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5 04 2008

I’m tagged again!!!


Actually, now I’m looking these over, I think there are some pretty tough questions. Shall I be honest? Or try to be funny? Or both!

I’m going for both.

1. I always wanted to: be loved

2. I really hate it when: my bicycle gets stolen, AGAIN!

3. My best friends are: My pets!, painting materials, music, books

4. In high school I was: Bored, depressed, and wearing black

5. My greatest fear is: reΓ―ncarnation

6. My dream job is: Being an artist, and actually getting payed enough to pay the bills, without people complaining that they should pay me anything at all

7. Some people really should: Read !

8. My favourite author is: Jane Austin


9. My sweetest blogging sisters are: Suroor, Shahrzad, American-Bedu

10. My favorite Texan is: Lofter

11. My favorite person on the other side of the globe is: Aliyah and Tasmaniac

12. My favorite hero in blogsphere is: Saudi Jeans

13. My favorite adventurer is: Susie-of-arabia

14. My favorite wise-person-blogger is: Darvish

16. My favorite bloggers are: On my blogroll

15. My favorite blogging dog is: Checkers

16. My favorite brother is: Rhysz

17. My favorite Grandma is: Marahm

Pffff, hope this will get me of the hook!

Fractal Β© Susie-of-Arabia & Adam



18 responses

5 04 2008

What? I am not your best friend?! Oh ye gods! What an irony of fate!!! God, maketh me a horse in the next life … reincarnate me so that Aafke would make me her best friend πŸ˜€ Oh, forgot you are scared of reincarnation. Darn! I never read anything properly πŸ˜€

5 04 2008

Waw, i adore Jane Austin. Black is my favorite color, sexy. πŸ˜€ You’re very lovely. Just look at your blog. We love you so much…

5 04 2008

I knew it! I was going to get into trouble over the ”best friends”-thingy!!!
I thought to get around it by naming friends in my house only, but no: not good enough!

I’ll update the post. 😦

And, Shahrzad: yes, I haven’t changed much from highschool except that I’m not bored anymore, but that’s because I don’t have to go over the same stupid, simple, lessons again and again and again!

5 04 2008

Good answers & I’m a favourite person on the other side of the globe.
Actually I’m not on the otherside you are, I’m on this side.

P.S. PLEASANTLY INSANE πŸ™‚ I love it & included it in my Welcome sidebar bit. Thanks for such a nice compliment. I hope it’s alright if I make that compliment into a Blog Award.

6 04 2008

Tasman: As long as I get an award, finally. at last.

6 04 2008

@ Achelois:

Never mind I’m her only brother, and I was included at 16.


6 04 2008

Rhysz, favourite brother should have at least been at No. 1

Aafke, you can’t have Checkers as your Favourite Blogging Dog, He’s mine. When he arrives here to live with me I’ll post his pic on my Blog so you can admire him from afar πŸ™‚

Oh No did your bike get stolen again???? 😦

6 04 2008

Rhysz, we succeeded in scaring her πŸ˜€ How cool is that?!

6 04 2008


You so much more good natured than me. While I don’t mind getting an occasional tag via email, I will not respond to tags via my blog as the subject’s usually distract from the emphasis and objective of the blog.

\Now that I’ve finished griping I enjoyed your responses, by the way.

American Bedu

6 04 2008

Bedu,you have an intelligent informative blog, I keep a nonsense blog!
I tagged you once because I really had no-one else to tag! But I don’t think one is really obliged to respond to a tag πŸ˜€

Rhysz: You should be grateful your are mentioned at all!!!! You don’t have a blog, and stil you get an honourable mention! Did I mention anybody else without a blog? NO!

Tasman: you’re just jalous you didn’t think of getting into Checkers’ good book by mentioning him!
No, my bicycles are all accounted for.
For now.
But so many have been stolen before!

I’m not scared! Just frightened.

6 04 2008

You forgot one:

My favorite Grandma is: Marahm

6 04 2008
Susie of Arabia

Wow! I’m off the computer for a day and look what I missed! Well, I had a good excuse – I was off battling a gang of swashbuckling pirates off the coast of Jeddah! And I won!
The fractal looks fantastic, if I must say so myself. We’re so thrilled that you used it.
Did you get my email? I’ve had some trouble with sending and receiving emails lately. I sent you a long one a couple of days ago and just want to make sure you got it.

6 04 2008

OK… when you say I’m your favorite Texan, are you being honest or funny? LOL!
Either way, thank you very much! πŸ˜€

7 04 2008

Marahm: I’ve updated again!

Susie; you miss nothing! you just should spend more time behind tha computer! Are we going to get a post on the pirates?
I got your email, I just wanted to take the time to write a good one back!!! πŸ™‚

Lofter, well, hΓ¨, hΓ¨, hΓ¨… }:)

7 04 2008

Thank you! I really am a grandma. I have two beautiful grandkids, fourteen months and nine months. I love being Grandma!

7 04 2008
Umm Ibrahim

LOL πŸ˜† This toooooo funny! Susie… this is one of the fractals you and Adam did?? It’s really great, very impressed! Umm Ibrahim

7 04 2008

Thanks for making me your favorite blogging dog. I am honored. I see Tazmaniac is none too happy about it though. How are you two gonna work this out?

8 04 2008

It’s easy, we burn Aafke & her Blog at the stake!!!

Then you, cute little blue eyed one, come & live in Tasmania…

Problem solved πŸ™‚

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