Scoreboard update

18 04 2008

Tarq behaved very well today. He didn’t try to run off, he was not happy with game number 2 but when I called him over the third time he came very happily, so we decided to stop.

We are doing very little: I send him walking or trotting; he can’t stop when he wants, but he can when I call him. But when he doesn’t come to me, and gets distracted, he has to start walking again. It only seems very little: for the Tarq this has great meaning! And it is very important that, while not giving in to his clever anti-game1-actions, neither should one put too much pressure on him. I call him over when I notice by his ears and expression he is paying attention to me.

It is a hard nut to crack for him: this game does mean he is not in control, and he doesn’t like it. He was happy to come to me the third time, so we then stopped, it didn’t last long, but it is very important to stop when he’s doing it right. He doesn’t look too happy though!

The score board today:

To recap: The Tarq has gained 60 points over me, and 40 over Sandra.

And Sandra has scored 40 points over Tarq, and I have scored 65 point over Tarq up to date, so at the moment I’m doing well!




9 responses

18 04 2008

Progress! Always an excellent way to end the work week! And the Tarq doesn’t seem too unhappy in the photographs. (Do I need to remind you of your Nordic goddess status?) πŸ˜€

18 04 2008

Ahum, that was only a little joke Lofter!
The week doesn’t end here lofter! It continues tomorrow!

19 04 2008

LOL! I know it was just a little joke… again! πŸ˜€
The week continues tomorrow here, too – just not the WORK week! Which means I get to sleeeeeeeeeeeep! LOL!

19 04 2008

Good for you Lofter! Get well!

19 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Interesting… so you and the Tarq are pretty much evens at 60/65 and Sandra and the Tarq are even also at 40/40… is that progress or is the Tarq just letting you believe there is progress?! πŸ˜‰

20 04 2008

Good boy Tarq! Impressive.

20 04 2008

Umm Ibrahin: a valid question! But as he is pretty miffed, I think we really scored. I think we have to be careful that he now is going to try to score in previously unproblematic situations. he is always planning and thinking!

Yes, Achelois: he is very impressive! We both are old hats with horses, and have been well-trained by our previous horses, still Tarq managed to score big time!

20 04 2008

Mashallah Tarq, Mashallah. You’re getting tamed Insha’allah. πŸ˜€

20 04 2008

Insha’allah you are right Shaz!

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