Four days in heaven!

7 05 2008

I have been away for a few days, and not to some stupid holiday or so, no, I went straight to heaven!
Not alone, I took Zora and The Tarq with me!
Otherwise it wouldn’t be heaven of course.

There are lots of trees in the forest! Me riding the Tarq.

The forest smelled so sweet, and the trees just waking up after the winter sleep showed the brightest green. Combine that with riding a lovely horse, floating in trot, surrounded by friends, and you are as close to heaven as is possible.

The typical shot: Two ears, friends seen from the back, and the landscape.

Me my horse and my dog!




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7 05 2008
Umm Ibrahim

It looks wonderful… and so green! I’m getting homesick! 😆 Love the photos especially the one with the dogs following the horses. Glad you had such a great time. Umm Ibrahim

7 05 2008

Waw, beautiful Aafke. Remind me of northern Iran. But Northern Iran is not that flat. It has mountains too plus caspian sea.

I like this new theme. It’s very happy. Like your nowadays mood. 🙂

7 05 2008

UmmIbrahim, there’s going to be lots more! Thuis is the most beautiful green! when the trees are just unfolding their new leaves! So beautiful, and I wish I could send you the scents, pure aromatherapy!

Shahrzad: yes, if we see the ground rising one meter we say:”Wauw! it is just as if we are in another country!” hahahaa
I know, Holland is nice, but Iran is just that much better!
However: all this flatness makes for excellent cycling! 😀

Thank you, this theme matches my happy mood and the new spring and sun, and warmth and light, much better!

7 05 2008

Welcome home, Aafke! Your posts are so delightful! I love the new theme. It’s easier to read, and the header is perfect, as is the new avatar. Please post more about your four day taste of heaven!

Your photos have caused my heart to beat fast with nostalgia and the desire to get back on a horse. I’ve been threatening to do so again for five years. I don’t know what’s stopping me. Other old ladies ride horses, don’t they?

7 05 2008

If that is jealousy you hear coming from me you’d be right. What wouldnt I give for a good canter through those woods with a little jumping action with a few down trees.

Heaven indeed!

7 05 2008

who is that pretty lady riding the Arabian horse? blends nicely with the surround 🙂

It reminds me of the time I used to ride in the Scottish highlands.. how peaceful it was.. it brings back sweet memories,

Thank you for turning the blog background white, now it is much easier to read, and makes me wonder if this indicates a positive change in mood after this beautiful ride?

Best Wishes

7 05 2008

Marahm; I am pleased you like the new look 🙂 I will defenitely post more! Haha! you’ll get bored in the end!
Nothing should be stopping you Marahm! one of our members (with a lovely camarque mare) is over 70 years old!!!

AbuSinan, I am too happy right now to really mind you’re being jealous! Anyway, you have travelled yourself so much! And all those beautiful photos on your own blog! I’m not really sorry for you!

Xavier; Welcome to my blog. Guess what! The one with long hair on the Arab is me 😀
I am glad you like the new theme: Yes, the change also denotes a much happier blogger!

7 05 2008
Susie of Arabia

So glad to hear about your trip to heaven, and the photos are terrific. I almost feel like I was sitting on the Tarq right behind you!

I too like your new look – but my son misses your sword – he is really into weapons!

Welcome back!

8 05 2008

Ah, a much welcomed return, indeed! And what a wonderful time you’ve shared with us! Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your heaven with you! 😀

8 05 2008

You look and sound happy! And I look green, do I sound jealous? 😀

Welcome back and the new theme is wonderfully bright!

8 05 2008

How did you and your horse go straight through that tree in the top picture?! Amazing!!!

8 05 2008

Susie, I’m writing a post on my swords cloud dragon and fire dragon! I’ll dedicate it to Captain Kabob! I’m just more in love with my horse and spring at the moment, than concerned with chopping up people! (At the moment)

Lofter in his high loft, aren’t you closer to heaven? at least a few stairs??? Glad to see you on my new blog! 😀

Achelois: you look green because green is the colour of life and beauty. You do not sound jealous! 😀

Checkers: it takes a lot of concentration, you just have to really concentrate and say (and know) ”There is no tree”
It’s all in the program you know!

8 05 2008

Looks like a beautiful time.
Love the new lighter look of the blog 🙂

8 05 2008

Lovely photos. And I like the new layout.

9 05 2008


Glad to hear you had a good getaway. Thanks for sharing the great pics with us. Really like the new look of the blog. Spring just has a way of making everything better! ; )

10 05 2008

Is that Checkers following the horses????
I turn my back for but a moment & you get him….
How did you do it, HOW????
Not Fair!!!

10 05 2008

~W~ Thank you for liking my new theme; I loved the black one, but this is more readable!

Nevis: Hi and also thanks

Tina: It has turned summer now! it is really hot here? What is happening?

Tasman: HI! great to have you visiting! Sorry Tasman, Checkers has always been here, and with you gone…
Well, I suppose Checkers is mine now!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I didn’t realise before! I now am free to woo Checkers without competition!

Checkers! I will soon post on Ham-sandwiches!!!!

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