30 04 2008

For American Bedu’s amusement I’m now going to explain the concept of: ”bicycle-swimming”
This sport is mainly constricted to the Netherlands.
Not because we do a lot of cycling, but because, due to our sublime weather conditions. we are mostly excellent swimmers.
Not because we all learn to swim before we go to school, but because those who can’t will have drowned before reaching that age.
Not because we don’t care about children, but because it is natural selection.

So, to recap: in The Netherlands a lot of people get around on a bicycle. And because of our glorious climate we have to combine it with our skills in swimming.
I’ll illustrate it; to the left: Aafke going to the Tuesday market. To the right: Aafke returned from the Tuesday market.

What has happened in between?
Well This:

This is what happens when you go shopping in the Netherlands, and for this you need the combined skills of cycling, and swimming!
to show you the awful reality: A look out of my window, at noon!!!!!



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30 04 2008

LOVE the candle in the window! 🙂

30 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Cute pictures you made of yourself! 😆
“…awful reality…” Honestly when you live a few years somewhere like Riyadh you find yourself coming to miss rain! Seriously that photo looks beautiful – cold and wet, I miss it! You should see the awful reality from my window… orange sky yesterday: dust and sand! Ew! Umm Ibrahim

30 04 2008

I have to agree with Ibrahim… your reality doesn’t look awful at all to me! Box up some of that rain and send it on over! My azaleas would be eternally grateful! 😀

1 05 2008

Oh my God aafke. LOL

I saw here in Iran, they use umbrella in one hand and ride the cicycle with other hand. Humm, Seems good solution 😛

1 05 2008

One thing I really liked about Europe and Amsterdam in particular was the abundant biking facilities, trails and the culture of biking. Here in the GTA we try, but especially in the suburbs like Mississauga it’s not doable. North America, sadly, is still a car lover’s place.

1 05 2008

You do such wonderful drawings! Have you ever drawn a ham sandwich? I’m not obsessed or anything, right?

2 05 2008

I LOVE IT!!!!! And wait till you see my post tomorrow which also has to do with um…err..kind of, sort of…raining…..

Outstanding illustrations as usual!

2 05 2008

LOL! I love you Aafke!

2 05 2008

If bikes wre used here, we would also be swimming! 😀 it rains a lot as it is

2 05 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Not wanting to sound over-excited or anything but… WE HAD RAIN IN RIYADH YESTERDAY AND TODAY… WHOO HOO! 😆

3 05 2008

Oh, that’s right, Ibrahim… rub it in! My neighbors had to endure yet another day of a fat guy in short pants watering his fledgling azaleas! Weathermen in Texas, I’ve surmised, are always one of two things – either liars or fools!

3 05 2008
Umm Ibrahim

ROFL Lofter! 😆 😆

5 05 2008

Bikes and trams seem to be really popular in Amsterdam i quite remember from our college trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a cool place 🙂

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