The Tarq in the Alhambra

27 02 2008

Well, finally finished: The Tarq in the Alhambra.

It’s not just the painting, I have also changed my brand of gouache paint! That’s a big decision you know! I have now switched to Lasceaux. It means renewing the whole range of colours, but also having for a small part to re-learn working with the paint. The colours will work differently together, so that means I must re-learn mixing them. It paints slightly different, and dries differently too.

But I’m very pleased! This is really a beautiful paint; véry rich. Meaning very deeply pigmented; the cheaper a paint, the less pigments they put into it. The colours then become increasingly pale. Also they might be inferior pigments wich will fade over time. Paint is nothing more than: pigments and a carrier. That can be Arabic gum for watercolours and gouache, linseed oil for oil-paint, Acrylic for Acrylic-paint, or egg for tempera. Or spit: which is what they used on pre-historic cave paintings.

This is the first result with the new paint:




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28 02 2008

It’s beautiful, my friend. Well done. 🙂

28 02 2008

I’m so proud of myself. I took one look and thought there was something new! The blue is quite blue. So its the new paint then?

It is very beautiful and Tarq looks very, very handsome. I like the intricate patterns on the arch. Superb!

28 02 2008

Oh and I love his necklace. Lucky rascal!

28 02 2008

Waw, very beautiful.. one of Tarq’s feet is white? I love his necklace too..
You’ve ever sold your artworks? I don’t know how artists do it.. Very difficult.. Like you like with your artwork and it becomes part of you..

28 02 2008

This is the new paint!
The necklace is real: it’s egyptian, all moons and coins, it makes a lot of noise!

Yes, I sell art now and then… I exhibit at different Galleries, and the Frisian in the Alhambra I sold over the internet, I actually wanted to keep that one, but I also have bills to pay.

You do have an affinity with your paintings, and you are always happiest with the last one,. Selling a ”fresh” painting is more painful than when you have made a couple of others since.
Thing is, there is always more where they came from, and I have too much stuff and paintings hanging around anyway!

I do not like to sell work to people I don’t like. It is after all, very personal.

28 02 2008

Your painting is absolutely lovely– rich and deep not only with color but with design. Your work is so creative, much more than a copy of a photo. I look forward to seeing more. Do you ever exhibit in the United States?

I usded to hate parting with my paintings. I never sold any, but I gave them away when their recipients displayed the proper appreciation. One’s art is indeed part of oneself, and not to be tossed out carelessly.

28 02 2008

Magnificent :)) What an artist you are 🙂 When are you going to have a show or exhibit in New York City?

Ya Haqq!

29 02 2008

Whenever you get a gallery for me Darvish!

29 02 2008

wow this is good stuff.

Do you paint often? do you have a gallery online?

29 02 2008

Hi Haleem, welcome!
Cool avatar! Notice how well the colouring goes with the painting of The Tarq.
I am not a human, I am a painter. It is normally my most important reason for existence.
But after my parents died I couldn’t paint for three years. I’ve just started again, and it makes me feel better.

I have a website, but I was planning on keeping my real life and my blog firmly separated. I’ll think it over and maybe place the link to my website.
A real geek could find it out for himself though.

1 03 2008
Amina Ae Sook

This is beautifuller (this is not a typo) than the previous ones. You are amazing!

You mean to say a real geek could find it out for himself or HERSELF though.

1 03 2008
Susie of Arabia

Hi Aafke – I just wanted to tell you that I am impressed with your beautiful artwork. I will have to take more time and see your previous postings when I can. I paint too – it is a release and works like therapy for me, which is why I am surprised to read that you are depressed! I hope you will find your way out of this fog and be happy again – life is too short not to be happy.

1 03 2008

Amina: I was referring to Haleem, who is a he.
I challenge you to find it out for yourself geekette!

Susie, welcome to my blog. Just avoid all the posts labelled ”depression” and you’ll be fine.
Painting is therapy and a life-nessecity for me too. Otherwise I would be dead by now.
Life, in my opinion, is far too long.

Actually, I never show my ”depression” paintings. This is a very rare occasion. The fact that I don’t know any of you, and we’ll probably never meet, is what earns you this questionable distinction.

5 03 2008
Umm Ibrahim

Another fascinating post and the painting of The Tarq is beautiful! I love the setting behind him too – beautifully done with such nice detail.

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