Rhysz’s suggestion

24 04 2008

There is better stuff on you-tube than the wilders-crap I just spoke about. my LITTLE brother Rhysz gave me this link.


And be as horrible as you like when commenting on this one. ๐Ÿ˜€




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25 04 2008

LOL! Now THAT is hilarious! Unfortunately, it’s also basically valid, as well! Cheers to Rhysz for sharing some social commentary with a smile! ๐Ÿ˜€

(Was that horrible enough, or should I try harder?)

25 04 2008

FIGHT, KILL, MAIM, SQUASH in the name of Christ and G-d – Allahhu Akbar!!

25 04 2008

Apparently there is a “Bible version” of Fitna ๐Ÿ™‚

25 04 2008

Achelois: doesn’t surprise me, after all: another Abrahamic tradition. Thanks for posting the link.
I do think the next post should go on how we should love and care for each other I think. All this agression makes me feel a bit depressed.

25 04 2008

LOL! I like the equal opportunity approach. This makes atheism look like a workable alternative!

25 04 2008

Well, I am quite the horrible little Atheist. However, I truly detest the term. I prefer non-believer, atheist basically means that there must be some magical thing to beleive in. I, for one, do not beleive in Fairies, the Invisible Pink Unicorn or any other supernatural phenomenon. I do however, another reason I dislike ‘atheist’. do my very best to respect other people’s culture and religion. Moreover, this is why I dislike some of my Atheist brothers and sisters, who seem to invoke some kind of intellectual superiority.



26 04 2008

Ah i watched bible versian of Fitna. Very interesting. We call it civilised enlightened opposing. Haha

29 04 2008
Susie of Arabia

This is the funniest take on these three religions that I have ever seen. Thanks!

9 05 2008
a guy

“Moreover, this is why I dislike some of my Atheist brothers and sisters, who seem to invoke some kind of intellectual superiority.”

Oh boy, I am pleasantly surprised to read this. I have heard several people who believe in atheism (which Oxford dictionary defines as a belief that God does not exist) and they always seemed to assume their intellectual superiority not on the strength of arguments but merely because of not believing in any god.

I guess every group has a mix of people, believers or non-believers or any other for that matter.

10 05 2008

Rhysz??? You do not believe in the ”the Invisible Pink Unicorn”?????
I am shocked!!!!!
How do you know the Invisible Pink Unicorn doesn’t exist? Why don’t you kiss Hank’s ass? Proof the Invisible Pink Unicorn doesn’t exist first!!!!

a guy: Rhysz is my little brother, you know!!! I am sรณ proud of him! he is almost as intelligent as I am!
Not quite of course, but doing very well indeed!

12 05 2008

I thought I’d post this one here:


I’m in complete mental pain now.

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