Haiku for Suroor

1 04 2008

Many of Suroors writings touch me so deeply, they make me cry. Im not the only one: she has a whole page, Poems to Suroor.

I’ve written a Haiku

written lines will

pierce my sorrowful heart

because of her


Lithograph 2007



8 responses

1 04 2008

Waw, Loved your Haiku. I used to write Haiku too, in Farsi. Long time ago 🙂

1 04 2008

Thank you for sharing this profoundly personal poem. Is the lithograph yours, too? Thank you for paying tribute to Suroor.
I, too, want to be touched by the beautiful words of others, so I will read her work.

Reading your blog is bringing out the artist in me, the artist I had to bury many years ago in the necessity to earn a living by working for money instead of passion.

You may be shy, Aafke, but you are a teacher and a mentor, even if you do not know that!

1 04 2008

And with this you made me cry.

I can’t express in words just how special you are to me. Your email in my inbox brightens my day and your blog updates make blogging an important part of my daily rountine.

Thank you so much, my Nordic goddess!

1 04 2008

A lovely haiku to our beloved sister Suroor 🙂 And the art looks just like her too 🙂 hahaha

Ya Haqq!

1 04 2008

Shahrzad: do you keep to the 5-7-5 rule? Many english do not, also because in Japanese it’s about sounds. But I like to stick to the rules 🙂

Marahm: yes: read Suroor for a guarateed blubbing session, but she also writes beautiful, or funny posts!
Going to an Art-gallery, or museum, always gets me all worked up and wanting to make more art! Marahm, I’m looking for a paying job too, they’re just not easy to get, but I can’t make a living out of art either. I have done some strange things! And many jobs! But being an artist is just what it says: you are one, even if the fire has burned low, for what ever reason: it’s in the dephts of your soul, and will always remain. Yes the lithograph is mine.
hee, good one for the next post!

Achelois: I’m glad the shoe is on the other foot now! And the same here. But stop the nordic goddess-thing, everybody! That was just a bit of fun!!! Don’t embarrass me! 😳

Darvish: Thank you, that really means something coming from such a wonderful poetic person like you.
Suroor has many strange faces 🙂

1 04 2008

Awww how sweet

17 04 2008

Did you do the print? It is very good.

17 04 2008

Sumera: thanks! 😳

Checkers: yes! 😀 And also thanks! 😀

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