A hards days work

25 04 2008

Have had a hard day! I have been to the doctor, and then to a laboratory for blood tests, and another leg examination. and I have to go back Monday. And do I hope I’ll get a clever nurse! Last time I had a dunce! she had to poke around for 10 minutes before she found the vein! And it is not as if you have to look for veins on my arms: they show up blue! All (other) nurses always comment: ”hey: that’s easy!” My arm was numb for half the day! Luckily it was my left! Always try to get them to do your left arm! (unless you’re left, then I’d go for the right)

It’s the one in the crook of my elbow they need: How can anybody miss it!!!

Anyway, I’m doing this really interesting but difficult project now: I have to illustrate a teaching program about Human Dynamics for children. In Sweden the whole school system is reorganised on the principles on Human Dynamics! But I have a lot to learn and read. Never mind: that fits in well with my ”Personal Dynamic” So I used the little time left to keep up with my reading.

It’s sรณ hard having to work at home

Utterly Exhausting!!!

Update, Friday:

Wauw! My doctor stood on my doorstep this afternoon, with a letter and papers and he insisted I go to the hospital. So, after 4,5 hours they have set me free, it is now 22.17 and I’m really hungry. I’m going to live but I have to give myself injectiones over the weekend and come back on Monday, but now to this other part where I’ll have to wait!!! Bleh! At least they didn’t keep me there.

Not that anybody is ever going to keep me in a hospital again while I can still stand and give out a blow.

And they have taken gallons of blood today, I was clever enough to hand them my left arm, the nurse hit the vein first try, but really hurt me taking the needle out. It still hurts!!!!!



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25 04 2008

I had to laugh about the arm and the vein. I used to have to draw blood, many years ago. They make all the students and interns draw blood, at least here in the US. Maybe you had a student.

And look at you! Even with the help of your “kids”, you exhausted yourself, working at home. That’s what I call dedication.

25 04 2008

Such hard work and devotion to the job…!

26 04 2008

Wow… I could almost hit that vein from here! Hospitals suck, that much I can attest to. Know that you’re in my prayers, and I’m certain that all will be well.
And, if the drudgery of all that ‘working at home’ stuff starts to wear you down too much, there’s always job openings where I work! Of course, we don’t have much need for illustrators, but I’m sure you could join the rest of us in drawing conclusions! ๐Ÿ˜€

26 04 2008

You look after yourself, Aafke. Your babies are so demanding ๐Ÿ™‚ Zora is such a ‘squeazable’ darling!

My best wishes to you and I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

26 04 2008

I see Aafke, that you’re fluttering your arms “haramly” on the international internet. Cover yourself, yalla.. ๐Ÿ˜€

I see those poor guys are confused by you sleeping. Poor Zora is getting strangled. LOL

I hope you get well soon. I started reading prayer for you esp after my daily prayers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

26 04 2008

The veins in your arm are so obvious! Was she a new nurse? Hope you recover soon.

27 04 2008

I hope you are feeling better real soon. Zora looks so adorable while keeping you on task. And a kitty too! That’s the only way to work-snuggled in with pets. Now if you could only get a horse on the couch…

27 04 2008

I’m glad you all appreciate the hard work I put in! Even when at home!

Lofter: I’m only this close to emigrating!!! Drawing conclusions is one of my specialties!!!

Shahrzad: Ooops! I was sรณ worked up i completely forgot the haraam effect!
Thank you very much.

I’m feeling better now: the injections do work.

28 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

๐Ÿ˜ฏ The thoughts of veins and needles is just making me shudder here (ever so slightly, a lot, squeamish about these things).! ๐Ÿ˜† Glad you are feelng better though. Umm Ibrahim

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