Tarq is a darling

21 04 2008

We have been doing more ”friendly games” These games are exactely what horses play amongst themselves. So it is not Tarq learning here, but aafke.  However, while tarq is #1 wherever he goes, in these games he is #2. That takes a bit getting used to.

Tarq is not at all afraid of the stick, he likes a close examination before we begin!

Friday we used the ”carrot-stick” to give Tarq directions. Taking directions is something, going backwards too is very good of Tarq!

The score board reflects Tarq’s good behaviour!




3 responses

21 04 2008

Ah yes… progress, indeed! Well done! And good photos, too! 😀

21 04 2008

It’s very good for Tarq: he is a very happy horse at the moment, and very fond of me: I just went to clean his stable, and I met a friend and we talked about Rabhar, and it took to long; he called out in no uncertain way:” COME HERE!!!” 😀

Photo’s ©hippologic

22 04 2008

I applaud you for your stamina! tarq must take a lot out of you but he’s been a good boy.

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