quick update:

23 04 2008

Today Tarq and I played ”moving at suggestion”.

He got it pretty well. That doesn’t mean he didn’t try me out, but he did move when I asked. When he was back in the stable, and I brushed him, so no sand would get trapped under the abaya, he suddenly took off and trotted out into the (very quiet) road! Yes: 10 points to Tarq for that one. After a very short bit of teasing on his part, I could put a rope around his neck and take him back to the stable. I finished brushing him, put on his blanket, and led him to the meadow. As we entered the meadow he wanted to take off at a trot, his best trick. I held on and motioned him to move his back-end to the side as we had just practised. And he did it instantely!!!

Yes, yes, yes!!!! It makes him face me, so he can’t run off!!!! 15 extra points for me!!!!! withe the 40 points I earned during the game I’m doing very well!!!




2 responses

23 04 2008

I am so confused by the points system you use. For instance, how many points for pulling a ham sandwich out of your pocket and giving it to a certain cardigan welsh corgi?

23 04 2008

If Zora pulled that one on me: 40 points. Tarq 20 points, and you Checkers, would get 60 points because you don’t really have the hight to do it easily!
And because you’re so cute 🙂

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