28 03 2008

Well, just to let you know: I have got two new bicycles, after my really good one was stolen.

A shopping bike, a 60th bike, they are a lot tougher then the ones you buy now. Finally finished pimping it!. Big pannier-bags for market-shopping, also really good for keeping long black coats out of the wheels. The basket comes off, and is really handy; you can take it into the shops. Flowers on your bike are the big fashion right now in Holland.


And a recumbent bike to go to visit The Tarq. I have just gotten the go ahead of my physiotherapist to start using it! I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, but was not allowed to try it yet. And I’m still not allowed to do the whole 17 km to the horses. He doesn’t want me to call him to resque me when I’m stuck somewhere in the fields! It’s also second-hand, new ones are very expensive! It’s a Flevo fifty-fifty. This was a state of the art recumbent when it came out: the latest models are still very much alike. It has a low handle-bar, most people prefer the high ones, which are in front of you. I wanted a low one; that’s also why I got this bike for a good price. πŸ™‚




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29 03 2008

You know, that first bike… girly. Way too girly for a fat guy like me. But that second bike… now you’re talking my language! Not that I could actually ride either one, but still… I’m just sayin’… πŸ˜€

29 03 2008

Babe, if I were a man I’d propose to you right now! You are this woman is constantly amazing and impressing me πŸ™‚

I’m so glad we are sisters – I am so proud of you!

PS: I *think* I have forgotten how to ride a bike although my dad used to say one can never forget it like swimming.

29 03 2008

‘Preety!’ (meaning the first one)
‘How do you steer it?’ (meaning the second)

I broke my tailbone coming off a bike, ouchy. It still aches sometimes.

See, Allah recompensed you with not one but two bikes πŸ™‚ for your stolen one.

29 03 2008

Love the old one, Ahhh, Nostalgia… sometimes they keep on modernizing things when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the old ways. Modernization makes things cost a lot more.

I’ve never ridden an encumbent bike & only ever seen a couple on the road. It looks like it should have a TV screen at the front & a drink holder at the side for coffee or beer. How does one get exercise on something that looks like it’s made to go to sleep on? Is it as comfy to ride as it looks? Is it difficult to balance on? looks like it would be awkward to get used to. I’d love to take one for a spin just to see what they ride like.

29 03 2008

Lofter: if you ever come to Holland you can try it out, and I’ll post the result on the internet!!!

Achelois: 😳 Yep: that’s what this blog is for: to finally get a firm offer! πŸ˜€
That’s right, you never really forget.
Although I have never done without cycling for a long time. It’s the best way to get around in the Netherlands.

Aliyah: the second has got the handlebars low, under the seat, If you look you can see them. The brakes are on the handlebars too.
Hum, Allah recompensed me, but I still had to pay for them myself. (forgive me: I’m Dutch!)

A recumbent is a lot more effective as a ”crouching-bike” they were banned from competing as soon as they were invented early last century because the riders immediately won every competition, and the bike-producers didn’t like that. So they remained relatively unknown.

It’s a very different feeling: I haven’t tried mine yet!!!! Tomorrow, God willing/Insha’allah But I’ve tried the recumbent of a friend once, and I just rode off with it!

29 03 2008

Why does that sounds like a threat? LOL!

29 03 2008

Because it is dude!

29 03 2008

Waw, i love bicycles more than any kind of cars. I enjoy when i am riding, wind shakes my hair. I love this freedom..

29 03 2008

Wow… I kinda like it… :-p

30 03 2008

The recumbent looks good to me. I ride a stationery recumbent bike at the health club, not as often as I need to, but I find it much easier than the traditional style. Bicycles are popular here in the US, too, but not as vehicles of transportation. They are used for exercise and fresh air.

30 03 2008


I love the first bike.It looks just like the one I rode when I was younger and visited my grandparents home. It belonged to my granpa.My grandma had one too,but it was blue and white. I never did care too much for my grandpas as it has the “boybar” OUCH! I had a younger brother and he was too short to ride it so I always had to. The second bike looks like something I would probably kill myself on! πŸ˜‰

30 03 2008

Oh yeah, I see them now. hehe, that did sound like a threat to Lofter

30 03 2008

Shahrzad: ”I enjoy when i am riding, wind shakes my hair.” You abandoned Woman!!!

Lofter: ?

Marahm: they are much better for your back too. Here in The Netherlands many people use them for going to work, especially if work is fairly far away! Most are men, and most of those are nerds! They buy a really expensive recumbent, and before they use it they start modifying it! Mine has been changed too. nad they know exactely how mmuch they’ve cycled, because they all have a little kilometercounter if not actually a small computer on their bike! So bikes are advertised:”This bike has been ridden for 17.000 kilometers,” etc.

Tina: the first bike is a good oldfashioned one! With drum-breaks. But the wheels are a bit wobbly: not completely straight. These sort of bicycles are much stronger than the new ones. If you fall with a new one everything is bent! Ridiculous!

Aliyah: But wouldn’t you like to see it?

30 03 2008

YES!!! But is he up for the dare??

1 04 2008

I bet that basket could hold lots of kibble! Or ham sandwiches. My owner has a recumbent too. A Bike E I think. Yours is way crazier and cooler than his!

1 04 2008

Checkers, I will try to post on the doggy-ride: Zora travels in style behind me on the bicycle!

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