E-mail to Tarq

16 04 2008

Dear Tarq,

I’ve been thinking over our altercation this afternoon.

I want you to know that your behaviour was completely out of line. I am sorry you can have no understanding for the fact that I am still not as agile as I should be, and that you feel the necessity to make use of that by being subversive. I feel that I am fully in my right to ask a friend to help me and do some Parelli-exercises with you. They are quite amusing and very helpful in giving some much needed balance to our relationship.

I had no idea you would take so negatively to the idea and turn aggressive. I think you are oversensitive; it is very unreasonable of you to expect you should play the boss over us, as you are a horse, and we are humans.

I did think it sweet of you to trot over to me for reassurance. And to hide behind my back. And I know that, especially as you are male, you consider me your personal property. However, that still does not give you the right, when I choose to hand you over to a trainer, to take off, and; while behind my back, to give me a forceful kick with your hind-leg.

We do realise that you chose a well-upholstered part of my anatomy (below my back), and that you used only enough force to really hurt me without actually incapacitating me for a long period. However, I am deeply incensed, and insulted at this unwarranted behaviour, and have now decided that you are going to be put through a very severe crash-course in good manners.

Yours indignantly,

Your human, Aafke





20 responses

16 04 2008

Oh My Goodness, did he hurt you much???
Sounds like he likes to play rough…..

16 04 2008

Yeah, he hurt me. It still hurts. He plays rough, and is evil!
He is a hooligan! He really fights back if he doesn’t get what he wants!

16 04 2008

Haha, i hope he didnt hurt you. Maybe it’s part of that “lightly-hit-her” we discussed before!! πŸ˜€

16 04 2008

Oh, yes, Shahrzad, that is sΓ³ part of the ”halal” correction-methods used by Arab men!

* I hope he didn’t hurt you*
Duuuhhh! I’m now crippled on the other side too! I’m counting on some really impressive heamatomes. I’ll post a photo if anything good is developing. After all it’s not my face that got hurt!

But I’m not finished with him! I’m sΓ³ getting back at him!!!
(In a purely halal way!)

17 04 2008

I believe the phrase goes something like this: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…” And I think the Tarq deserves whatever you choose to give him! I know how such behavior would be met here in Texas. Which, I suppose, does explain why there are usually some fence planks missing around the corral. πŸ˜€
Hope it didn’t hurt too bad…

17 04 2008

Lofter: I wasn’t scorned, I was targetted!!!!!

He was angry that I turned my back and turned him over to my friend. And she was turning him away from me, telling him that I belonged to her, in horse language.
He was giving me a light ”tap” to remind me where my loyalty should lay. But he has no call to do that! And he is not the alpha here!

No, I’m quite allright, and the after-itches remind me of how I’m going to get back at the Tarq!
This behaviour is going to get nipped in the bud!
And now I’m going to sleep because we’re going to the Tarq very early tomorrow.
Sorry I haven’t commented on your posts yet, I like the one about vintage cars.

17 04 2008

Dear Aafke,

Please forgive my burst of aggression. I am sorry that I kicked you, but sometimes I forget how strong I am. You must understand that I am emotionally labile these days, as are you, because we both miss our friend Rabhar so much.

I was so afraid of losing you, too. I thought the trainer was going to take me away from you. Thank goodness you took me back, especially after I offended you.

I will submit to whatever corrective action you deem reasonable and effective. In fact, I look forward to it. I need to know that my Nordic Goddess still loves me and won’t leave me.

Yours Truly,
Tha Tarq (as communicated telepathically and translated by Marahm)

17 04 2008

Horse are pack animals and always jocky for position, if they think they can control you they will.

I have never been kicked, but I’ve been stepped on, bitten, and had a few try to bruch me off their back.


17 04 2008

Wow! I learn so much from your blog!

17 04 2008

Marahm, I’m sorry but the Tarq has been a bit naughty with you. πŸ™‚ He knew what he was doing very well: that kick was aimed and measured and on purpose! I’ve seen him do it others!
And he doesn’t mind very much about Rabhar: they weren’t friends, and I kept them apart!!!!

He is defenitely still convinced I still love him; that’s why he feels he can treat me like that! It also means we have a relationship-problem that needs to be corrected!

AbySinan; yeah, He has noticed I was weak the last 4 months, and he is really very bad at this moment.
Fun? Not with my seatingproblem at the moment!
He is an amusing horse! You always have to keep your wits about you though! He has just slipped back to some bad habits right now.

Nevis: Like keeping your distance from an angry Tarq!!!

18 04 2008

He’s so beautiful! Sorry he hurt you though 😦

18 04 2008

Bloody Arab male, indeed πŸ™‚ Hope you are well, dear!

18 04 2008

I am perfectely well, hardly painful now.
Nothing exceptioal in the way of bruising has developed, so no pictures coming up. πŸ˜€
Your avatar is back! It had dissapeared

18 04 2008

Tarq really feels good about being such an A** doens’t he?
x Margriet

18 04 2008

Hi Margriet! Welccme to my blog! I don’t think he was very happy. It didn’t affect his aim though.

19 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Ouch! Can’t imagine being kicked in the butt by a horse… had one step on my foot once and that was pretty bad! πŸ™„

19 04 2008

They always do that on purpose too! It’s to see if they are a level above you! Never let them get away with it!

18 12 2011

You did beat the shit out of him after he did that didn’t you? That had to hurt. Don’t let him do that to you, it’s dangerous. If you don’t get him to back off then you could get seriously hurt or even get killed. Be careful.

18 12 2011

No, I gave him payback in a more horse-adapted manner. He has changed a lot since this post btw.
But he still is very amusing.

19 12 2011

Good job tarq
just kiding
i am happy ur not hurt

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