor.

I LOVE it.

12 05 2008

Really, AbuSinan, really? You love the smell of horse shit? You wouldn’t be shittin’ us, now, would you? Me, too! I love it! It has to be fresh, though, and mixed up with a bit of straw or sawdust.

And freshly oiled leather boots, saddles and bridles! Oh, my goodness,what could be more invigorating than a gentle breeze flowing through the barn, and horses in their box stalls on either side?!

12 05 2008

Well, of course people: there is nothing better than the smell of horse-shit. Everybody knows that! That’s why I smell of ultra-violet (Paco Rabanne), with a dash of manure (the Tarq) always!!!

13 05 2008

Aafke, you just freaked me with that comment. UV is my FAVOURITE perfume and I always have two bottles just in case one finishes and I can’t find a new one! I have its shower gel and body lotion. I just love it. The bottle shaped like a UFO is so cool too.

13 05 2008

Oh. please don’t tell me it’s discontinued!?!?! I love UV!!! And yes the bottle is sΓ³ cool!!!
I only have Noa as an extra, so when I get too much used to my UV I use the Noa for a few days, so I can fully enjoy the UV again!!!!
I used to have the shower-gel as well, but that’s finished now. I used it only for very special occasions.
I’m going to check as soon as possible if I can still get it!
Yes, haven’t yet, because I just started on my own, extra, second, back-up-bottle!! LOL!!!!

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