Tarq grown up!

27 04 2008

Yes dear visitors: the Tarq is almost 8 years old, and that means he is almost officially a ”grown-up” horse!

not only is his birthday coming up, we are also going on holiday!!!! Hurrraaayyy!!!

leaving Thursday returning on Sunday. We are going to the woods, and staying at a place where we can get right into the forests! I’m staying there with a group of friends, all nutters with horses. I’m só looking forward to it! And as it is also Tarq’s birthday I’m giving a birthday party. We’re going to have great Arab food, tea, qawa and music of course!

This is the card I made to celebrate and for the invitations!

Just to make things clear! Tarq is not being sweet here: he’s trying to tear the buttons of my coat!

On the back of the card I have a Haiku by Shiki Masaoka

The summer river:

although there is a bridge, my horse

goes through the water

see Trouble with Tarq!



8 responses

28 04 2008

Lovely photo, as usual, and matching poem. I hope we’ll see some photos of you riding Tarq. Your holiday sounds so ideal. My private fantasy has always been to go to a riding stable for an intensive vacation of lessons, followed by treks through woods, streams and over fields.

28 04 2008

Happy birthday Tarq! And I’m glad to guess that your human is feeling better, too! Enjoy the time away… such times are few and far between! 😀

28 04 2008

Happy Birthday Tarq, you lucky horse!

28 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Wow, happy birthday to The Tarq! Love the Haiku. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better now. Umm Ibrahim

28 04 2008

Happy (early) birthday to Tarq!

28 04 2008

I’m feeling better, and am eagerly anitcipating our long weekend!
hopefully I will get many great photo’s of the Tarq. And me. 🙂

28 04 2008

Waw, happy birthday Tarq. I really need that deep into forests too.

29 04 2008
Susie of Arabia

Sounds like the perfect get away for Tarq’s birthday … exploring in the forest with his lady!!! Have fun!

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