8 03 2008
It is true that I really like to ruffle men a bit, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a believer in true love, and a seeker for my true soulmate. Check out the matching music on Sonific!


A lifetime without Love is of no account

Love is the Water of Life

Drink it down with heart and soul!


This painting depicts a statue from the British museum. I love it! But, as it is somewhere at the bottom of a show-case in the Chinese department of the British Museum, the chance that I can get my hands on it is minimal (yes; I have had ”Mission Impossible” fantasies) so I painted it instead.

It is so beautiful and symbolic. Only half a horse, only two half-arms caressing it left; yet it still says it all: eternal love!





3 responses

8 03 2008

Ahhh… Billie Holiday. The sign of a pure romantic if ever there was one. Perfect selection. The painting is beautiful, as is the symbolism. Here’s to the romantic in us all… 🙂

8 03 2008

Its very very beautiful Aafke.
I can say LoVe absolutely changes a person to be better. Even if there are some stories that the lover dont reach the beloved, the person will be better one and more strong in his/her way of living.

Love enlightens hearts..Esp if it increase the love for God.

14 03 2008

I believe in true love … sometimes.

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