Domestication 2

13 04 2008

Ok, So about silver cutlery:

You put your stuff into the basin, on top of a sheet of aluminium foil. Fill with hot water and half a teacup of sodium carbonate.

Leave for half an hour. take out your stuff, and wipe clean: Beautiful clean silver! It works with jewellery too of course, just don’t put stuff with stones in it: it is quite agressive. The aluminium foil has turned black when you take it out!

Here you see some of my cleaned cutlery!

As you can see I have many different designs. That is because I buy a spoon or fork whenever I see one I like in an antique shop, or on a market. They are all old ones anyway. I like old cutlery, especially the spoons: They are BIG! With these spoons you get a whole mouthful of soup, not just a drop.




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14 04 2008

Can you omit the aluminum foil? Can the basin be plastic? This method sounds great, and cheap! I’ve got at least a dozon earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I haven’t worn in years because I’ve been too lazy to polish them. Maybe I will try this method.

14 04 2008

The bowl can be plastic, my washing-up bowl is. The aluminium foil is essential. Keep an eye on your stuff and take it out as soon as your silver ia clean enough.
It is quite agressive. Your silver comes out really clean! so no soft, old colour, but bright new. For some of my jewellery I wouldn’t like it.

14 04 2008

See… this is why I don’t have silver cutlery. And probably why you don’t have a tidy house! LOL! 😀

14 04 2008

Like magic……

14 04 2008

My grandma had many silver things, all antique. She gave her silver cutlery as gift to my Auntie. But when they turned to get darker alittle, stupid auntie sold them and bought artifical flowers!! Imagine?
I got heart attack when i heard.. 😕

15 04 2008

But Lofter: the whole point is that this way it takes no work!

Nevis: yes! 🙂

I imagine, Shaz, time to cart off your auntie to the funnyfarm.

15 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Very pretty. 😛 Thanks for the bicarb tip… I also have a few items of silver jewellery that need a clean. Can’t wait to try this method! Umm Ibrahim

15 04 2008

At last an easy way to polish my silver cutlery. Thanks for the tip.
And you have a very interesting collection of spoons. Very creative Aafke 🙂

16 04 2008

I’d love to hear from you when you’ve tried it!

16 04 2008

I was thinking you won’t blog since I can’t read/comment 😀 OK, bad joke. But since you have blogged I must comment and so here I am connected to the laptop via Aly’s PDA. I read this yesterday on the PDA and typed a whole damn comment with the ‘baby stick’ in ‘baby speed’ and then clicked with the ‘baby stick’ on ‘BACK’! Yes, I am dumb like that 😛 Anyway, spent the whole of yesterday trying to figure out how to connect the laptop to the PDA. But its still slooooow.

Oh, nice cutlery btw.

16 04 2008

As you couldn’t read/comment I had nó idea you couldn’t blog!!!
I just thought you couldn’t recieve e-cards!

I still want to read this long comment; you’ll just have to do it all over again!

Thanks everybody for the approval of my cutlery. Its really more of a collection than cutlery!

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