Dinner for two

27 03 2008

Dinner for my two gentlemen. What do they eat?

Well, there is a slight difference in diet: Rabhar gets regular hot dinner: a kind of warm cereal mash, and a special foodsupplement: Glucosamine, chondroitine, and MSM (natural sulfur) This is hopefully making his joints more comfortable. It also works as a painkiller. As he is old he also get a special mineral, and aminoacids, and vitamin supplement for elderly horses.

The Tarq is too fat for the warm dinner but he sometimes gets a small helping also. Tarq eats a special Müsli-mix. As Arabs don’t need any food anyway, it is very important to chose food without sugars and few proteins. I prefer a Müesli because I can see exactely what’s in it. It also has some etherial oils, and smells great. It is of course extra expensive. Rabhar gets helpings of the Müesli too. At the moment The Tarq gets extra herbs to clean his intestines. They are: dried nettle, dried Dandelion and juniperberry-oil and green loam.

Both gentlemen also will have some ”Omega”-oil (the perfect blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 oils) and Icelandic seaweed, and garlic + something-of-which-I-don’t-know-the-english-word. and a small hand of dried Beet-root chips. And carrots. Tarq only a few, Rabhar gets lots, and a carrot-meal every three days.


And a generous helping of hay twice a day. Tarq also likes to eat the straw in his stable. Actually The Tarq eats virtually anything. Rabhar, being royalty, is a bit more discerning. Rabhar is very keen on his hot meal, and let’s me know it by constantely cheering me on while waiting for me to get it finished. The Tarq is quite sure he’s going to get it and happily munches hay in the mean time. If it does take too long he sticks his head out, and gives a short low yell: ”Bring me the food NOW!!!”

For a snack I have special horse-cookies, with herbs or vanilla flavour. Rabhar likes the vanilla-flavoured ones the best. Sometimes they get dates. Or sliced apples. Never ever sugar!!!!



8 responses

27 03 2008

I didnt know they dont eat suger. Waw, what a delicious food. I LOVE carrots!

27 03 2008

Wow, they are fed better than me 🙂

27 03 2008

Shahrazad: Sugar is very bad for horses, because it makes the bacteria that live in their intestines explode! They need those bacteria to break down the grass; which is not at all a nutricious food, and hard to digest.

Tasmaniac: Bad luck dude! Should have become a horse! 😀

28 03 2008

Special horse cookies, hmm. Are they similar to Scooby snacks?

28 03 2008

Your horses are lucky to have you. Sounds like they live very close to you. Do you always feed and take care of them yourself?

28 03 2008

That dinner sounds vaugely like what my pugs get! 😛

28 03 2008

Lucky gentlemen! They get better food than I do! Adopt me pleaseeeeeeeeeee 🙂

28 03 2008

Jahandost: no, but the effect they have on horses is the same!

Nevis: No meat?

Achelois: You are already adopted sweet sister! I’d love to feed you too! It’s just that you live a tad far away!

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