1 03 2008


Zora, from the Arabic Zahra = Radiant.

Zora is my killer-attack-dog, my 80 pounds of fur-covered razorblades!

Zora is the reason I can walk safely across the street at night.

Zora is also the reason I wander the streets at night, completely alone, and sick of worry because madam has decided to go ”investigating”. She was found on the railway-station by the police who called me on my mobile. She behaved very cute and the police were quite taken with her.

Zora likes to follow me around everywhere until it drives you nuts! Then you go away for a weekend, leaving Zora in the care of a friend, and are very relieved to be able to walk around for the weekend without stumbling over a dog every 10 minutes, only to discover that you feel very un-dogged and un-happy.

Zora needs to be cuddled every two hours. If you don’t remember she will help you remember.

Zora knows when I get up to go away, and immediately sits in front of the door with the cutest imploring look, which makes me take her even if I didn’t want too.

Zora is very nice to children and little dogs and cats.

Zora likes to jump into ditches with awful, black, stinking mud.

Zora drops enough woolly hairs every month to fill a quilt.

Zora is 99% a sheep in wolves-clothing. But beware of the 1%! I have seen her in attack-mode once, and it is scary!!! But very comforting to know that she has it in her!




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2 03 2008

I have certain problem with big dogs like zora. I am afraid of them. But little cuddly dogs are ok.

2 03 2008

Zora is éxtrémely cuddly!
She expects several cuddle-sessions every day! I’m sure Zora would change your mind very soon.

2 03 2008

A beautiful doggie 🙂 I can see her cuddliness 🙂 I think you are her momma now.

Ya Haqq!

2 03 2008

German Shepherds are GREAT dogs! One of my best friends (may he rest in peace) shared his life with one named ‘Deuce.’ Definitely one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever known. I truly believe Deuce understood every word you said to him. Like Zora, he was 99% affection hound – but if you ever triggered that 1%, look out! Deuce died peacefully in his sleep at a ripe old age, and his owner (my friend) was killed by a drunk driver not too long after.
I miss them both.

3 03 2008

German Shepherds are perfect dogs: you go out? happy bouncing active dog. You are working at your desk? living doormat.

3 03 2008

I love dogs and mine was big and dangerous! Zora is lovely.

3 03 2008

Hi Aafke,
She certainly is a beautiful dog. My last big dog was a Rottie before we became Poodle fanatics & although everyone was scared of him he was a big sook. But if anyone had ever threatened me or my family I think he would’ve got nasty pretty quickly
Have a good day

3 03 2008

Tasmaniac! Welcome back!
Yeah, Achelois: I don’t see the point of having a dog if it can’t tear somebodies limbs off! 🙂

Oh, but then poodles are mega-intelligent!

3 03 2008

And can be mega vicious, I came across a really agro large standard one a few months ago.

3 03 2008

And the standart ones are quite large!
Hey, Tasmaniac: if you want the password: e-mail me!

3 03 2008

What’s this password thing???
I don’t have your email but I have started my blog again, but can’t retreive previous posts so starting from scratch, if you leave a comment your email should show on mydashboard….

3 03 2008

There is a page named ”contact”
You can contact me when you go to this page.
It’s quite simple, really.

3 03 2008

yeah, sometimes the 1 percent is our saviour. she’s a real cutie!
i’d like to have a dog too. and sheeps, and horses, cats…;-)

3 03 2008

I had a dog as a kid but poop and scoop became rather tiring. Cats are better, they take care of their own pooping!

4 03 2008

Thanks Haleem, for giving me the subject for a tasteful future post! 🙂

Sigmundo: Willkommen zum meinem Blog! I got the cats as well, but pffff, I’m more and more becoming staff!
If I had the means I’d have a whole menagerie!

5 03 2008

You’ve written a lovely tribute to a lovely dog. Zora sounds like a real sweetheart, and she is lucky to have an owner who loves her, and takes such good care of her.

5 03 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Beautiful dog. I laughed when I read this part: “Zora likes to jump into ditches with awful, black, stinking mud”… it reminded me of the dog we had when I was growing up and a particular place my dad would sometimes take the dog. Why he took the dog there, I do not know because there was a lot of thck black mud around there which the dog would invariably be caked in on the journey home but oh, he loved that mud! 😆

5 03 2008

Aren’t dogs, well all pets actually, wonderful things?! The comfort of unconditional love and acceptance is amazing. My dog of 14 years, Jaxon, a miniature schnauzer, just passed away a couple of weeks ago and I am still deeply mourning him. I am glad to see you appreciate your beautiful Zora. My Dad had a shepherd when I was born named Reggie. He took such good care of me, my Dad loves to tell the story of when I was a small toddler and would start walking toward the road in front of our house and Reggie would walk in circles around me, tighter and tighter until I gently plopped down to the ground on my bottom and then he would stand guard over me until Mom or Dad came running alerted by my howling and Reggie’s barking to scoop me up and set me back on a safer course. Love and intelligence, the combination is brilliant!

7 03 2008

She looks like a good guard dog; is she the same breed as Inpector Rex? I know he’s a male, but I think the same look and characteristics: gentle, good with kids, great companion, intelligent, watch out for the 1%!

She looks very happy and well=cared for too.

7 03 2008

Aliyah, yes, she id a real ”german” german sheperd!

Zora gets washed regularly, and I have a special brush for hairs. Doesn’t really work thoughh. I mean: I get a lot of hairs out, but she still drops a lot of hairs in my house 😦

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